4 Features of an Improving Supply Chain

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Technology could improve New York’s taxi system. The new technology enabled IT departments to collect immense amounts of data about assembly line operation, but they could not see beyond these new databases.

Case Study: How Nimble Storage’s Focus on Inventory Management Improved Visibility and Planning Cycle Times

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Miscellanea Cloud computing Computer data storage Excel Microsoft Microsoft Excel Microsoft Office New York Stock Exchange Nimble Nimble Storage San Jose California by Melissa Clow One of the biggest challenges facing data storage companies is demands from enterprises for better performance and protection of their data. Recently, I had the chance to chat with Stacey Cornelius, vice president of operations at Nimble.

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General Electric Embarks on New Footprint for the Future of Manufacturing

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General Electric broke ground today for its brand new Welland, Ontario, Brilliant Factory located just across the Canadian border from Buffalo New York. The diversified manufacturing conglomerate indicates that this plant, when operational in approximately 20 months: “will strengthen the base of North American manufacturing and equalize the region’s ability to compete where direct labor […].

Supply Chain News on NRF Big Show 2015 Day 2 Video Review and Commen

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SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore from the Show Floor in New York City

Supply Chain as a Force for Good


Leaders from nations across the globe are gathered in New York City to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations.

This Week’s Revelations of the Bruising Internal Culture of Amazon

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This past weekend’s New York Times published article that reveals the inner workings of Amazon’s corporate culture has lit-up social media. According to the Times, the article itself garnered the most direct feedback responses ever recorded in a published NYT report, now in excess of 5000 direct comments. The newspaper indicated that it had interviewed […]. Online Customer Fulfillment Retail Supply Chain Amazon Amazon corporate culture Supply chain Matters blog

Supply Chain News on Brick and Mortars Last Stand. NRF 2016 Trip Report

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SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore Reviews the National Retial Federation Big Show in New York City

Investing in the Future


Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Urban Assembly for Global Commerce (UAGC) in New York’s Harlem borough.

Will NYSHEX Lift Container Shipping Service Levels?

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The New York Shipping Exchange (NYSHEX), due to be piloted in January 2016, aims to overcome the chronic inefficiencies that afflict ocean transportation and add cost to global supply chains.

What’s Happening with Alibaba: Profits Soar as IPO Nears

The Network Effect

In a recent New York Times article, “ Mobile Sales Lift Alibaba Profit Nearly Threefold, Ahead of I.P.O ,” profit numbers for the last quarter have tripled to $2 billion, with sales jumping 45% to $2.5

Supply Chain and Logistics Conferences to Attend in 2016

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Will I learn something new, particularly in an area that I don’t know much about today but is critically important for my career and leadership development? The New JDA: Focused on the 3PL Industry (Takeaways from FOCUS 2015 Conference).

Supply Chain and Logistics Conferences to Attend in 2017

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Will I learn something new, particularly in an area that I don’t know much about today but is critically important for my career and leadership development? Simplicity-as-a-Service: A New Value Proposition for Software Vendors and 3PLs?

Ford gets free publicity for promising autonomous cars in 5 years


Boudette, writing for the New York Times: At a news conference on Tuesday at the company’s research center in Palo Alto, Calif., Neal E. Mark Fields, Ford’s chief executive, said the company planned to mass produce driverless cars and have them in commercial operation in a ride-hailing service by 2021. No steering wheel. No pedal. Fully autonomous by 2021. Can I take the over please?

Supply Chain News on NRF 2015 Day 1 Video Review and Comment

Supply Chain Digest

SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore from the Exhibit Floor in New York City

More Powerful and Widespread Cyberattack Incidents- The Wake-Up for Internet of Things Deployment Initiatives

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blocked access to hundreds of well visited Internet web sites including Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, PayPal, The New York Times and various other sites throughout the day. Late last week, a series of waves of online attacks on Domain Name Server (DNS) provider Dyn Inc. The cause has since been attributed to a distributed denial of […].

Willow Run Foods: A Fresh Take on How CNG Cut Costs, Curbed Emissions & Improved Efficiency

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million miles per year, much of that in the New York metropolitan area – a region beset by congestion and high emissions. The company also reduced its annual greenhouse gas emissions by 50 tons along New York City, Long Island, and northern New Jersey routes.

Rwanda Heads Technology Revolution in Africa

The Network Effect

Thus, according to the New York Times , one of the world’s smallest and poorest countries, “will be the first… to establish a commercial drone delivery network — putting it ahead of places like the United States.” New York Times.

BT deploys digital store pilot solution for Thomas Pink

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

BT has announced that shirtmaker and luxury clothing retailer Thomas Pink has deployed the Acuitas Digital Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which helps retailers to digitise the physical store, at its Wall Street New York City store

This Week in Logistics News (November 7-11, 2016)

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Real-time presidential election predictions on election day (Source: New York Times). Trade restrictions among G20 remain high, despite slight slowdown in new measures. Brexit passed. The Cubs won the World Series. Donald Trump won the presidency. What’s next?

Omaha 65

Who said supply chains are boring?: Mission Impossible

Supply Chains Rock

Last week I was in my home town of New York to surprise my mom for her birthday. New Watch. After going downtown I found a shop that produced t-shirts right in New York City. Who said supply chains are boring? Whenever I tell a friend, colleague or family member about my job as soon as the words "supply chain" are muttered I immediately see glassy eyes followed by a yawn or two.

The Upcoming Alibaba IPO: What’s in a Name or Number?

The Network Effect

With the recent news of Alibaba going public, some are surprised that they selected the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) over NASDAQ, that the ticker symbol will be “BABA” and in my view, puzzled as to why the date and price of the IPO will involve the numbers “8?

Healthcare Utilization Management: Solving the Mystery of the Missing Inventory


I recently had a chance to interview a supply chain director from a mid-sized hospital in New York state, that was very insightful in helping me to think about the challenge around inventory management. And without proper controls, the 40% unused items that you purchased but never used goes into a black hole, and is ultimately eating into hospital margins that could be used to invest in new technology and greater nursing staff and hospital services.”

The Future of Transportation: The New Airships

The Network Effect

The Hindenburg over Manhattan, New York, 1937 (courtesy Associated Press). When thinking of airships, or “skyliners” as they were often called, it’s difficult not to be overwhelmed by visions of the Hindenburg going down in flames in Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1937.

Ocean Freight Routing Terms Explained

Material Handling & Logistics

This term is used to describe an intermodal freight service that utilizes ocean and truck or rail to transport to another port location, for example, a shipment coming from Shanghai to New York via Long Beach. Knowing the best way to route your shipment can save you headaches and money.

Panama Canal Expansion Boosts Freight in an Unexpected Place

DAT Solutions

The Panama Canal opened a new lane for larger ships this week, and East Coast ports have been expanding efforts to attract Asian imports that would otherwise arrive on the West Coast.

Creating Transportation Visibility

Logistics Viewpoints

I recently attended the American Shipper Executive Summit in New York City and early in the agenda, Eric […].

How Big is the Same-Day Delivery Market?

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Outlines New Developments in Omnichannel Strategy and Technology. Amazon Same-Day Delivery Selection Grows in New York (Re/Code). Same-day delivery continues to generate a lot of buzz in the industry. Check out the following developments in just the past few months: Macy’s, Inc.

The High Cost of Poor Supplier Relationships

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Big Companies Pay Later, Squeezing Their Suppliers ( New York Times ). As noted in the New York Times article linked above: Most [large companies extending payment terms] are trying to maximize use of their capital, bankers who work with supply chain finance say. These suppliers: Are more willing to invest in new technology to meet future OEM needs, and are more willing to share new technology with the OEM.

Top Digital Supply Chain Cities in the U.S.

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New York City. New York City. A look at the supply chain readiness of several major U.S. cities, and their adoption of smart-city technologies.

The Alibaba Effect

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

Alibaba and its founder Jack Ma are launching an IPO in New York City later this year and will then release its American marketplace “11 Main.”. If you haven’t yet heard about Alibaba, you will soon as it is poised to take the e-commerce world by storm.

The Last Mile of Delivery: Getting Shorter and Ever More Important


That’s why a lot of eCommerce retailers are looking at new solutions to expand fulfillment networks and improve the last mile of delivery. . The New Last Mile. It requires new solutions that are just as agile. Today, Parcel only operates within New York City.

NeoGrid to attend Argyle’s 2016 Leadership in Supply Chain Management & Procurement Forum

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

16, 2016 at The Fitzpatrick Grand Central in New York City NeoGrid, a global technology provider of end-to-end supply chain management solutions, is the Senior Supporter Partner of the Argyle Executive Forum's 2016 Leadership in Supply Chain Management & Procurement Forum on Nov.

Amazon Shakes Up the Omni-Channel Supply Chain – Again

The 21st Century Supply Chain

The switch they helped flip in consumer purchasing trends caused companies worldwide to scramble, desperate to play in these emerging and evolving new spaces. How do you see Amazon’s idea for a new retail experience changing current omni-channel supply chain practices?

Wal-Mart Plans Another U.S. Manufacturing Summit

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In January of 2013, during the National Retail Federation’s annual conference held in New York, Wal-Mart made a significant and noteworthy announcement. Since that time, Wal-Mart has continued on a broad strategy to encourage its existing or new suppliers to source more products within the United States. Such efforts have included hosting open supplier summits where suppliers can learn from one another while pitching new product ideas to Wal-Mart buyers.

The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf… The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack!


In our new book “ The LIVING Supply Chain “, Tom Linton and I propose that humankind needs to seriously consider letting the natural rules of evolution play out in the world of supply chain commerce as well.

The WannaCry Cyberattack: Another Warning for Supply Chain Executives

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This includes making sure all of its hardware and software systems are updated as soon as new patches are released and going through certification processes for its data centers.”. One of the most popular posts I wrote last September became a reality over the weekend.

Government IT: A One Billion ERP and Logistics Systems Failure Still in the Light and Has Anything Been Learned?

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Our commentary at the time was a response to a published New York Times article describing the failed attempts of the United States Air Force to implement a new and long overdue modernized logistics system. The Air Force eventually cancelled its six year long effort to implement the new software system after spending more than $1 billion dollars of taxpayer money and determining that it would take an additional billion to implement a workable system.

ModusLink Wins a Gold Stevie® Award in the 2016 American Business Awards

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The award winners were celebrated during a gala event in New York […].

What supply chain lessons can be learned from Samsung Galaxy Note Recall?


Most disturbing is that according to the New York Times , after a month has passed since the first issues surfaced, Samsung still has not been able to identify the root cause of the issue. Source: Samsung.

Retail Supply Chain Resilience

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This past September, designers at New York. Businesses and their supply chains have evolved as trends and consumer behavior has also changed.