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The rationale for outsourcing certain manufacturing and supply chain processes, such as transportation management, fulfillment, and more to logistics companies is evident and clear. This report details instructions for properly selecting and managing third-party logistics companies or 3PLs.

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2 Key Inventory Metrics Your Logistics Company Should Be Measuring. Most logistics companies measure inventory using inventory turns. In addition, many logistics companies combine raw materials, work-in-process, and finished-goods inventories to calculate overall inventory turns.

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Is Every Company a Technology Company?

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A couple of weeks ago, Meg Whitman, the CEO of the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise, wrote a post on LinkedIn that included the following excerpt: Every Company is a Technology Company. Every company is a technology company. Is every company a technology company?

What are Companies Looking for When Hiring in Supply Chain?

The 21st Century Supply Chain

The post What are Companies Looking for When Hiring in Supply Chain? by Alexa Cheater This guest post comes to us from Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting , a boutique recruitment firm specializing in Supply Chain Management.

Balancing Priorities in the Supply Chain: How Data Discovery Reveals Unseen Associations and Opportunities

Leading companies are constantly managing competing supply chain priorities

[Video] Ford Motor Company: Creating global data standards with SCM software

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Recognizing that it needed something to consolidate data about company performance both regionally and globally, Ford initially engineered its own tool. Though it saved Ford quite a bit of money, Thomas says, the company needed something more powerful. “We

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Should Companies Have a Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)?

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But does that mean that companies should have a chief supply chain officer (CSCO)? But companies should be fast now: The authors also reveal that “most of the contingency performance effects manifest only for early adopters of the CSCO role” I am sure that CSCOs will soon be appointed in many companies. Supply chain management has certainly become far more strategic in recent years.

Should Companies Have a Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)?

SCM Research

But does that mean that companies should have a chief supply chain officer (CSCO)? But companies should be fast now: The authors also reveal that “most of the contingency performance effects manifest only for early adopters of the CSCO role” I am sure that CSCOs will soon be appointed in many companies. Supply chain management has certainly become far more strategic in recent years.

3PL Logistics Companies Up Services to Continue to Meet the Needs of Shippers


Although 3PL Logistics Companies or 3PLs were around before the recession, companies realized the short-term savings of outsourcing logistics, transportation, and freight management to 3PLs quickly, and the age of the rise of the logistics provider was born.

Tech -Driven Supply Chains: How Innovations Are Transforming the Trucking Industry

The South Korean company’s “truck. Transfix is changing the way companies view their supply chain. Ultimately, the company's promise is simple: to improve the lives of. To learn how Transfix’ technology can improve your company's. November 2017. November 2017.

How Are Leading Companies Approaching Workforce Planning?

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While many companies have invested significant time and money over the years to improve their demand, supply, and manufacturing planning capabilities, they have underinvested in workforce planning and optimization, and they’re now starting to feel the consequences. So, how are leading companies approaching workforce planning? ” The post How Are Leading Companies Approaching Workforce Planning?

Pharma companies will increasingly take cues from retail and consumer goods….why?

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Thus, using retail and consumer goods as a guide, we can expect that companies will tailor the mode of transportation, warehousing and depth of distribution in each country for different pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Top 10 Innovative Companies

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Companies who reported faster revenue growth relative to key competitors allocated 25% more of their R&D budgets to software offerings than companies who reported slower revenue growth.

6 Questions To Ask 3rd Party Logistics Companies for 2015 and Beyond


Many different factors have been previously discussed on specific details of selecting a 3PL , but have you truly learned how to identify the top-notch 3rd Party Logistics Companies from the fly-by-night, intermediary 3rd Party Logistics Companies? It’s true: some 3rd Party Logistics Companies exist solely as a conglomeration of intermediaries with connections to the Big 3 Carriers. What Is the Company’s History? 3PL Logistics 3rd Party Logistics Companies

Why inventory management should be a company-wide conversation

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by Alexa Cheater Don’t get caught having your company’s inventory management conversation alone! As David Thomas, Director of Global Capacity Planning at Ford Motor Company says , inventory is “… dead money.”.

CIO: Here's Why Analytics is Eating the Supply Chain

Life science companies are adopting innovative cloud technology to provide a single source of truth for end-to-end supply chain decision-making

Top Young Tech Companies Poised to Transform Supply Chain Management

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The young companies that are poised to transform the supply chain management profession fall into a relatively few categories. The Sharing Economy: Five companies are very interesting: Flexe, Deliv, Doorman, Transfix, and Shyp. The most interesting start-ups we are seeing have business models based on the sharing economy, the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, and robotics.

The Future of Logistics: Are 3PL Companies Ready to Adopt these 4 Emerging Technologies?


In the least, 3PLs must understand these emerging technologies so that one day they may integrate into logistics service providers ‘ company practices to better serve customers. But what do people who run 3PL companies think about the technology?

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Employing this S.M.A.R.T. Technique with a Logistics Company to Create Total Stakeholder Satisfaction


Today we continue our series on successfully working with a logistics company, often called a third party logistics company by focusing on how to properly understand the success of the engagement by knowing all the key performance indicators that a shipper could put in place. Before we fully get to establishing a framework effective KPIs when engaging with a logistics company, we must take a step back and understand how to apply the creation of stakeholder value.

An S&OP Communication Plan: The Final Step in Support of Company Strategy

River Logic

Occasional River Logic guest blogger and global supply chain influencer / expert Niels Van Hove recently published an Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) commentary in Foresight Magazine's Summer 2016 edition.

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Hadoop and the Modern Data Supply Chain

With the advent of Big Data, companies now have access to more business-relevant information than ever before and are using Hadoop to store and analyze it

Retailers and Consumer Goods Companies: You Need to Upgrade your Supply Chain if You Want to Succeed!

The Network Effect

For the last 25 years or so, retailers and consumer goods companies have relied on enterprise-centric supply chain software and. The post Retailers and Consumer Goods Companies: You Need to Upgrade your Supply Chain if You Want to Succeed!

Why pharma companies are building direct sales channels to the end-consumer

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Many companies in the pharmaceuticals sector are facing a challenge; they must decide if, when, and to what extent they should develop a direct-distribution channel to the end consumer.

Companies in Asia Pacific Eager to Innovate with Supply Chain Optimization


Companies are increasingly eager to hear about optimization and advanced analytics. There are several areas where companies are eager to apply optimization. Finding the right people and managing an optimization system is difficult for most companies. Companies setting an example.

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Highlights of Supply Chain Matters Briefing with Fieldglass, an SAP Company

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Plans called for combining the functionality within Fieldglass with that of the existing human resource management capabilities of SAP SuccessFactors and integrating both with the Ariba, an SAP Company network platform. After the acquisition was completed in mid-2014, the technology services provider has since been renamed Fieldglass, an SAP Company. In March of 2014, SAP acquired cloud-based procurement contingent labor and vendor management system technology provider Fieldglass.

Oil & Gas Companies Focus on Eliminating Supply Chain Waste

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This rapid growth followed by market decline has led oil and gas companies to finally face reality — i.e., that they need to move up the supply chain maturity curve to enable profitable growth moving forward. “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.”.

6 Reasons Why Companies Need IoT

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With the visibility and analytics delivered by connected devices, companies can make the right decisions at the right time, safeguarding profitability and customer service. Companies can now deliver real-time insights into how their fleet is being operated and interacting with the environment.

12 Supply Chain Basics Your Company Must Get Right

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On the other hand, if you’re a business leader who must try to juggle supply chain effectiveness with that of marketing, sales, or manufacture, the following sections highlight the supply chain basics that your company must get right in order to maximise revenue and profit.

Does Your Company Have A Solid Transportation Procurement Strategy?

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The logistics marketplace is dynamic and demands attention to truly optimize and enable strategic advantage. Supply Chain professionals have a tremendous amount of demands and pressures to be aware of and transportation procurement is one of those pressures. There is a need, a growing need to drive better performance and outcomes from sourcing events. Let’s consider some constraints.

Company kit Supply Chain Media

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Targeted at the global supply chain community, Supply Chain Movement informs you about the latest market updates and company developments, industry events, blogs and trends on supply chain worldwide. >> Company kit Supply Chain Media EN. >>

Supply Chain’s New World Order: How Companies can go from From Good To Great

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To read more about this subject, I suggest you read the new whitepaper, Supply Chain’s New World Order” The post Supply Chain’s New World Order: How Companies can go from From Good To Great appeared first on The Network Effect.

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Does Your Logistics Company PFEP? Creating standard ordering processes is crucial for a logistics company to provide value to its customer. Ideally, a logistics company representing all customer departments will collect and audit the data for a PFEP.

Determining the Right Intermodal Marketing Company

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Guest Post: Mark McKendry, VP of Intermodal Now that you’ve decided that an intermodal strategy can provide your organization with the right blend of service and price, how can you be sure that you choose the right Intermodal Marketing Company (IMC)?

Consumer Good Companies Direct to Customer

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Global parcel logistics firms have launched groundbreaking new distribution channels to offer Consumer Goods (CG) companies access to the traditional markets in places such as Latin America.

FMCG Company disbands the Supply Chain function…….

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The company has a broad European supply network and is present in most markets. I am back on line again after a few days’ holiday post completion of some challenging factory footprint project work. One of the first catch-up meetings I have had was with an FMCG CEO.

Shipping Costs and Complexities Grow for CPG Companies


Rising Freight Costs and Growing Supply Chain Complexity Hit CPG Companies Hard by Paula Heikell Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are facing an uphill battle to control costs and keep their customers happy, based on a recent survey published by the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

Can Omni-Channel Help Consumer Goods Companies Fight Private Label?

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Each company strives to get the best margins possible while keeping prices competitive. Today’s consumer-controlled omni-channel shopping experience may offer consumer goods companies an unexpected alternative. The rise of mass merchandisers, chain stores, and big-box retailers since World War II has wrestled much of the supply chain power away from consumer goods companies. Why omni-channel can help consumer goods companies.

International Transportation: Where Many Companies Fall Short

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But as many companies quickly find out, managing international transportation is very different from managing domestic transportation. I asked Russ, “From your perspective, where do many companies fall short in terms of their ability to manage international transportation effectively?” As much as I think the industry has matured…the places where companies are sourcing from now, and the diversity of sourcing patterns, have created a lot more complexity in the supply chain.

How this Company Grew Visibility with a 3PL Partnership

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A common transportation challenge of B2B and B2C businesses is lack of supply chain visibility. Without visibility, deliveries are slower, inventory management suffers and it’s more difficult to manage risk. These challenges are linked to additional costs and unhappy customers.

7 Supply Chain Lessons from Steve Jobs - SupplyChainOpz

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Apple Inc is regarded as the best company in the world for its cutting-edge supply chain management practices. This article will explain to you what we can learn from the co-founder of the company. NAVIGATE. Basics. Case Studies. Graphics. All Posts. About. Copyright. Privacy.