How Digitalization Holds the Key to Retail and Consumer Goods Success

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Dave Allen, a supply chain thought leader with a history of transforming supply chains at major consumer goods companies, share. The post How Digitalization Holds the Key to Retail and Consumer Goods Success appeared first on The Network Effect.

Consumer Goods Supply Chains: In a State of Evolution


Supply chains in the consumer goods sector are about to crest a hill of innovation - they just have to make some changes. Consumer Products Supply Chain Manufacturing Track & Traceability Logistics

Retailers and Consumer Goods Companies: You Need to Upgrade your Supply Chain if You Want to Succeed!

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For the last 25 years or so, retailers and consumer goods companies have relied on enterprise-centric supply chain software and. The post Retailers and Consumer Goods Companies: You Need to Upgrade your Supply Chain if You Want to Succeed!

Consumer Good Companies Direct to Customer

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Global parcel logistics firms have launched groundbreaking new distribution channels to offer Consumer Goods (CG) companies access to the traditional markets in places such as Latin America.

Can Omni-Channel Help Consumer Goods Companies Fight Private Label?

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Despite several positive trends toward better collaboration between retailers and their suppliers, there will always be a certain degree of competition for who gets the greater share of the consumer’s wallet. One tactic major retailers have used to help increase their margins is to offer their own private label branded products as lower-cost alternatives to the consumer goods brands. Why omni-channel can help consumer goods companies.

Wanted: Leaders in the Consumer Goods Supply Chain

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How breaking out of the traditional enterprise paradigm can radically simplify and streamline the retail and consumer goods supply chain. The post Wanted: Leaders in the Consumer Goods Supply Chain appeared first on The Network Effect. The Network Effect

S&OP in Consumer Goods: A Cumulative Research Study


Since 2009 we have worked with industry publication Consumer Goods Technology to check the pulse of sales and operations planning (S&OP) in the consumer goods industry. Here are a few highlights from the past surveys: 80 percent of Consumer Goods companies have a formal S&OP process. The final report will be published in October by Consumer Goods Technology and we will share the findings on this blog

Consumer Goods, Ebola, Boku Haram, and African Logistics

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Global Trade Logistics Outsourcing Retail Supply Chain Risk Management Logistics in Africa is tough. Africa just does not have the infrastructure, has an education gap, and does not widely deploy technologies like GPS tracking that are common in the West.

Pharma companies will increasingly take cues from retail and consumer goods….why?

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Thus, using retail and consumer goods as a guide, we can expect that companies will tailor the mode of transportation, warehousing and depth of distribution in each country for different pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Consumer Goods Forum Creates Sustainable Supply Chain Program

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"Today, any company wanting to assess the sustainability of their value chains faces a confusing array of different technical standards and auditing approaches,” Peter Freedman, managing director, The Consumer Goods Forum.

Five Steps to Transform Your Consumer Goods Supply Chain

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Linking real-time demand with a timely supply response allows companies to commit with confidence and profitably capture growth opportunities in today’s volatile markets

Consumer Goods Technology Releases List of Top Supply Chain Companies


Consumer Goods Technology recently released its 2012 Consumer Goods Technology Reader’s Choice survey results. In Supply Chain Planning, Logility was voted highest in customer experience of all solution providers.

Turning Your Consumer Goods Supply Chain Into a Competitive Advantage


Turning Your Consumer Goods Supply Chain Into a Competitive Advantage. Today’s modern supply chains are multi-enterprise, starting with consumers, retailers, distributors; and flowing through an extended network of suppliers, contract manufacturers, and other third parties. Finished goods are planned weeks or even months in advance yet shippers are the last to know, often finding out as orders cross their desks. Consumer Goods.

Easing the Fear of Private Brand Development for Consumer Goods Retailers

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Consumer goods retailers moving into the private brand arena need to work on a common platform with the entire supply chain to provide visibility into product information

Consumer Goods Boost Van Rates in Northeast

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But even though van volumes were down, rates went up in Northeast, spurred by retail trade and consumer goods moving into place for Amazon’s Prime Day sales. Since the 4th of July landed on a Tuesday this year, a lot of people also took Monday off.

The Astounding Changes in the Consumer Goods to Retail Supply Chain

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From Ecommerce to the Demise of the Center Aisle, Everything is in Flux and will Never be the Same

Legacy infrastructure holding back digital transformation of consumer goods supply chain

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Struggles with the complexity of legacy systems are preventing consumer goods companies from achieving digital supply chain maturity and realising the benefits of end-to-end visibility and real-time access to data, according to research by EVRYTHNG, the Internet of Things Smart Products Platform

An Inflection Point in the Consumer Goods to Retail Supply Chain

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Are Target, Walmart Leading New Era of Vendor Variability Reduction, At Long Last

Does your supply chain hear the change coming?

The 21st Century Supply Chain

This means a shift from retail store-based supply chains to a more dynamic personalized one, based on the consumers. Traditional calendar-based sales and operations planning (S&OP) is blown out of the water, as there will always be the requirement to adapt to what consumers want.

More Stories from the Consumer Goods to Retail Supply Chain Fron

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Lots more Chargeback Oddities, and Insights on Doing Vendor Drop Shipping Well

Annual Kantar Retail Ranking of the Top Consumer Goods Supply Chains for 2014

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General Mills, Procter and Gamble Moved in Virtual Tie at the Top. CocaCola In, Heinz Out of Top 10

Supply Chain News on Consumer Goods Companies Need to Up their Demand Sensing Game, Gartner Says

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Few Manufacturers have Really Yet Connected the Supply Chain to the Store Shelf

Evidence of a New Business and Supply Chain Headwind: A Stronger U.S. Dollar

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Asset Intensive and Process Based Industry Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Controlling Supply Chain Costs High Tech and Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Industrial and diversified industry supply chain Manufacturing Strategies Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Healthcare Supply Chain Process industry focused supply chains Procurement and Sourcing Supply Chain Strategy consumer goods industry supply chain challenges effect of strong U.S.

An Inflection Point in the Consumer Goods to Retail Supply Chain, Part 2

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As Some Retailers Take New Steps to Reduce Supplier Variability, Most Need to Get Their Own Order and Forecast House in Order to Fully Address the Problem

A New CEO for LEGO with an Operations and Supply Chain Management Background

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Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Distinguised Supply Chain Management Professionals Supply Chain Skills Transportation and Logistics CEO's with supply chain management experience LEGO supply chain Supply chain Matters blog

Retail Suppliers Pitted Against Private Equity Investors

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Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Online Customer Fulfillment Procurement and Sourcing Retail Supply Chain Supplier Collaboration Supply Chain Risk Management supply chain insights Supply Chain MattersSupply Chain Matters call reader attention to noteworthy industry editorials, particularly when they have supply chain implications.

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Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on Is It Time for Supply Chain 4.0 in Consumer Goods

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McKinsey Identifies Six Value Drivers it Says will Lead to Step Change Improvements in Cost and Agility

GS1 Announces Collaboration with IBM and Microsoft for Blockchain Application Efforts

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This week, a significant announcement from GS1, the global business communications standards organization has important implications for consumer goods industry pilots directed at business process use cases for deploying blockchain technology.

Supply Chain Management Challenges for Emerging Manufacturers and Service Providers in Regulated Industries- Part Three

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In the final of three market education commentaries sponsored by Navigator Business Solutions, Supply Chain Matters amplifies business and supply chain management challenges among emerging growth companies in pharmaceutical, life sciences and consumer product goods industry sectors.

Will Singles Day in China Set New Global Online Standards- Time and Events Will Tell

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Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Online Customer Fulfillment Retail Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Alibaba customer fulfillment capabilities Alibaba Singles Day logistics fulfillment supply chain initiatives Supply chain Matters blogTomorrow marks the celebration of the 2017 Singles Day across China. The event itself represents a testing ground for large-scale online retail capabilities that have global-wide implications for global online commerce dominance.

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Thanksgiving Holiday and Kickoff to the 2017 Holiday Peak

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Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Food and Beverage supply chain High Tech and Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Online Customer Fulfillment Retail Supply Chain Sales and Operations Planning Transportation and Logistics important developments in B2C online fulfillment independent blog analysis and insights on supply chain management Supply chain Matters blog

Initial Indications of an Overall Optimistic 2017 Holiday Fulfillment Period

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Initial indications point to the 2017 holiday fulfillment period looking to be a rather good year for the retail industry and its supplier and services stakeholders. Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Online Customer Fulfillment Retail Supply Chain Sales and Operations Planning Transportation and Logistics 2017 holiday fulfillment period trends Supply chain Matters blog

More Concerning News for Consumer Packaged Food and Beverage Supply Chains

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Today’s front page report from The Wall Street Journal provides more concerning news for Consumer Packaged Food and Beverage Supply Chains, and for their needs to be able to support more business agility. Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Supply Chain Performance challenges in consumer product goods supply chains Supply chain Matters blog

How Inventory Management is a problem the size of Australia

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More than anything, these facts should remind us just how poorly most supply chains are being managed, and how big of an opportunity there is if we can solve the fundamental problem of getting the product to the consumer at the right location at the right time. Consumer Goods Retail retail

Wal-Mart, IBM and Tsinghua University Announce Joint Collaboration on Food Safety Tracking Technology

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B2B Supply Chain Business Network Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Product Quality Retail Supply Chain Supply Chain Technology blockchain technology applications in supply chain management food safety support technology IBM Blockchain technology IBM efforts in supporting business networks leveraging B2B business networks Supply chain Matters blog Wal-Mart supply chain initiatives

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