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B-Connect Partners with Supply Chain Junction to Power Manhattan’s Solutions in Egypt


We are pleased to announce a new partnership with B-Connect and HO Group in Egypt.

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Ever Given Causes Massive Supply Disruption - Visibility to Product is Critical to Mitigating Supply Chain Dislocation


Suez Canal, Egypt, March 24 - One of the world’s largest containerships ran aground in the Suez Canal blocking commercial container traffic and throwing global supply chains into chaos.

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Egypt Waves Goodbye to Suez Canal Saga With Payoff and a Party

Supply Chain Brain

For a nation that provides safe passage for so many ships through its waters, Egypt is reserving rather special treatment for the Ever Given.

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How a Leading MENA-based B2B Food and Grocery Platform Saves 45% Distance Travelled With Locus Solutions


Over the years, the company has consistently grown its presence to over ten cities in Egypt and serves over 55,000 merchants. It has been able to expand its operations throughout Egypt and beyond, and now plans to expand to Morrocco and other regions in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region soon.

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In Focus: Emerging Medicinal Delivery Trends in Egypt and the Middle East Featuring Vezeeta


The e-pharma market is one of the fastest growing industries globally and this growth is reflective in Egypt and the Middle East as well. Research shows that the online pharmacy revenue in Egypt is around $914 million in 2022 and will reach $1.86 billion in 2027. Similarly, revenue in the UAE is about $112.70 Schedule Demo.

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World Food Day 2023

Enterra Insights

It was not by chance that the first civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt flourished around this precious resource by developing on the banks of rivers and on the rich soils of floodplains.

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Which is the best logistics management software in Egypt?


Logistics Management Software in Egypt – With e-commerce, manufacturing, and other companies paying attention to improve their business logistics operations with automation, the demand for logistics software in Egypt has been increasing significantly. And we are here to help you in selecting the best logistics software in Egypt.

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