Webinar: Supply chain strategies to combat a brave new trade world


And for organizations with even moderately complex multinational supply chains, the mounting challenges are the most significant that they’ve faced to date. A fresh set of supply chain strategies are need, the quicker the better.

Your Supply Chain Strategy is Your Business Plan (Unless It’s Not)

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Your supply chain strategy in effect becomes your business plan.”. Source: Poll from SAP webcast, “Beyond Cost Management: Leveraging Logistics as a Competitive Weapon,” Nov. Does your company have a Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)?

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M&A Supply Chain Strategies: Lessons from the Office Depot-OfficeMax Merger

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When two companies merge, the supply chain organizations also must merge. That means downsizing that department, making personnel choices, converging IT systems, and meeting the supply chain synergies promised to Wall Street. Mergers can go badly wrong, or they can be a new source of competitive advantage. Larry Hartley, the Senior Vice President of Supply […]. Mergers-Acquistions Retail Merger OfficeDepot Staples Supply Chain Strategies

A Don’t Touch Supply Chain Strategy Must Now Dominate The Future!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. A “Don’t Touch” Strategy will Dramatically Lean out your Supply Chain! The overarching strategy for limiting exposure to, and spreading of, the Coronavirus is that of Social Distancing. Subscribe Here!

Is Single Sourcing, or Sole Sourcing, Dead?

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. 10 Vital Supply Chain Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic! The Coronavirus Pandemic has quickly and severely disrupted Supply Chains of every kind around the world. What is Single Sourcing or Sole Sourcing?

Top 2016 Supply Chain Strategy Posts from the Supply Chain Link Blog


Over the past year, the Arkieva Supply Chain Link Blog provided thought leadership and informative posts on supply chain strategy tips, trends, and news. Here is a list of the Top 20 Supply Chain Strategy Blog Posts from 2016. Happy new year!

New Reality in Supply Chain Strategy – Where are the Weakest Links?

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A crisis will shine a light on the weakest links in your supply chain. Wouldn’t we all like to have a supply chain built to withstand a ramming like the cruise ship RCGS Resolute? The current Corona virus pandemic will impact the supply chain of virtually every company.

2019 Tariff Changes: Expectations and Supply Chain Strategies

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Tariffs are a major source of revenue and can promote/encourage domestic products. . . What do tariff changes mean for your supply chain? Robinson, we strive to be your Trusted Advisor ® experts by providing you with information on matters affecting your supply chain.

How Supply Chain Strategy Misalignment is Killing Kmart USA

Logistics Bureau

At the next Logistics Bureau Free Executive Breakfast (which will take place in August), I’ll be discussing the alignment of supply chain and business strategy along with eight other important levers for supply chain performance improvement.

Supply Chain Strategy Doesn’t Deliver


The past decade has seen a popular strategy among mid-sized to large logistics service providers. Many providers pursued a common strategy of expanding logistics capabilities across the supply chain spectrum. Providing end-to-end supply chain services was seen as the next frontier for growth. After more than a decade, the strategy has failed to deliver. Strategy Assumptions. Where the Strategy Fails. Executive Summary.

Building your Supply Chain Strategy: The Five Tenets of High-Performing Supply Chains

Supply Chain Nation

The last 15 years have been a rollercoaster for supply chain professionals as companies embraced supply chain innovation, moving up the five steps of the supply chain maturity curve, supported by new technologies. Your roadmap to Customer-Centricity.

Building Your Supply Chain Strategy: Retailers are at the Forefront of Customer-Centricity

Supply Chain Nation

In Part I of my Supply Chain Strategy series , I explained why the five tenets of High-Performing Supply Chains remain a great starting point to build your supply chain strategy. How can manufacturers leverage retail’s leading practices?

Building Your Supply Chain Strategy: Defining Customer-Centric Supply Chain Design for Manufacturing Companies

Supply Chain Nation

In Part I of my Supply Chain Strategy series, I explained why the five tenets of High-Performing Supply Chains remain a great starting point to build your supply chain strategy. How to adopt customer-centric practices from retailers.

Supply Chain Strategy: Thoughtfully Designed, or an Afterthought?


<p>Many of the world’s best-known companies’ supply chains grew from a series of historical accidents rather than intentional design. Because of this, a simple activity like mapping and visualizing supply chain flows can often spark critical questions such as, “Why are materials sourced from Region A, produced in Region B, then air-shipped as a finished product back to Region A?”

Building Your Supply Chain Strategy: The Customer-Centric Journey Towards Supply Chain Excellence

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Building a High-Performing and Profitable Supply Chain. In Part I of my Supply Chain Strategy series, I explained why the five tenets of High-Performing Supply Chains remain a great starting point to build your supply chain strategy.

Transitioning to Digital Supply Networks


supply chain professionals are expected to embrace many new technologies – from artificial intelligence and robotics to predictive analytics and cloud computing. One resource for new ideas and implementation strategies is the APICS Annual Conference, September 30-October 2, in Chicago.

Training for the Next Triathlon. Insights for You?

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I see a lot of parallels in the training that I did for the triathlon, and the work that I am doing on financial ratios with Abby Mayer on my team at Supply Chain Insights. Abby and I are writing an e-book on Supply Chain Metrics that Matter. I have never been an athlete.

Book Review - Supply Chain Transformation: Building and.

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Book Review - Supply Chain Transformation: Building and Executing an Integrated Supply Chain Strategy. How should a company formulates sound supply chain strategy ? Roadmap to Supply Chain Transformation. NAVIGATE. Basics.

Procurement Must Contribute to Competitiveness to Become Relevant!


Category Management Change Management Contract Management Forecasting Global Supply Chain Strategic Sourcing Supply Chain Economics Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Strategy

Re-thinking supply chain risk: Protection at any cost?

Supply Chain View from the Field

I have been having a number of fascinating interviews with Chief Procurement Officers this past week on the subject of procurement analytics and supply management risk. Supply chain risk management brings up a whole host of issues – and as one executive pointed out, is rather a sophisticated concept. A really interesting supply chain scenario at a large oil and gas company involved the procurement of large haul trucks.

Structuring Relationships With Suppliers Who Are Also Customers

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As such, more and more companies (especially in financial services) are considering how suppliers can also contribute to front-office revenue, and whether they can become future customers when sourcing segmentation decisions are made. As shown, the upper right quadrant involves customers with whom your organization has both a high spend from a supply side, and high revenue from the organization on the customer-facing side, this represents a win-win opportunity to grow the business.

Sales Can Use RACI Charts to Understand Procurement… and vice versa!


In less mature organizations, the sourcing decision will be more ad hoc, will be typically led by decision-makers in the business unit, and the textbook approach of working through business stakeholders at a local level makes sense. What is the organizational hierarchy in procurement – category manager for the category, director of sourcing (transportation and related services), buyers, and CPO? Do they have a formal strategic sourcing program?

Biogen Idec designs the innovation supply chain

Supply Chain View from the Field

Joydeep Ganguly from Biogen Ide c spoke in my Supply Chain Relationships class last week, and shared his insights on how Biogen’s supply chain evolved. Supply chain has a big focus on the currency of today’s theories being implemented here. The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative at NCSU played a big role in helping to shape our supply chain. The supply chain is NOT nimble and people struggle.

The Origins of Category Management

Supply Chain View from the Field

But I was able to map out the value chain back to petrochemicals, and was able to estimate weights which were then pushed back onto part numbers. They would bid and source only part at a time!

Emerging Issues for Procurement in Oil and Gas

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Companies are trying to move towards a value-based strategy and less volume, and are selling down to get their cash values higher. This insight aligns well with our prior research on global supply chain trends, as companies seek to build “global process standards that can flex” There is little doubt in this group that flexibility to deal with more challenges in the form of regulatory issues, volatility, and changing conditions will be key.

Don’t Forget Tier 2 Suppliers When Deploying SRM!

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Several companies I’ve interviewed recently have been sharing how to structure or ” tier” their supply base based on impact on tier 2 suppliers or commodities. The team spends a lot of time properly understanding the scale of the relationship that exist up and down the supply chain, and building a deep understanding of the product component parts market that drives quick response time for part delivery.

Digital Transformation of Your Supply Chain Network in the Age of AI


Trying to understand and implement Artificial Intelligence for your Supply Chain Network during your digital transformation efforts, or let alone finding the right partner in your journey is like walking in an enchanted forest with full of myths, ogres, and lost souls trying to find a way out.

Supply Chain Metrics: Make Sure They Are Aligned with Your Strategy!

Supply Chain View from the Field

Here are a few guidelines I’ve encountered over the years that might help people think more about selecting and establishing metrics for your supply chain. Step 1 – Translate Organizational Objectives Into Supply Chain Metrics. Before beginning to establish supply chain metrics, managers must first take the time to ensure that they fully understand key organizational objectives. Step 2 – Develop Metrics and Data Sources.

Arkieva Supply Chain Scope: Canada Retail Sales Decrease; Is Your Supply Chain a Cyber Threat?


and a new survey reveals outsourcing in supply chain is expected to grow. Is your supply chain a cyber threat? This and much more, in your supply chain briefing from Arkieva. Supply Chain News. Source: Wall Street Journal. Source: CBR.

Forget the Supply Chain of 2020. Here are 3 Things That Supply Chains Need Today.


From talks of an autonomous supply chain, a robotic takeover, drone deliveries in 30 minutes or less; the future of supply chain management presents businesses with the opportunity to transform their processes into a competitive advantage. Source: Arkieva.

3 Steps for Making Digital Transformation Happen in Supply Chain Planning


Bringing Agility into Supply Chain Management. This goes for Supply Chain Management and the surrounding IT infrastructure as well. The post 3 Steps for Making Digital Transformation Happen in Supply Chain Planning appeared first on Solvoyo.

Arkieva Supply Chain Scope: As Ecommerce Businesses Boom, Distribution Center Availability Becomes Scarce


This and more, in your Monday supply chain briefing from Arkieva. . Supply Chain News. This is compared to 150 million square feet of new supply, making the market the tightest it’s been in years. Source: Multichannel Merchant. Source: Supply Chain Digest.

Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

Supply Chain View from the Field

I also worked with a team of leading thinkers in developing the Future of Procurement Report (published by KPMG) , as well as publish the BVL International Global Logistics Trends and Strategies report with a team of leading academics and executives in Europe, China, North and South America, Russia, and India. We just finished hosting over 150 executives at our Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, with a theme on Supply Chain Analytics.

6 Key Supply Chain and Logistics Trends to Watch in 2017

Logistics Bureau

Call it a cop-out if you like, but seriously, predicting which logistics and supply chain trends will make a difference to businesses in any given year has become notoriously difficult, given the speed at which technology in particular can suddenly disrupt the way things are done.

Another Fall semester brings a new batch of 50 SCRC company projects…

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We then match the project descriptions with our project-based courses and assign projects to the MBA SCM practicum, undergraduate SCM practicum, or MBA Supply Management. Besides the practicum courses, the MBA Supply Management course includes a field-based student project. Improvement of Source to Pay processes. - MRO and category management strategy development. Supply chain impacts on working capital.

SCM 60