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Keeping Your CEO & CFO Informed of Supply Chain Performance

Talking Logistics

With supply chains experiencing ongoing risks and disruptions, keeping your CEO and CFO informed of what is happening is more important than ever. How frequently do you update your CEO/CFO on supply chain performance and developments? We asked members of our Indago supply chain research community — who.

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Returning to the Office: Better for Supply Chain Performance?

Talking Logistics

Read more The post Returning to the Office: Better for Supply Chain Performance? As we were in the pandemic, we’d all talk about depression and the mental health crisis and how our kids were devastated. appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.


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Bridge the Gap Between Executive Alignment & Supply Chain Performance


Despite these challenges, integrating supply chain planning into your corporate strategy isn’t just an operational imperative — it’s a critical strategic move that can drive your supply chain performance forward.

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Supply Chain Performance Declined In the Last Decade. The Question is Why?

Supply Chain Shaman

We stubbed our toe in supply chain management at the beginning of the decade. Facing The Issues of Supply Chain Performance. As I work through this year’s Supply Chains to Admire , I cannot help but shake my head. The black veil of the pandemic is a supply chain wake-up call to build better.

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Leveraging Data Analytics to Build a Truly Connected and Collaborative Supply Chain

The C-suite is laser-focused on supply chain performance. This GEP-sponsored report will show you how to leverage data for a collaborative supply chain that delivers results and how to future-proof supply chain management strategies.

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Causal Artificial Intelligence and Supply Chain Performance

Enterra Insights

The post Causal Artificial Intelligence and Supply Chain Performance first appeared on Enterra Solutions. Mooij, Jonas Peters, Dominik Janzing, Jakob Zscheischler, and Bernhard Schölkopf, “ Distinguishing cause from effect using observational data: methods and benchmarks ,” ArXiv, 11 December 2014.

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Transforming Supply Chain Performance & Security – the SI Opportunity

IT Supply Chain

By Eric Ménard (pictured) Vice President Strategy & Business, Astrocast The post Transforming Supply Chain Performance & Security – the SI Opportunity appeared first on IT Supply Chain.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Supply Chain Visibility

Today’s environment spotlights the significance and importance of real-time supply chain visibility. Gain insight to respond quickly to marketplace events and take actions that ensure supply chain performance. What are the barriers? What’s the solution?

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Elevate Your Supply Chain Resilience With Scenario Planning

Speaker: Robert Olszak- Vice President, Global Supply Chain Optimization, RGP

In this webinar, Robert Olszak, Vice President at Global Supply Chain Optimization, will discuss: Enhancing your logistics network to be more responsive to external supply chain disruptions Dominant trends in optimizing supply chain performance The value drivers most significantly influencing supply chain network design strategies April 20th, 2023 (..)

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The Perfect Delivery: 6 Key Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Speaker: Tim McLean, Managing Director, TXM Lean Solutions

Lean supply chain expert and author, Tim McLean, will explore each of the reasons why supply chains fail to deliver and provide practical strategies to address them and improve your delivery performance. In this webinar you will learn: What are the six big drivers of poor delivery?