Hanjin, Hurricanes, Harvests May Boost Truckload Rates

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Capacity finds those opportunities, and throughout 2016, spot markets have restored 'normalcy' without generating the ripple effects that typically drive contract rates higher. If capacity isn’t nourished, it can disappear. Hanjin's exit strands 89 ships worldwide containing some $14 billion worth of cargo, much of which was headed to the U.S. Further West, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho all appear to be on track for onions and potatoes.

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Van and Reefer Operators Give Thanks for Rate Increases

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Christmas trees are also ready for pickup, but experienced truckers will remind you to clean your trailer thoroughly after hauling trees, especially if you plan to follow with a load of food-grade cargo. Look for loads of trees leaving Oregon, and potatoes out of Idaho or North Dakota. Plus, when reefers are in high demand, van capacity tends to tighten up, too. Twin Falls, Idaho is a great source for outbound reefer loads, prior to Thanksgiving.

Asian imports turn up the heat for vans on the West Coast

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Demand for vans continues to heat up on the West Coast, boosting load-to-truck ratios in California, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Ships arrived late, and containers were unloaded and drayed to warehouses late, so that cargo is finally heading east and north. The load-to-truck ratio is a sensitive, real-time indicator of the balance between demand and capacity. to Stockton , possibly due to expanded capacity at the Ports of Stockton and Oakland.