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Top Findings: What Makes a Favored Shipper?

Talking Logistics

What makes carriers prefer to move one shipper’s freight over another’s? According to anecdotal evidence, carriers look at shipper behaviors before deciding which company’s freight they will haul; favored shippers are also rumored to receive better rates. Researchers at Iowa State University analyzed data provided by C.H. Moreover, the cost of dwell time at the shipper’s facility is only part of the total additional freight rate due to long dwell times.

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One Man’s Trash: How Blockchain Can Target Food Waste to Help End World Hunger

Material Handling and Logistics

billion metric tons—gets lost or wasted. What’s more, net food losses in developed countries (222 million metric tons) equate to nearly all of the food produced in Sub-Saharan Africa yearly (223 million metric tons). Between 1996 and 1999, nearly 37,000 metric tons of bananas in Australia were lost yearly because banana growers lacked an adequate mechanism to communicate with packing facilities.

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