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Managing Supply Chain Disruptions: U.S., U.K. Manufacturers Accelerate Procurement


Redwood City, CA, July 12, 2022 – Manufacturers are working to accelerate digitization initiatives to manage supply chain disruptions in 2022 and beyond, according to an original survey commissioned by Ivalua , a leading global spend management cloud provider. The post Managing Supply Chain Disruptions: U.S.,

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“Transitory” Inflation and Supply Chain Disruption

Logistics Viewpoints

The phrases “transitory inflation” and “supply chain disruption” have been frequently used in the general and business news media this summer. Certainly, supply chain constraints are a partial cause of the current above trend inflation. Final Word.


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Supply Chain Disruption : 5 Ways to Advance with S&OP Technologies


Supply chains large and small are under siege by constant supply chain disruption. Companies find themselves struggling to serve customers, source materials, manage costs, handle supply constraints and shortages and, above all, gain visibility into what’s next. Scenario planning is becoming vital.

S&OP 219
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How To Overcome Supply Chain Disruption


Supply chain disruption is a fact of life for every company that moves any type of product. There won’t be a new normal, just new sources of disruption, from weather to government policies to industry conditions. Preparing your supply chain for resiliency begins with risk management and a proactive strategy.

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Rethinking Direct Materials Sourcing: The Tools You Need To Manage Costs, Risks and Sustainability

Direct materials sourcing is evolving, with procurement now tasked not only with cost efficiency but managing sustainability and risk management. The environment is marked by heightened demand and expectations, compounded by challenges such as rising input prices, supply chain disruptions and geopolitical tensions.

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Supply Chain Disruptions Are Here to Stay with Steve Elwell

The Logistics of Logistics

Steve Elwell and Joe Lynch discuss why supply chain disruptions are here to stay. Steve is he Managing Director of Haxlar , an integrated manufacturing solutions provider, delivering design, manufacturing, sourcing, supply chain, and product management services for a wide range of industries.

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Responding to Supply Chain Disruption Amid COVID-19


There is a strategic incentive in understanding the optimal sourcing location for specific customers, and the optimal sourcing location for different resources. Study 3: Identify Optimal Sourcing Locations . The post Responding to Supply Chain Disruption Amid COVID-19 appeared first on AIMMS SC Blog.