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What is Line Haul Transportation and How It is Driving Efficiency


The logistics industry relies on the efficient transportation of goods between locations and line haul transportation plays a significant role in this. In 2021, in the United States alone, the total transportation logistics costs came to around 1.2 What is line haul transportation? trillion U.S. from 2019 to 2027.

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How to Benefit from Trucking Companies!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Are you looking to work with a trucking company to transport your products? If so, you want to make sure that you get the most out of transport services. For example, at , which is an example of a company that is flexible and relies on transportation to meet your needs and stay on track of deliveries.


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Private vs. Dedicated Fleets: The Right Time to Bring in a Dedicated Partner

NFI Industries

Trucks ship over 60% of North America’s freight and are the most utilized mode of freight transportation in the United States 1. Transportation. Transportation, Transportation Management, Supply Chain, Optimization, Dedicated Fleets. 03/03/2015. Supply Chain.

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Truck Fleet Management: 5 Facts Shippers need to Know


Freight transportation services rely on effective truck fleet optimization. Utilizing an effective TMS system removes much of the hassle that comes with managing a fleet of trucks. The post Truck Fleet Management: 5 Facts Shippers need to Know appeared first on MercuryGate International.

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Sit Back or Lean In: The Options for Furniture Manufacturers Facing Impending Tariffs


Consumer goods and electronics manufacturers are busy figuring out what they’re going to do in December when President Donald Trump’s 10 percent tariff on an estimated $300 billion worth of Chinese imports takes effect.

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Upgrade to Driver Payroll Solution Cements UltraShipTMS’s Lead

Supply Chain Collaborator

Improvements to Private Fleet Management Module Boosts Ultra’s Advantage over Competing TMS Solutions’ Recent Forays into Functionality for Shippers Using Common Carriers and Private Fleets.

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Owned Vs Outsourced Fleet: What’s Best for Your Fast Retail Business


Owning a transport fleet for meeting last-mile delivery needs was a proposition that many retail businesses avoided until the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Amid lockdown restrictions and driver shortages, many companies relied entirely on the outsourced fleet during these chaotic times.

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