Creating a Sourcing and Procurement Process Plan


What are the key elements of a sourcing and procurement process plan? Strategic sourcing is a fact based and systematic approach that organizations use to optimize the management of their supply chain. Creating a sourcing and procurement plan.

How is technology transforming global sourcing ?


Does your business source products and services from global markets? If your company is sourcing goods and services internationally you could be reaping many benefits. However, you could also face many challenges when globally sourcing across geopolitical boundaries. BOOK A DEMO.

Sourcing promotional products the right way


However, it is important for companies to manage the process of sourcing promotional goods effectively. A lot of time and energy can be spent inefficiently sourcing the goods, which can be bought from a huge variety of suppliers at vastly differing prices and quality. Single source.

A Guide to Maximizing Your Fleet Management Data

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Request a 60-minute demo [12] today. Sources: [link]. White Papers bms brokerage cloud technology demo DMS drayage driver shortage ELDS ELECTRONIC LOGGING DEVICE fleet data management GTG gtg technology group IMS Intermodal logistics logistics software software tms transportation Transportation industry transportation management software trucking industryWhy You Should Pay Attention to Your Fleet Management Data. You don’t have to manage your fleet in the dark.

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Sense.AI Prevents Tomorrow’s Problems Today


It does this by leveraging AI to ingest and mine a deluge of data – from hundreds of public and private data sources – then overlaying the external event data with internal supply chain data. Contact us for a demo. $91 billion. That was the cost of U.S. natural disasters in 2018. That’s the percentage of supply chain professionals who say visibility is their biggest challenge. Imagine being able to sense volatile, real-world conditions in near real time.

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Three Mistakes Teams to Avoid in Selecting Supply Chain Planning

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In the process, try to seek help from independent sources. After looking at the software in demos, it is hard for teams to discern differences and rationalize what software attributes are the most important to drive success. Mistakes happen.

The Dispatch Report | March 2019, Issue No. 11


If you are interested in requesting a demo for your business, please complete the form on our newly redesigned website. Each submission gets a customized demo and dedicated customer support. PUBLIC SHIPCHAIN DEMO.

Technology questions YOU should be asking


This one will make most demo guys cringe. Often this meant the adoption of third-party schedulers, source-control for configuration files, and Citrix for rendering legacy UI’s. Any solution that is capable of connecting to SAP using a standard template should be able to be demoed.

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Eight Key Takeaways From FreighTech 2018:TLV


CommonSense, one startup that demoed, is systematically automating fulfillment, working down a laundry list of things that take human time at warehouses and building bespoke robots.

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Delivery Demand Shaping: A Key Element in Enabling Profitable Same-day Delivery

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According to multiple sources, Google is trying to curb these by outsourcing its delivery to other on-demand startups and has held initial talks with multiple companies, including Postmates and Flywheel. Source: Adelante SCM. Source: Adelante SCM. Source: Adelante SCM.

Collaboration Across the Supply Chain


Some traits of businesses that need purchase order collaboration include: Companies with a small group of strategic suppliers, and where most items are single or dual sourced. Contact us to schedule a free demo to learn how we can integrate into your supply chain

Smart Supply Chain – What is it and why do you need it?


These components include almost 40+ unique processes under 5 main categories: plan, source, make, deliver, and enable. Sourcing mainly includes: a supply chain visibility system, received goods inspection, and a supplier quality management system.

Why Companies Need a Vendor Portal


Portals enable a new group of business processes such as strategic sourcing, collaborative design and demand planning to be automated. Contact us today to schedule a free demo A vendor, or supplier portal, is an interface in which suppliers and other members of the supply chain can easily communicate between each other. A few of the benefits gained by introducing a vendor portal include: Broader Supplier Enablement.

Digital procurement in real-time: Successful Industrial Track & Trace showcase at Hannover Messe


Visibility across the entire production cycle requires data from a broad variety of systems and sources to be intelligently integrated and analyzed in real-time. Impressive live demo of Industrial Track & Trace SupplyOn jointly exhibited with its partners Bosch Rexroth, IoTOS and Limtronik at the booth of the Smart Electronic Factory initiative Thus, SupplyOn hit a real nerve with its showcase at the Hannover Messe.

Ariba: At the Intersection of Social and Business Networks

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The UI presented in the demo was a perfect example — simple, intuitive, and similar to the look and feel of consumer sites and applications.

5 Things the Top Innovators Are Doing Right

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Executives agree that innovation is an organization’s most important source of revenue: Customers expect more and their demands change constantly. Join a Live Demo and talk to experts.

Upcoming Webinar: All You Need to Know about Oracle Procurement Cloud (2/25)

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Join Inspirage for an informative webinar on the topic and learn how to simplify your sourcing activities with guided navigation, negotiation styles and intuitive tools and see how to qualify suppliers to support compliance, manage risk, and improve award decisions.

The Transformation of Supply Chain Management – IoT, AI, & Blockchain

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Blockchain can greatly enhance the safety of the supply chain by tracking how food is sourced, handled, and transported – and allows grocers and restaurants to individually contact consumers if a questionable lot of beef was used.

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2019 Transportation Industry Trends

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To request a Demo and more information on the latest transportation management software technology for drayage, intermodal and brokerage contact GTG Technology today. Sources: [link]. 6 Transportation Industry Trends to Look for in 2019. 2018 has ended and 2019 is here!

Arkieva Customer Spotlight: AkzoNobel Strengthens Position as The Leading Global Supplier in Coil Coatings


Source: AkzoNobel. Request a Demo of The Arkieva Supply Chain Software Suite. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Arkieva customer AkzoNobel is a leading global paints, coatings and specialty chemicals manufacturing company.

Procurement Analytics Conferences Feature Emerging of Cognitive Procurement Technologies


I sat in on a number of demos, and saw the capabilities emerging in a number of IBM systems for procurement that are briefly described here. In a final demo, I saw how Watson is able to query the current spend analysis in and quickly return a number of parameters of interest. Sourcing and market analysis (Watson Buying Advisor). I had the opportunity to attend a number of exciting events on procurement analytics in the last month.

Never Living the Same Day Twice: The Art and Joy of Solving Supply Chain Puzzles

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Source: Quintiq. One of the best quotes I heard this year came from a young professional commenting on why she chose a career in supply chain management: “I wanted to work in a field where I knew I wouldn’t live the same day twice.”.

Coming soon to a supply chain near you: 8 big digital disruptors


He relayed how he saw a demo of true shelf-aware systems at a retail location that sends alerts in real-time when a stock out happens directly to a mobile phone. Key points: Explore crowd sourced delivery capabilities, they’re expanding nationally at a rapid pace.

Delivery is the Product: Takeaways from Transplace’s Shipper Symposium 2018

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Transplace TMS Screenshots (source: Transplace). “Consumers are the disruptive force today, not technology.”. So stated Ken Hughes , a leading consumer and shopper behaviouralist, in his keynote presentation at Trasnsplace’s 16th Annual Shipper Symposium a couple of weeks ago.

U.S. Intelligence Illuminates Critical Need for Supply Chain Planning and Risk Mitigation

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The video aims to increase knowledge of elevated supply chain threats due to the growing reliance on globally sourced commercial information and technologies for essential systems and services. Related content: Video: Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud - Planning Central Demo. The U.S.

New Survey Reveals Levels of Outsourcing in Supply Chain Expected to Grow by Over 40%


Source: SupplyChainDigest. Request a Demo of. A new report by SupplyChainDigest: “Supplier Integration in an Outsourced Supply Chain World: A Benchmark Report,” showed a growing trend in supply chain outsourcing among manufacturing companies.

How Are You Analyzing and Adjusting to the Mobile Shopper?

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Source: [link]. This customer segment identified as most likely to purchase new products and services is uncovered through the analysis of diverse data sources such as customer service, social media, market data, and more. Watch Birst Retail demo.

It’s Time to Revisit Vendor Managed Inventory


As a result, many manufacturers limited their use of VMI to Class C items that were relatively inexpensive and easily sourced. Demo On-Demand: SyncKanban. A few decades ago, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) was a hot topic.

How working with our remarkable customer, Lufthansa Cargo, got us named to the 2015 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100

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Those selected have produced measurable gains in ROI through cost-cutting and increased efficiency, whether in warehouse, transportation, procurement, sourcing or any other category in the end-to-end supply chain. Contact Us or Request a Demo.

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Interesting Insights from the Supply Chain Leaders in Action Event

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Trucks are still a primary source of transport and the explosion of eCommerce and online shopping is allowing drivers who spent their lives “on the road” and away from home to now spend their lives on the local roads and be home every night.

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This Week in Logistics News (April 3-7, 2017)

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In other transportation management news, MercuryGate announced the launch of MercuryMart, “a dynamic information exchange providing TMS users with access to a broad range of sources of available capacity.” My garage door is crumpled. How did it happen?

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Three Predictions for the Supply Chain in a Trump-led America

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In Trump’s America, products or components sourced in China or Mexico will be subject to new tariffs. To watch an on-demand demo of Birst’s supply chain analytics solution, click here.

6 Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2019


As a result, all romaine lettuce was pulled nationwide because agencies had little information on the source of the lettuce. [4]. Check out the demo below of an Apex Locker System to learn more. It’s been a great year for AB&R®.

If you can measure it then you can manage it


Once deployed, employees will find it quicker and easier to use than traditional sourcing methods, so adoption will not be a barrier. Scanning masses of data from multiple sources means systems can start to identify potential problems like fraud or impending bankruptcy. BOOK A DEMO.

Are You Active in the Digital Transformation Drinking Game?

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My struggle is that open source software–Apache Foundation’s work with HADOOP and Spark–is moving quickly. My sources of insight come from personal investment in attending conferences, interviews with business teams and consultants implementing the technologies.