Multi-echelon Inventory Optimization vs Inventory Optimization


The subway system is the lifeblood of New York City, pre-COVID carrying an average of 5.5 Each station is part of a larger system and operates on a set schedule under one management umbrella. The basic approach to inventory optimization. Five more inventory optimization segments.

5 Actionable Steps: An Ultimate Guide to Demand-Driven Inventory Replenishment Planning


A roadmap towards achieving demand-driven inventory replenishment planning. Demand planning is a key requisite for holistic supply planning as it involves building an accurate forecast of future demand based on supply drivers, to meet customer needs as precisely as possible.


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Navigating The River of Demand

Supply Chain Shaman

The genesis of the River of Demand learning activity. While each installed the technology, they are unclear about what drives a good plan. This large food manufacturer used a popular technology to forecast monthly using orders as an input. Navigating the River of Demand.

Turn a Good Demand Forecast into the Optimum Inventory Plan


How Do You Turn a Good Demand Forecast into the Optimum Inventory Plan? Your customers don’t care if you have a great demand forecast. They care if you have the inventory they want when they want it. How do you turn a good forecast into a great inventory plan?

TMS+: Go Beyond Transport to Optimize Cost, Service, & Resiliency

In the aftermath of the pandemic, supply chain inadequacies have been revealed in a new light. In order to thrive, companies need to take a more synchronized approach. Learn why a holistic “TMS+” approach is integral to success in the new normal and beyond.

Nespresso Optimizes Orders and Inventory with End-to-End Digital Supply Chain Planning


It’s no simple task providing customers access to the full range of capsules and coffee machines on all sales channels, across more than 70 boutiques in Italy, while optimizing inventory levels. Predicting retail consumer demand has become much more complex.

Seasonal Inventory and 7 Ways to Manage It Effectively


But behind the scenes, demand planners were at work, trying to strike a balance that would help them turn a profit and meet demand without being saddled with rotting pumpkins come November 1. Read on to learn about: Seasonal Inventory and Its Application Across Industries.

Smart Software Launches Smart Inventory Optimization and Demand Planning for Prophet 21

The Smart Software

Smart Software, a leader in enterprise demand forecasting, and inventory optimization solutions announces the release of Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization for Prophet 21 (P21).

Next Level Apparel® Takes its Demand and Inventory Planning to the Next Level with the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform


based supplier of fashion blanks transforms its demand and inventory management with Logility. Their team of experts made our transition from legacy systems and manual processes to total digital supply chain management an easy experience,” said Paul Volkman, CIO at Next Level Apparel.

Here’s How to Measure Inventory Health


Looking for a relatively quick way to measure inventory health? “It It all starts with a demand-driven approach,” says Gerrott Faulkingham, director of solution engineering at ToolsGroup. This is different from problematic ABC inventory classification.

Enabling Assurance of Supply in the Global Marketplace

Speaker: Adrian Gonzalez, Tom Nightingale, and Martin Verwijmeren

Watch this insightful conversation about enabling assurance of supply in the global marketplace to better balance inventory and control costs.

The 5 Benefits of Hybrid SaaS TMS


New, innovative technology platforms have greatly sped the expansion and evolution of transportation as well as logistic solutions. Most notably are we seeing technology platforms that improve and simplify the users by means of integrating partners and using collected data. In today’s post, we talk about the 5 main benefits derived from the use of SaaS TMS and introduce what we call a Hybrid SaaS TMS. What is SaaS TMS & Introducing Hybrid SaaS TMS.

Inventory and Inflation

Enterra Insights

Financial writer Emma Kerr ( @emmarkerr ) explains, “Inflation is caused by factors like pressures on the supply or demand side of the economy, money supply policies and even consumer expectations.”[1] The irony of excess inventory. ” Optimizing inventory.

Demand-Driven Transformation at Shell

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Located in the United Kingdom (UK), he has more than twelve years of experience in progressive roles driving demand-drive projects for their global supply chain. At the Supply Chain insights Global Summit , Nick shared his story on driving demand-based improvements. It is just not enough to do a software upgrade or slowly push continuous improvement projects. He did this first by implementing demand sensing from Terra Technology (now E2Open) eight years ago.

Demand Shaping Strategies for a More Profitable Supply Chain


As the supply chain crisis enters yet another year, demand volatility continues to reach unprecedented heights. Let’s take a look at what demand shaping is and why it could be critical to your supply chain. What Is Demand Shaping? Lower prices to increase demand.

Gaining Clarity on Inventory Effectiveness

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I was moving from a position where I led a manufacturing operation to being a part of a team to design supply chain software to improve planning decisions. I was moving from the world of manufacturing to a new world of software. When I went through the training to learn the new software, I struggled. The names of the technology providers, the process definitions, and the architecture descriptions were a new lexicon. The impact of complexity on inventory is not quick.

Five Advanced Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Logistics

Logistics Viewpoints

While demand is high, ongoing product shortages continue to cause supply chain disruptions, create unpredictable shopping behaviors and drive rapid delivery expectations. We wanted to see inventory positions around the world compared to our forecast, compared to our actual demand.

Managing Inventory amid Regime Change - Smart Software

Thomas Willemain, Ph.D.

Statisticians use the “regime change” phrase in a way that has high relevance for demand planning and inventory optimization

Logility, Demand Management, and NGC Software Unite Resources, Introduce Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform


The unified, digital platform powers better decision-making, scalability, and transformation across all levels of supply chain maturity. a leader in supply chain innovation powering the sustainable and resilient enterprise, today announced its parent company American Software, Inc.,

Segmenting Your Inventory by Gross Margin and Demand Variability


Gartner Research analyst Paul Lord has developed a thought-provoking approach (shown in the above diagram) for tailoring supply and inventory tactics to different inventory segments. Traditional ABC inventory models segment inventory into A, B and C categories based on annual consumption value. As we showed in a previous blog, it’s not the only way to segment your inventory, nor nearly the best. Not too much demand variability. Inventory Optimization

5 Actionable Steps: An Ultimate Guide to Demand-Driven Inventory Replenishment Planning


Demand-driven Inventory Replenishment Planning. As per the world reports of global goods shortages , optimized replenishment planning with demand drivers, has become a necessity. However, markets and vendors struggled to fulfill this demand the second time around.

Success Strategies for Demand Forecasting in Supply Chain


There’s been a lot of change in how we view supply chain demand forecasting: we moved from a focus on supply—what and how much to supply or replenish—to the demand-driven supply chain, which placed too much emphasis on the intermediate goal of an accurate demand forecast.

The role of inventory management and inventory optimization in ERP


Inventory management is important because it provides a buffer to balance out the uncertainties between demand and supply. However, while it can be viewed positively, holding inventory also creates problems. The role of inventory management. Inventory optimization.

Effective Inventory Management Keeps Your Business Thriving!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Featuring Our 10 Best Inventory Management Articles! Effective inventory management is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. There are a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to effective inventory management : 1. Know Your Inventory Levels.

Inventory Management: We Can Do Better

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Strong opinions and egos (mostly male) abound… For over two decades, I obediently tapped my foot to technology leaders’ glibly spouting opinions. Downsizing inventories over the past decade crippled the response.” Days of Inventory Peer Group Across Time Periods.

How Do We Stop Buying Planning Software the Wrong Way?

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The Process of Software Selection. I am constantly amazed that business leaders can engage with technologists month after month (often over eight and sometimes over a year) to select a supply chain planning system and then call me to ask for help on the decision.

Inventory Planning vs. Inventory Optimization: What’s the Difference?


What’s the difference between traditional inventory planning and inventory optimization? Optimizing your inventory is a different beast than simply planning your inventory. They face a complex distribution network and optimizing inventory for each location is challenging.

How Can You Protect Your Organization from Demand Constraints? 


Demand constraints create financial risks as well as environmental problems. • 25% of inventory surpluses are caused by a lack of transparency and visibility into the supply chain. Real-Time Insight and the Right Digital Platform Means More Accurate Forecasts. Supply and demand.

Learning to Speak the Language of Demand

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Companies are stuck at the intersection of inventory turns and operating margin. Step Up and Learn the Language of Demand. In companies, there is no standard model for demand processes. In the traditional organization, some demand processes are sales-driven. While we need forecasting and we need to improve the processes, we also need to teach teams how to use new forms of demand data and adopt demand processes. The concepts of demand driven are now vogue.

Meet Demands For Supermarkets With AI-Driven Demand Forecasting


A shift from physical grocery stores to digital grocery stores is indicative of a shift from traditional shopping practices to demand-driven buying practices. When demand can be anticipated with accuracy, it can be delivered efficiently with demand forecasting techniques. .

AI-Powered Demand Sensing: 7 Strategies To Increase Sales Performance


In the midst of the Covid-19 slump, businesses need to shift to reliable systems to meet customer demand and improve profitability. It is here that demand sensing comes into focus. Demand sensing is a tool that facilitates the calibration of data that informs supply.

Ecommerce Inventory Management: Why the Right Software is Key


Manufacturers and brick-and-mortar retailers have been using software to manage their inventory for years – but inventory management is even more important when you’re running a business that operates in the complex eCommerce space.

Nine Myths of S&OP Technology Selection

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The technology market is rife with unsubstantiated claims and myths. Each year, I publish a report analyzing the technologies in the S&OP space. I sent the report to technology vendors listed in the appendix with a deadline for feedback on factual accuracy for 5:00 PM EST on Wednesday. The technology choices are not black and white. New technology is evolving. Technologies natively written as Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are entering the market.

S&OP 302

Prophet 21 User Group Webinar: Inventory Planning Processes

The Smart Software

Smart Software is pleased to introduce our new webinar, offered exclusively for Prophet21 users. Greg Hartunian, CEO at Smart Software, will lead a 45-minute webinar focusing on specific approaches to demand forecasting and inventory planning.

Epicor Launches Latest Release of Industry ERP Cloud Portfolio and Includes High-Level Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization Capabilities for Prophet 21

The Smart Software

These new features include integration for Epicor Prophet 21 and Epicor Smart Inventory Planning & Optimization through a set of native web applications.

Platform or a Collection of Tools: Which One Do You Prefer for your Digital Transformation Efforts?


The blender and the oven comprise a collection of tools that includes exchangeable tips and settings that can be used for different cooking endeavors. The difference between a Platform and a collection of Tools is the great recipe book and the right oven settings in our cookie analogy.

What Is Demand Sensing and How Do You Get Started?


We’ve created quite a monster with all the sophisticated tools we use to influence demand with pricing, new product introductions and promotions. As businesses use more “levers” to influence demand, demand variability grows. What is Demand Sensing? .

Gain a Leading Edge in Inventory Management through Digital Transformation

DELMIA Quintiq

An increasing lineup of advanced digital solutions have given manufacturers the edge to transform and achieve better inventory control. The manufacturing industry is constantly searching for new and inventive ways to improve inventory management.

Intermittent Demand is Not Unforecastable Demand


Your forecasting or demand planning system says an SKU is “unforecastable” because demand is too small and intermittent. For most businesses, the “long tail”—low-volume items with irregular demand and many zero demand periods—is growing longer. This is because several trends are disaggregating demand into smaller buckets. More frequent replenishment —and more granular forecasting—leads to shorter time buckets with greater demand variability.

What are the Best Inventory Management Softwares in Malaysia?


No businesses across the globe can function without inventory. Tracking inventory is as important as acquiring it. Lack of inventory management is one of the top reasons why small businesses collapse in the market. Netiquette Inventory Management System.