My Worst Load Ever: Hauling Oregon Potato Chips to Texas

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The cargo was bagged potato chips. October 3, driving through Idaho and Wyoming - The elevation kept getting higher, and soon I passed the dreaded 6,000-foot elevation mark. October 4, at a truck stop near I-80 in Wyoming - The interstate remained closed to all light-weight trucks, and snow chains were now required to cross the next pass. The worst load of my career started off as just another day in early October, 2013.

Where Did the Loads Go?

DAT Solutions

A shortage of trucks yielded a high load-to-truck ratio that also turned the map red in Wyoming and Maine, despite low freight volume, and a brief surge in New Mexico was not generating any more new loads this week. Snow is in the forecast for the coming week, so reefers may be in high demand to protect chemicals and other temperature-sensitive cargo from freezing. All gone! Okay, not ALL.

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