Keys to a Successful Dropship Implementation

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Editor’s Note: For additional insights and advice on this topic, watch the recent Talking Logistics episode featuring Chad Andrews discussing this topic with Adrian Gonzalez. Omni-channel retailers and manufacturers/distributors require agility to compete and thrive in an industry that is ever-changing due in large part to the Amazon Effect. This process can be a win-win for both retailers and manufacturers/distributors alike.

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Three Cool Technologies

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I appreciate Carol and Chad’s work in this area. We discussed the use of machine learning with drones for continuous cycle counting in the warehouse. PINC was an early adopter of drone technologies for fleet and yard management and has now moved into the warehouse. The PINC approach uses drones in the warehouse to fly by racks and use machine learning to capture the number of items and condition of the items in the racks. Oh my!

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KPI Key Performance Indicators in Supply Chain & Logistics

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Production/manufacturing. Warehousing. Of course, the difference between KPIs and metrics will vary at different levels of your organisation, so for example, while a metric recording “receiving accuracy” in a warehouse would certainly be a KPI for a warehouse manager, it would be completely extraneous as an executive-level KPI. Supply Chain KPIs are Essential – The Right Ones! The information on this page WILL help you get it right.

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Talent development essential for supply chain leaders

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In addition to being responsible for manufacturing and logistics, a CSCO also has to ensure alignment with internal departments such as Sales and Marketing, and with external partners such as customers and suppliers. Managing factories and warehouses with a lot of employees demands leadership skills focused on routine, whereas connecting departments and supply chain partners actually requires creativity. Recruiting raw talent is ‘extremely challenging’.

Updated IT Subway Map: Major acquisitions in SC software

Supply Chain Movement

Because companies are increasingly outsourcing their manufacturing and logistics activities around the world, they are also more exposed to disruptions in the supply chain. directly from their suppliers, from their own warehouse or even from a retail store). The supply chain software industry is in a considerable state of flux. Three large, international take-overs are changing the face of the market.

Mindmap for Supply Chain Execution 24/7

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The supply chain solutions for the 24-hour economy lie primarily in a flexible IT platform which enables the various internal software applications, such as for manufacturing execution, warehouse management and transport planning, to be connected to external systems such as for customs handling. Integration with warehouse mechanisation and production equipment guarantees that the optimal plan will be executed in practice.

The Year in Logistics: Most Popular Articles from 2020

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Chad Collins, the CEO of HighJump, formally announced the transition of HighJump to Körber Supply Chain, and further stated that all of the twelve Körber Supply Chain companies will transfer to the Körber brand by this summer.

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