How Digitalization Holds the Key to Retail and Consumer Goods Success

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Dave Allen, a supply chain thought leader with a history of transforming supply chains at major consumer goods companies, share. The post How Digitalization Holds the Key to Retail and Consumer Goods Success appeared first on The Network Effect.

Retailers and Consumer Goods Companies: You Need to Upgrade your Supply Chain if You Want to Succeed!

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For the last 25 years or so, retailers and consumer goods companies have relied on enterprise-centric supply chain software and. The post Retailers and Consumer Goods Companies: You Need to Upgrade your Supply Chain if You Want to Succeed! Consumer Goods Supply Chain Management consumer goods digital transformation supply chain

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Will Consumer Goods Be Stronger from the Pandemic?

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Consumer goods article and permission to publish here provided by Wouter Nederkoorn. We all know and regularly purchase Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG, often also referred to as Consumer Packaged Goods, or CPG). Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Consumer Goods Supply Chains: In a State of Evolution


Supply chains in the consumer goods sector are about to crest a hill of innovation - they just have to make some changes. Consumer Products Supply Chain Manufacturing Track & Traceability Logistics

Wanted: Leaders in the Consumer Goods Supply Chain

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How breaking out of the traditional enterprise paradigm can radically simplify and streamline the retail and consumer goods supply chain. The post Wanted: Leaders in the Consumer Goods Supply Chain appeared first on The Network Effect. The Network Effect

COVID-19’s Beneficial Effects on the Consumer Goods Supply Chain

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But there has been one nice side effect in the consumer goods supply chain. The post COVID-19’s Beneficial Effects on the Consumer Goods Supply Chain appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) SKU ProliferationCOVID-19 has put supply chain organizations under great strain. SKU proliferation has been reversed.

Can Omni-Channel Help Consumer Goods Companies Fight Private Label?

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Despite several positive trends toward better collaboration between retailers and their suppliers, there will always be a certain degree of competition for who gets the greater share of the consumer’s wallet. One tactic major retailers have used to help increase their margins is to offer their own private label branded products as lower-cost alternatives to the consumer goods brands. Why omni-channel can help consumer goods companies.

2019 Conferences for Consumer Goods Professionals


We’re posting this from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where we’ve had a couple packed days of meetings and checking out the latest innovations in technology. 2019 Conferences for Consumer Goods Professionals was originally published in Alloy on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. consumer-goods events supply-chain sales conference

S&OP in Consumer Goods: A Cumulative Research Study


Since 2009 we have worked with industry publication Consumer Goods Technology to check the pulse of sales and operations planning (S&OP) in the consumer goods industry. Here are a few highlights from the past surveys: 80 percent of Consumer Goods companies have a formal S&OP process. The final report will be published in October by Consumer Goods Technology and we will share the findings on this blog

Consumer Goods Forum Creates Sustainable Supply Chain Program

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"Today, any company wanting to assess the sustainability of their value chains faces a confusing array of different technical standards and auditing approaches,” Peter Freedman, managing director, The Consumer Goods Forum. In an effort to support the development of socially and environmentally responsible supply chains around the world, the Board of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has decided to create the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI).

Pharma companies will increasingly take cues from retail and consumer goods….why?

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If you want to know ahead of time the changes awaiting the pharmaceuticals supply chain it is useful to extrapolate experiences from the consumer and retail sectors, which were dealing with the same trends and pressures long before pharmaceuticals (for example, the proliferation of distribution channels). The post Pharma companies will increasingly take cues from retail and consumer goods… why?

VERTICAL FOCUS | Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

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FMCG retailers need to be aware of four key areas as they build their future omnichannel supply chains, finds RSR Research's Supply Chain Management 2018 report

Consumer Goods, Ebola, Boku Haram, and African Logistics

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Global Trade Logistics Outsourcing Retail Supply Chain Risk Management Logistics in Africa is tough. Africa just does not have the infrastructure, has an education gap, and does not widely deploy technologies like GPS tracking that are common in the West. But add to that the Ebola plague, insurgent groups like Boku Haram, corruption, and instable government regimes, and you have what appears to be […].

Special Report: Supply Chain Trends in Retail and Consumer Goods

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As the world moves toward near-sourcing, instantaneous commerce and automated logistics, these are the steps companies are taking to build efficient supply chains

Five Steps to Transform Your Consumer Goods Supply Chain

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Linking real-time demand with a timely supply response allows companies to commit with confidence and profitably capture growth opportunities in today’s volatile markets

Consumer Goods Technology Releases List of Top Supply Chain Companies


Consumer Goods Technology recently released its 2012 Consumer Goods Technology Reader’s Choice survey results. " Aggressive competitors, margin erosion, and quickly changing consumer preferences and behaviors pose serious challenges to the consumer goods industry. In Supply Chain Planning, Logility was voted highest in customer experience of all solution providers.

Turning Your Consumer Goods Supply Chain Into a Competitive Advantage


Turning Your Consumer Goods Supply Chain Into a Competitive Advantage. Today’s modern supply chains are multi-enterprise, starting with consumers, retailers, distributors; and flowing through an extended network of suppliers, contract manufacturers, and other third parties. Finished goods are planned weeks or even months in advance yet shippers are the last to know, often finding out as orders cross their desks. Consumer Goods.

Meeting the Omnichannel Challenge

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Consumers are buying products through many different channels the consumer goods supply chain has become more complex than ever before. Consumer Goods Digital Supply Chain Retail Supply Chain Control Towers Supply Chain Management consumer good control towers omnichannel retailThe post Meeting the Omnichannel Challenge appeared first on The Network Effect.

Seismic Changes in Consumer Goods to Retail Supply Chains, as Nike Upending Traditional Model

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Changes at Nike and Lowes Illustrate Fundamental Changes in Supply Chains, Driven by eCommerce

Planning Food Logistics Efficiently in Times of Disruption

DELMIA Quintiq

Consumer Goods Food & Beverage Logistics Planning covid19 DELMIA Quintiq food logisticsSupermarkets are heavily impacted by unexpected peaks in demand and product unavailability from areas that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This global health crisis has uncovered vulnerabilities in our food supply chains, affecting the capacity of food retailers to ensure its continuity.

Food 154

3 Tips to Win the Last-Mile Delivery Planning Battle in Disruptive Times

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Not only do consumers demand speed and flexibility, they want their e-commerce deliveries to meet environmental regulations – especially in the case of home deliveries, where the logistics supply chain ends at the customer’s front door. There’s a battle to win and retain consumers at the last mile, but the many moving and interdependent parts of last mile operations are making it the most complex and expensive part of the supply chain.

Legacy infrastructure holding back digital transformation of consumer goods supply chain

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Struggles with the complexity of legacy systems are preventing consumer goods companies from achieving digital supply chain maturity and realising the benefits of end-to-end visibility and real-time access to data, according to research by EVRYTHNG, the Internet of Things Smart Products Platform

Does your supply chain hear the change coming?


This means a shift from retail store-based supply chains to a more dynamic personalized one, based on the consumers. Traditional calendar-based sales and operations planning (S&OP) is blown out of the water, as there will always be the requirement to adapt to what consumers want. The reasonable forecast and predictability of consumer shopping habits is not straightforward any longer. Supply chain management consumer goods supply chain CPG supply chain

Easing the Fear of Private Brand Development for Consumer Goods Retailers

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Consumer goods retailers moving into the private brand arena need to work on a common platform with the entire supply chain to provide visibility into product information

Consumer Goods Companies Exposing Granular Supply Chain Data to Create Transparency

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Some Activists Use Detail Data Against the Companies that Provide It

Supply chain mapping meets blockchain tracking: Provenance partners with Sourcemap to power end-to-end, robust traceability for consumer goods


In 2016 alone, reports of food fraud in cheese, olive oil, beef and seafood highlighted the business risks of opaque supply chains, and the growing consumer demand for knowledge. Companies are clamoring for ways to trace their products, whether to protect their reputation, to inform their customers, or to ensure the quality and authenticity of goods.

Four Critical Steps for CPG Manufacturers to Compete After a Crisis


As the world sorts through life with COVID-19 and trying to plan for the aftermath, many Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers and suppliers are developing and implementing risk management policies and procedures.

There will be no Valentine’s Day Sweethearts this year


Consumer packaged goods is a tough and evolving market. Faltering consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are a very common phenomenon in this new consumer world, so it’s no surprise that Necco shuttered its doors. Like many other consumer product companies, Necco was heavily reliant on retailers to sell all items in their portfolio. by Alison Crawford Valentine’s Day will be less romantic this year.

How a Consumer Goods Giant Upped Its On-Time Delivery Performance

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Challenge: A consumer goods company was missing on-time, in-full delivery targets and incurring additional transportation costs because of delayed deliveries from distribution centers, stock-out problems, and a lack of data to track OTIF targets.

8 Tips for Efficient Omnichannel Distribution

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Supply Chain Challenges Consumer Goods LogisticsAs the percent of online sales grow and as the line between web and traditional retail store fulfillment blurs, E-retailers and brands need to assess their fulfillment capabilities and those of their 3PL omnichannel distribution partners. Following are 8 tips to maximize efficiency in an omnichannel environment.

How a “Disruptor” is Using Supply Chain Innovation to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

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One innovative company is taking on the big four wireless carriers and other players in the consumer wireless market. Automated Future Consumer Goods Digital Supply Chain Retail Supply Chain Management The Network Effect Visibility high-tech Republic Wireless supply chainThe post How a “Disruptor” is Using Supply Chain Innovation to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service appeared first on The Network Effect.

How Inventory Management is a problem the size of Australia

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More than anything, these facts should remind us just how poorly most supply chains are being managed, and how big of an opportunity there is if we can solve the fundamental problem of getting the product to the consumer at the right location at the right time. Consumer Goods Retail retailchem7/Flickr. You’re about to learn some depressing news, so first, take a look at the cute Koala above. Ok, ready? Did you know that retailers worldwide are missing out on 7.5%

Supply Chain News on Consumer Goods Companies Need to Up their Demand Sensing Game, Gartner Says

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Few Manufacturers have Really Yet Connected the Supply Chain to the Store Shelf

Consumer Goods Boost Van Rates in Northeast

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But even though van volumes were down, rates went up in Northeast, spurred by retail trade and consumer goods moving into place for Amazon’s Prime Day sales. That’s a strong sign for consumer goods, since those markets contain warehousing and distribution centers that serve the highest concentration of people in the country. Since the 4th of July landed on a Tuesday this year, a lot of people also took Monday off.

More Stories from the Consumer Goods to Retail Supply Chain Fron

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Lots more Chargeback Oddities, and Insights on Doing Vendor Drop Shipping Well