7 key skills for successful supply chain and procurement negotiation

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Negotiation is key to business success. Successful negotiation involves good interpersonal and communication skills used together to bring a desired result. A good negotiator can ensure the right prices are secured, which makes a significant contribution to an organization’s success.

The New Age of Negotiation!

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New age of negotiation article and permission to publish here provided by Sam Jenks at kodiakrating.com. We negotiate on a daily basis. Sometimes negotiations are small and sometimes they hold a bit more value or impact. But, there are two sides to every negotiation table.


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The Negotiation Before the Negotiation!

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When preparing for a negotiation, it is common to identify the issues to be negotiated, decide on negotiating tactics to use on your supplier, think through what your supplier may say and practice saying the words you’ll use during the negotiation. Those are all necessary components of negotiation preparation. To truly reach your potential in a negotiation you need to understand some key things about your supplier. Subscribe Here!

Logistics Negotiation Study

The Logistics of Logistics

Logistics Negotiations. How did you prepare for your last logistics negotiation? There seems to be lots of opinions about logistics negotiation, but not very much research. Wouldn’t it be nice to enter your next logistics negotiation with some more negotiating know how? Understanding What Works in Logistics Negotiations. One of Heather’s areas of study is logistics negotiation. Logistics Negotiation Success.

Is Procurement Being Too Aggressive in Negotiations?

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A recent post by my colleage Kate Vitasek (author of the “Vest Outsourcing” model) in Forbes magazine argues that procurement is taking too aggressive a stance in negotiations with major logistics providers. The smarter move is to create highly collaborative relationships with key suppliers where buyers and suppliers work together to mitigate (or even eliminate) risks.

Now or Never: Why Supply Chain Sustainability is Non-Negotiable in 2022


Transportation was redirected to be used in providing first aid, leading to supply chain bottlenecks, shortages and price hikes. Businesses evaluate their supplier relationships and partner with only businesses that are dedicated to the human, animal, and environmental wellness.

Negotiating for profit: Reviewing supplier contracts to increase profit margins and lower costs

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More importantly, the insights gained provide valuable support for them to negotiate better contracts with their suppliers. Sourcing forecasts of their S&OP allows them to negotiate for lower prices for some of their raw materials. S&OP Maturity Series, part 3 of 5. Readers of my previous posts ( part 1 and part 2 ) will have seen how Q Co. has successfully integrated the new ASDF account into their normal business procedures.

10 Strategies for improving supplier relationship management

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Strategic supplier relationship management (SRM) is a key factor for driving competitive advantage for multi-national organizations. We’ve highlighted the most important elements to help improve supplier relationship management: Foster the right behaviors.

7 Steps to Product Procurement Pricing that Suppliers Can Support

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A new tool enables procurers to negotiate product prices without bargaining away supplier goodwill. When bargaining with suppliers over a product price, how can procurement professionals secure the best deal without damaging a valued relationship by being overly aggressive? One way to estimate a procured product’s price, or should-cost, is to approximate its cost based on the item’s architecture and/or the firm’s financials. Fair deal.

Five Top Tips for Project/Program Team Negotiations

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When we consider negotiations we often think about discrete issues that occur and need to be. Take for example an automotive supplier that has won a major business award with a customer on a. the business is awarded and the start of production, the supplier and customer will face a myriad of. But will this pricing ultimately favor the buyer or the. Before I lay out the Top Five Tips for getting the pricing that favors your company’s interests, let’s.

Legal Experts Need to be Front and Center in Negotiating Software Contracts

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I had the opportunity to engage in a negotiation seminar with a large insurance company last week, and had the team work on a software contract role play. In the scenario, there was both a buyer and supplier, and there were multiple facets to consider in the negotiation. The problem in preparing for such a negotiation is that deriving a “should-cost” model in software contracts is extremely difficult – because often there is no cost-based model.

Supplier Registration – Goals, Benefits & Challenges


However, when you buy something, you may not always know all the suppliers that offer a particular product. Then the Supplier registration form comes in handy. This means that every time you host a sourcing event, the same suppliers bid on the same products at the same prices.

What does”Supplier Relationship Management” really mean?


As one executive we interviewed noted, “Supplier Relationship Manager” automatically assumes that supplier relationships are managed by supply managers. So what exactly is Supplier Relationship Management?

The Heart of Negotiation: A Conversation with Molly Fletcher


From agreeing on bulk pricing with a supplier to working out budget numbers with internal stakeholders, procurement teams are locked in a constant give and take. But negotiation doesn’t have to be a battle and learning the steps to success is simpler than you may think.

The High Cost of Poor Supplier Relationships

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We’ve seen several headlines over the past six months about how poorly suppliers are being treated these days. Here’s a sampling: Tesco faces fresh accusations of ‘bullying’ suppliers over price cuts ( The Telegraph ). Woolworths accused of bullying suppliers into paying millions for Cheap Cheap campaign ( The Sydney Morning Herald ). One in five suppliers bullied, says UK small business lobby ( Financial Times – sub.

Apple: Still a Penny Wise and Pound Foolish?

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For example, here are a couple of the contract terms he references in the declaration: - The pricing for sapphire [which GTAT was to produce] was the lesser of (i) the price agreed between the parties, (ii) the “not to exceed” price listed on a schedule, (iii) 95% of the lowest price offered by GTAT to any of its customers or (iv) 99% of the quoted price in a bona fide offer to Apple from another qualified source.

Supplier management KPIs


The supply chain activities involved in the procurement process , from sourcing the right suppliers to taking delivery of materials and products, are vital to the overall health of any business. That makes the performance of suppliers in your supply chain a large factor in optimizing the effectiveness of your broader operational strategy. But how can supplier performance be measured? The importance of supplier KPIs. Supplier risks can come in lots of different forms.

Supplier Negotiation Tips: Close The Right Deal


Supplier negotiations can be a tough topic to deal with. When suppliers eliminate competition by minimizing prices or creating technology interferes with competitors, it often seems like companies are forced to accept the prices of the goods. Moreover, when demand of certain product exceeds the available supply and the suppliers charge any price they wish, you may feel that you have little or no power over negotiation.

High Prices and Low Availability Plague the Electrical Supply Chain!

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Have you found that the consistent supply and reasonable prices in the Electrical Supply Chain that you were used to before COVID-19 hit have not returned as soon as you hoped, or as soon as some experts predicted? Adding to the misery, rising fuel costs drove prices up. Subscribe Here!

Why Companies Need a Supplier Relationship Management Strategy


While the opportunities are numerous so are the challenges; in this fiercely competitive global marketplace success requires companies to pay closer attention to supplier relations. Global leaders should retain suppliers with vested interest in the long-term success of the company. To attain this level of trust with suppliers, companies should approach these relationships with the same care they use when approaching customers. Supply Chain supplier relationship management

28 Procurement KPIs That Optimize Supplier & Buyer Performance

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Supplier KPIs. Managing supplier performance can help procurement leaders focus their resources on value-added activities, instead of addressing the problems caused by supplier performance like defects, rush, excessive inventory, delayed delivery to customers, shutdowns, etc.

5 Ways To Spark Supplier Engagement: Making Vendors Into Partners

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Some buyers and suppliers have relationships where one party, or both parties, genuinely believe that the other party doesn’t care about their business relationship. ??Responding as a prospective supplier?—?during Responsible Sourcing starts with a solid Supplier Engagement Model.

Supplier Relationship Management: What It Is and How to Improve it?


Supplier relationship management is often referred to as the B2B equivalent of customer relationship management. We’ll define this crucial management concept and explain how you can implement and improve supplier relationship management to leverage business success.

How AI is forecasting price fluctuations for raw materials and rare earth commodities


We looked back to compare the indicators of future supply and demand trends for cobalt that were provided to our customers with the actual market prices that later manifested,” explained Shahzaib Khan, Resilinc’s Senior Director of Operations. And prices did indeed retreat.”.

Rising Temps and Rising Costs Force Logistics Suppliers Back to Basics

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Heat-Related Health Emergencies Attract Attention at UPS as Contract Negotiations Loom. As Spencer Patton of Route Consultant said to Fox Business , “We’ve seen our fuel prices double in a year. Benchmark Diesel Price Continues to Fall, Despite Rising Futures.

Supplier payment terms and supply chain finance


For over a decade, supply chain finance (SCF) has given buyers and suppliers the ultimate opportunity to gain access to cash otherwise trapped in the cash conversion cycle. Suppose a buyer wants to negotiate longer payment terms with a supplier to improve their DPO and cash position.

Procurement & Suppliers: Paying Attention to Terms & Conditions to Keep Supplier Relations Postitive


Editor's Note: Today's blog is by our great friend, Chuck Intrieri where he gives us a fantastic example of how Procurement and Suppliers can enhance Supplier Relations by navigating the "Battle of the Forms.". In the real world, it can lead to delays and confusion, and, in the worst cases, prolonged and protracted litigation, resulting in bad supplier relations. Naturally, a supplier relations conflict exists. Contract Negotiation Enhancing Supplier Relations.

Winning Strategy in Procurement Negotiations – Moving Far Beyond Excel

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Most professionals in procurement want to develop a strategy to win consistently in negotiations. I am not referring to a method to get price concessions every time. If you are using Excel for your complex awards and sensitivity analysis, you are giving up a strategic advantage to your suppliers and competitors. Price concessions are normally great but what if you are giving up more than the concession is worth?

Supplier and Manufacturer Guide: What to Look for, What You’ll Need, and Where to Find Suppliers and Manufacturers


When you’re running an ecommerce business, you need reliable suppliers and manufacturers to help you maintain seamless supply chain operations. In this guide, we walk you through the process of finding suppliers and manufacturers for your business. Questions for your potential supplier.

Purchase Price Variance (PPV)! A Profit or Loss Opportunity?

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Purchase Price Variance, or PPV, is a common term in the realm of Purchasing/Procurement and Finance. In my experience proactive, attentive, and detailed Purchase Price Variance (PPV) can make an incredible contribution to the profitability of a company. MOQs and Tiered pricing.

What Makes a Supplier “Strategic”? Not Spend Volume.


Leverage your supplier management for maximum benefit with the white paper: How to Achieve Holistic Supplier Management. Strategic Supplier Management. Supplier ecosystems are increasingly diverse. Strategizing for a diverse range of suppliers. Supplier Management

The Key to Navigating Supplier Relationships in the Post-Pandemic World


In only a number of months, this sudden change sped up the adoption of digital technologies and supplier relationships by several years. Some struggle with the power balance of purely remote supplier relationships.

Ivalua Completes the Source-to-Pay Journey with Embedded Global Supplier Payments


Enabling rapid, cost-effective and transparent supplier payments anywhere in the world. Today’s supplier payments remain complex and crucially lack transparency and efficiency that strain supplier relationships, increase transactional costs and cause frustration for all those involved.

What is the Best Supplier Vetting Process?

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Strategic Supplier Relationship Management – Do’s and Don’ts. Does your business rely on at least one supplier? Or do you need multiple suppliers in order to perform your daily operations? Either way the quality, reliability, and value for cost of your suppliers is crucial to your organization’s success. On the other side, if your suppliers don’t live up to the standards you require, your organization can be damaged. Subscribe Here!

8 Supplier Management Best Practices any bussiness can implement


For anyone responsible for procurement in an organisation, supplier management is an inevitable area of responsibility. Poor supplier performance due to the lack of oversight, analytics and clearly defined requirements. Anticipate and react to market volatility and price changes.

Forgotten About This in Your Annual Supplier Meetings?


With 2020 well and truly begun, the timely question of whether you’ve had you had your annual supplier meetings yet, or not, springs to mind. If you haven’t, do your suppliers know what you expect from them? We’ve updated prices so everything is now sorted”, ask yourself if that really is everything? Is it really enough to re-negotiate prices with the most important partners once a year? Orchestrate your supplier management for maximum benefit.

“You’re Only as Good as Your Worst Supplier”

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But you’re only as good as your worst supplier. to take in parts from Pratt’s suppliers, package them into kits holding about 8,000 parts, and ship them to Pratt factories for assembly by company’s machinists. If the edict comes down from the corner office that every department must find ways to cut costs by 10 percent this year, then the old and tired “I win, you lose” approach to negotiations will prevail — and the CEO will be as responsible as anyone for the consequences.

Why An Holistic Approach to Suppliers? Your Questions Answered


Last week, Director of Product Management Georg Rösch hosted a webinar that asked the question, “Why is it important to take a holistic approach to supplier management?” It’s just another example of suppliers becoming a larger and larger part of every business. .

Strategic Supplier Relationship Management – Do’s and Don’ts

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Supplier Relationships – Don’t go over to the Dark Side! Shortly after I joined the Commodity/Category Management Procurement organization I was invited to attend the annual Strategic Supplier Awards event. There were Executives from dozens of Suppliers in attendance. The event concluded with award recognition given to Suppliers based on their scoring and standing as being of Strategic value to the company. Suppliers may be called Preferred or Tactical.

Speed, Collaboration and Innovation – Key Words for the New Procurement Decade


For the vast majority of organisations, suppliers must play their part when it comes to agile business and speed to market. That requires extraordinary work internally and co-ordination with key suppliers. What does this mean for procurement and supplier management?