An Example of Outstanding Change Management


One of the best examples I have seen of highly successful change management was presented by Tina Jalap from the Swedish pharmacy chain Kronans Apotek. Some examples: Q: If a customer asks for a product that we don’t have, how will the system know that there is a demand?

Supply Chains to Admire – Technology Computer Hardware Calculation Example

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After doing a deep dive into the Household Products (Nondurable) industry segment to show why Proctor & Gamble did not make the Supply Chains to Admire TM winner list, I wanted to show an example calculation for a company that made the winner list.

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Supply Chains to Admire Household Nondurables Calculation Example

Supply Chain Insights

If you’re like me, you might see a long report online and skip past the details to get to the good stuff – the results. When the Supply Chains to Admire TM report came out last week, I scrolled right to the winners.

Examples of How Supplier Quality Management System Implementations Pay Off


We conclude our series on supplier quality management (SQM) today with a look at some case studies and examples of benefits derived from the application of a supplier quality management system. Examples and Case Studies from the Implementation of a Supplier Quality Management System.

Chipotle: The Latest Example of Why Supply Chain Risk Management Matters

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This is yet another example of how past performance is no guarantee of future success , of how companies cannot succeed anymore despite having all sorts of inefficient practices in place, including having poor visibility and control of their supply chains.

Supply Chain Differentiation: Background, Concept and Examples

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The purpose of this paper is to provide new evidence in the field of supply chain differentiation, and aims to combine insights of supply chain management with the service dominant logic to connect fundamental customer requirements with supply chain decision-making

An Example of One Creative Technology Approach in Addressing U.S. West Coast Port Congestion

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Today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal includes an article, Ports Get Creative as Cargo Piles Up. paid subscription or complimentary metered view) This article describes the application of innovation and creative use of Uber like technology can certainly help alleviate the current backlog across U.S. west coast ports.

Apple’s Sapphire Supplier: A Textbook Example of Supplier Relationships Gone Bad

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For example, Apple might want us to increase 100 production lines, but we would only add 50 to 60 gradually.”. Today’s breaking Wall Street Journal article provides a great case study on the impacts of not proprerly managing contractual supplier relationships. First consider the type of supply arrangement this represented. This was an important and emerging new technology, one that would produce manufactured sapphire to cover the face of all of Apple’s new iphone products.

A Highly Visible Example to the Challenges of the Analytics Mindset

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The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Production and Manufacturing Index (PMI) is a rather important barometer of supply chain and manufacturing activity, and has been particularly closely watched by economists and the Wall Street investment community for a good many years. Of late, the U.S. stock market has incurred immediate swings after a positive or not so positive report of PMI.

Is Apple Supply Chain Really the No. 1? A Case Study

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Everything about Apple Inc is the talk of the town, for example, the new Ipad, Iphone, Apple Map or even the environmental and labor issues at its suppliers facilities. Supply Chain Planning at Apple Inc is the classic example of New Product Development Process (NPD). NAVIGATE. Basics.

Transportation Management Done Right: 3 Examples to Learn From

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There are an array of challenges when it comes to successfully applying an outsourced transportation management strategy. Companies want to make freight moves as efficient as possible, which means centralized systems, qualified carriers, managed schedules and visibility. Realizing opportunities for transportation efficiency starts with identifying challenges. Below, we examine different challenges from 3 companies and how PLS solutions created and maintain notable results.

One Year Later- Lumber Liquidators Struggles Continue

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Procurement and Sourcing Product Quality Retail Supply Chain Supply Chain Disruption examples of supply chain disruption examples of supply chain snafus Lumber Liquidators supply chain supplier management snafus Supply chain Matters blogIn February of 2015, Lumber Liquidators, one of the largest and fastest growing retailers of hardwood and laminate flooring in North America at the time, was involved in a supply chain expose.

3 Things Good, Lean Visuals Have In Common & Mieruka: The Four Different Types of Visuals with Examples


To find out more information about the examples in this post, please visit Magnatag Visible Systems website. Mieruka : The Four Different Types of Lean Visuals with Examples. Each section will soon provide links to more examples used within Toyota.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective 3PLs

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Most Popular Posts Transportation 3PL communication 3PL continuous improvement 3PL culture 3PL evaluation 3pl kpi examples 3PL measurement 3PL people 3PL performance 3PL process evaluating 3PL evaluating a 3pl habits of 3PLs highly effective 3PLs Joe Lynch kpi logistik logistics metrics examples strategic vs. transactional shippers The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Shippers The Logistics of Logistics

How Manual Consolidation is Costing You Money – A Case Example


To help logistics professionals understand the case for automation, I’ve put together a hypothetical case example. The example shows the pitfalls of crunching the numbers manually as well as the consequences of this error-prone approach to order consolidation.

A Positive Example for Overcoming Effects of the U.S. West Coast Port Disruption

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We thought it was time to share some positive examples and learning on how some shipping organizations raised to the challenge of delivering on customer service. Much has been written and shared regarding the effects and/or consequences of the U.S. West Coast port disruptions brought about my labor contract negotiations these past 6-7 months.

6 Sigma Supply Chain: The Brief Introduction for Non-Statisticians

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This article will explore the related works, show you the example how to apply six sigma to a supply chain project and something to consider about this methodology. NAVIGATE. Basics. Case Studies. Graphics. All Posts. About. Copyright. Privacy. Blogroll.

Constellation Brands- An Example of Bold Supply Risk Management Strategy

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There are many ways to remediate a perceived supply risk management problem and Constellation Brands has just exercised its bold and approach. The beer and spirits producer recently reported fiscal 2015 second-quarter results. While total revenues increased 10 percent, the company had to reverse approximately $37 million of net sales in the quarter as a result of a product recall at the height of the seasonal beer consumption period in August.

Tesla Motors Contracts for Strategic Supply of Lithium for its Gigafactory

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Automotive Supply Chain Manufacturing Strategies Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Supplier Management Supply Chain Strategy examples of supply chain vertical integration Sonora Lithium Project Partners Supply chain Matters blog supply chain vertical integration strategies Tesla Motors supply chain

Tesla Motors Moves Forward with Battery Gigafactory

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Automotive Supply Chain Manufacturing Strategies Product Lifecycle Management Supply Chain Strategy examples of supply chain vertical integration Supply chain Matters blog supply chain vertical integration strategies Tesla gigafactory Tesla Motors supply chain Tesla supply chain

Back to the Basics: What’s the Core Purpose of Supply Chain Management?


Supply Planning benefits of supply chain management goals of supply chain management importance of supply chain management objectives of supply chain management supply chain goals and objectives supply chain goals examples supply chain management examples supply chain management meaning and objectivesAs supply chain professionals and SCM technology enthusiasts, our conversations and discussions are often forward-looking.

Report Indicates Wal-Mart Ratchets Up Pressures on Suppliers to Squeeze Costs

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Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Controlling Supply Chain Costs Procurement and Sourcing Retail Supply Chain Supplier Collaboration Supplier Management Amazon Dash Button Amazon supply chain Amazon supply chain initiatives examples of supplier bullying among industry supply chains Procter and Gamble supply chain Supply chain Matters blog Wal-Mart business initiatives Wal-Mart supply chain initiatives

Advisory Update on E2open’s Acquisition of Terra Technology

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examples of SAP ring fence strategies independent supply chain and B2B industry analyst Bob Ferrari's blog industry analyst advisory services Kinaxis Procter & Gamble supply chain Supply chain Matters blog Unilever supply chainA week ago today, Supply Chain Matters broke the news regarding the acquisition of product demand sourcing provider Terra Technology by E2open.

Logistics Key Process Indicators (KPIs)

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</span><span style="color: #000000;">“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” – W. Edward Deming & Joe Lynch</span><span style="color: #000000;"> . If you move freight for a living, you know the importance of logistics key process indicators (KPIs).

KPI 80

How to Determine the Best-Fit Plan with Supply Chain Optimization


Supply Chain Optimization Best fit line Best fit plan Supply chain optimization examples supply chain optimization model supply chain optimization software Supply chain optimization techniquesThe use of optimization in supply chain management is widespread, just not in supply planning. Regular use of optimization occurs in inventory management and demand forecasting. Best-fit straight line” is one of the most common uses of optimization.

Two Visible Examples on the Perils for Being an Apple Supplier

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This week brings two visible and poignant reminders of the perils for being an Apple supplier. There are of course, the positives related to the sheer production volumes that doing business with Apple provides, along with being on the leading-edge of product or component innovation. Along with the positives come the perils for dealing with a highly demanding and influential customer.

5 Key Supply Chain Efficiency Assessment Areas for 2018


Supply Chain Supply Chain Optimization excel templates for supply chain management how to prepare a supply chain assessment supply chain assessment supply chain assessment methodology supply chain assessment pdf supply chain assessment questions supply chain assessment template supply chain assessment tool Supply Chain Efficiency supply chain monthly report example

Tesla Reports Q4 and 2016 Financial Performance with Most Eyes Affixed on the Model 3 Supply Chain

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Automotive Supply Chain Manufacturing Strategies Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Supply Chain Strategy examples of supply chain segmentation strategy independent blog analysis and insights on supply chain management Supply chain Matters blog Tesla Model 3 supply chain Tesla supply chain

Boeing’s Strategic Carbon Fiber Supplier Hints of Global Supply Diversification Strategy

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Aerospace Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing Supplier Management Boeing 787 supply chain Boeing Supply Chain Embraer supply chain examples of strategic supply risk mitigation strategies Supply chain Matters blogIn the backdrop our previous Supply Chain Matters commentary related to Boeing and its decision to shortly assemble new 737 commercial jets in China, we provide another related development.

Supply Chain Matters Praise to an Airline CEO

Supply Chain Matters

Operations management Service-centered Supply Chains Transportation and Logistics 2016 Delta Airlines IT systems failure Delta Airlines examples of bold CEO leadership Supply chain Matters blogNo sooner had Supply Chain Matters raised our awareness to the collective march to the bottom of the U.S. airline industry came this week’s network-wide computer systems disruption impacting Delta Airlines.

Alcoa and Airbus Announce a Billion Dollar Supply Deal

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Aerospace Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Supplier Collaboration Airbus A320 neo supply chain Airbus A320 supply chain Airbus supply chain Alcoa Inc examples of supplier product innovation Supply chain Matters blogIn previous Supply Chain Matters postings, we have called attention to metals and components supplier Alcoa. In September of 2014 we highlighted the announcement of Alcoa’s long-term strategic agreement with Boeing’s commercial aircraft unit.

LTL Carrier Scorecard with Key Process Indicators (KPIs)

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Example: 40 on time shipments divided by 43 total shipments equals 93% on-time performance. Example: 112 damage free shipments divided by 113 total shipments equals 99.1% Example: 61 correct bills divided by 64 total bills equals 95% billing accuracy. Example: $507.34 The LTL carrier scorecard with key process indicators (KPI) is an excellent tool for measuring and managing LTL performance and LTL carrier performance.

Who Should Take Ownership of Finished Product Inventory Management?


Inventory Inventory Management Memoirs of a Black Belt finished goods examples finished goods inventory definition finished goods inventory example finished goods inventory management finished goods planning types of inventory managementI mean who suffers directly when finished product inventory runs amuck by level, mix, or availability? Well, we all do, don’t we? After all, if we made it and can’t sell it, what have we done?

How to Predict Sales Using Markov Chain


Demand Sensing Forecasting application of markov process markov chain example markov chain sales forecast markov chain sales prediction markov chain time series prediction markov chain usesThe Supply chain is driven by demand, supply, and inventory planning. Under demand planning, the importance of sales forecasting is undeniable. It provides a basis for the production process regulating quantities, inventory and maximizes the efficiency of the resources available.

The Tesla Gigafactory Site Selection is Made: Surprise-Surprise!

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Automotive Supply Chain High Tech and Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Manufacturing Strategies Product Lifecycle Management Service-centered Supply Chains Supply Chain Strategy examples of supply chain vertical integration Supply chain Matters blog Tesla gigafactory Tesla Motors supply chain Supply Chain Matters has featured many ongoing commentaries regarding electric powered automotive manufacturer Tesla Motors and its bold “gigafactory” strategic supply strategy.

Another Example of SKU Proliferation Leading to Cost Complexity

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SKU proliferation is a familiar challenge in supply chain business planning, one that dates back quite a few years in CPG and consumer brand-oriented product areas. Today's permanent changes towards online and Omni-channel retailing can add to the occurrence.

3 Reasons why we’re grateful for Internet of Things (IoT) this Thanksgiving


Supply Chain internet of things applications internet of things companies internet of things devices internet of things examples internet of things iot internet of things pdf internet of things products internet of things securityOur world can be defined as a series of interconnections. Interpersonal, international and other relationships dictate the global economy and infrastructure and with the advent of the internet, the threshold of connectivity became limitless.

Report that Intel LTE Chips May Make a Presence on iPhones in 2016

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High Tech and Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Apple iPhone supply chain Apple supply chain examples of Apple dual sourcing of component supply Supply chain Matters blogThis week, Venture Beat, citing knowledgeable sources, indicated that Intel’s new 7360 LTE wireless modem chip will likely be some part of the new Apple iPhones in 2016.

Researchers Develop a Prototype Smart Cap Utilizing 3D Printing

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Internet of Things Supply Chain Technology 3D printing examples 3D Printing techniques in manufacturing item National Chiao Tung University supply chain item level tracking advancements Supply chain Matters blog UC BerkeleyIn this posting, Supply Chain Matters continues to provide reader awareness to up and coming item-level sensing and tracking technology that has the potential to benefit specific industry supply chains.

The Best LTL KPI for Measuring On Time Performance

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Example: 40 on time shipments divided by 43 total shipments equals 93% on-time performance. The best LTL KPI for measuring on time performance is simply the percentage of on time shipments. The calculation for LTL on time performance is described below. Most carriers will have on time performance of 90% or better, but understanding exactly how a carrier performs on your lanes will help your company make better choices.

KPI 33