A Look at Direct v. Indirect Supplier Management in Three Industries


Doug Keeley, Product Marketing Manager, Ivalua. The most fundamental spend categorization in Procurement is the line between direct and indirect spend, but one effort that transcends this split is supplier management.

Supplier Management: what is it and why is it important?

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“The objective of supplier management is to ensure that all contracts with suppliers support the needs of the business.” At first glance, supplier management seems like an easy thing to sum up. What is supplier management?

What are the Key Components of Successful Supplier Management?

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Here at HICX we are championing the importance and value of evolved supplier management. In this blog we take a look at the key components of supplier management , starting with… 1. Supplier Innovation. Supplier Management supplier management

What has been Apple’s greatest impact on supplier management? The answer may surprise you.


Apple has long been known as a leader in supply chain management with Gartner consistently ranking them number one in its annual report identifying the Top 25 Supply Chain Leaders. The need to demand supplier transparency and responsibility. Blog Featured Supplier Management

Why Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management Can Make or Break Your Customer Experience


They build strong supplier relationships to deliver on-time, high quality products and meet capacity demands. Given that sourcing and supplier management teams are responsible for building and maintaining supplier relations, they also have the opportunity to drive innovation.

5 Pillars of Effective Supplier Management


This article focuses on effective supplier management. The five pillars of effective supplier management covered in this article are: Supplier Information Management. Supplier Lifecycle Management. Supplier Performance Management.

Collaboration will drive future sourcing and supplier management success


Historically, if you asked sourcing leaders to name the one competency they felt they needed their procurement and sourcing teams to master in order to achieve ongoing sourcing and supplier management success, most would likely have said negotiation skills.

Companies Are Wildly Overestimating Their ‘Digital Maturity’ in Supplier Management

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When it comes to assessing progress toward digital transformation of the procurement function, a lot of companies appear far less advanced than they think they are

Collaboration Will Drive Future Sourcing and Supplier Management Success


Historically, if you asked sourcing leaders to name the one competency they felt they needed their procurement and sourcing teams to master in order to achieve ongoing sourcing and supplier management success, most would likely have said negotiation skills.

Hitting The Brakes On Out Of Control Supplier Master Data W/ Cyrille Naux


Managing Director, Art of Procurement. If this foundation does not exist or if it is shaky, then buyers don’t know how much the company is spending with a given supplier, let alone how they can improve the efficiency or impact of a given spend category. Supplier Management

Unlocking Innovation from Your Supply Chain – Lessons from Formula 1 Racing


Afrika Morris, Senior Field Marketing Manager UKI at Ivalua. F1 Veteran, Mark Gallagher highlighting the impact of supplier innovations on pit stops – resulting in team success. Adopt a Collaborative Approach – Embrace suppliers as partners, not vendors.

Altering the When, How and Why of Supplier Information Management


Supplier information is typically viewed by procurement organizations as one of two things. It is either a data input, such as what we gather and use in spend analysis, or it is a process by-product, such as the information we gather from prospective suppliers during strategic sourcing.

Supplier Data Comes of Age: The Benefits of Knowing Your Suppliers

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Just who are my suppliers ? Look into a supplier database and you might find ‘FedEx’ and ‘Federal Express’ listed as two separate entries. Are there really three suppliers? Or is there one supplier, with two – or maybe three – operating units?

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What is the Best Supplier Vetting Process?

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Strategic Supplier Relationship Management – Do’s and Don’ts. Does your business rely on at least one supplier? Or do you need multiple suppliers in order to perform your daily operations? Set Up Your Supplier Selection Criteria. Subscribe Here!

What You Really Need To Know About Your Suppliers – And Why

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The importance of structured and effective supplier management has increased for major organisations over the years. The regulatory and compliance burden has increased in recent years in terms of organisations needing to understand much more about their suppliers and supply chain.

Stop Settling!


Blog Direct Materials Featured Supplier ManagementI love the series of DIRECTV ads featuring the Settlers, that determined, frontier era family who is living in the suburbs, but refuses to adopt more modern conveniences.

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Strategic Supplier Relationship Management – Do’s and Don’ts

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Supplier Relationships – Don’t go over to the Dark Side! Shortly after I joined the Commodity/Category Management Procurement organization I was invited to attend the annual Strategic Supplier Awards event. There were Executives from dozens of Suppliers in attendance.

What is Vendor Master Data Management and Why is it Important?

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Gaining a better understanding of who your vendors are allows you to improve all aspects of vendor management, such as sourcing, category management and payment. Why organisations struggle with Vendor Master Data Management. What are the benefits of Vendor Master Data Management?

‘New’ Supply Chain Sustainability

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Supply Chain Best Practices from 10 Leading Companies


Supply Chain procurement best practices purchasing best practices pdf supplier management best practices supply chain best practices 2017 supply chain best practices framework supply chain best practices ppt supply chain consolidation best practices supply chain management best practices pdfHere’s a quick overview of supply chain best practices from 10 leading companies from the 2018 Drucker Institute Ranking.

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory): How To Use It Right?

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The vendor-managed inventory approach plays an important role in reducing the overall supply chain cost. The post VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory): How To Use It Right? Supplier ManagementBut how can you make sure that you're doing VMI the right way? What are the most commonly seen mistakes that you should avoid? appeared first on Insight Solutions Global.

The Right Solution for Contractor and Supplier Management

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The benefits of outsourcing to suppliers and contractors is clear, but the associated risks are largely unseen, and the breakneck pace of change and the pressures of financial reality can cause important, risk-mitigating considerations such as contractor safety to be overlooked - which could be not only an ethical disaster but a business disaster as well

Supplier Management: The Best-in-Class Approach to Drive Performance

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This report will examine the comprehensive approach, taken by the Best-in-Class, toward Supplier Management. It begins with supplier selection, followed by establishing and measuring key performance metrics and ends with focusing on visibility with their suppliers to ensure ongoing success

What is Supply Chain Mapping?

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According to this article by Supply Management / CIPS, the main causes of global business interruption loss (by total value) between 2010 and 2014 were: 1. Supplier mapping goes beyond your own suppliers. Are there other suppliers you can turn to in such a situation?

Digital Foundations: Fixing the Basics

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In fact, the first steps on this journey are improving basic processes and implementing data management, both of which have been at the root of the automation journey for the last 20 years. Even our higher functions like category management are easily automated in a digitally-enabled world.

Choosing the Right Solution for Contractor and Supplier Management

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Here are some best practices you can follow that can help you choose a solution that can meet your needs and those of your suppliers

4 Strategies to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency for Manufacturing Business Owners


Manufacturers typically perform planning, sourcing (finding suppliers), making (manufacturing), delivering and returns. Traditionally, supply chain management was a top-down approach. Partner with your current suppliers. Current suppliers should play a key role by becoming less of a mere cog in a wheel of a supply chain system and more towards an important partnership to shape the system. Here’s how to improve your relationship with your suppliers.

Supplier data: do you know who your suppliers are?

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Who are my suppliers? If you look into a database of suppliers then it’s not unreasonable to expect that you will find, for example, FedEx and Federal Express listed as two distinct records. Do they count as four different suppliers? Supplier Management supplier data

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How can Reputational Risk Originate in Your Supply Chain?

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It might be tempting to think that the worlds of procurement and reputational risk management are gleefully separate. Each one is likely to be sourcing parts or services from a large pool of suppliers spread across different locations.

5 Ways to Go Beyond The Manufacturing Valley of Death

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Poor supply chain management and NPI process are the major causes of death of many businesses. Supplier Management Supplier SourcingBut the good news is, you can always keep on eye on the 5 areas listed here to avoid the final destination. The post 5 Ways to Go Beyond The Manufacturing Valley of Death appeared first on Insight Solutions Global.

Business growth through supply chain management

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But in their presentations, they demonstrated just how advanced they already are in applying supply chain management principles strategically, with a clear focus on ensuring flexibility and responsiveness through tight sales & operations planning and intelligent supplier management.

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Marion Kohlmeier: ‘Expansion in our global footprint has been a big step’

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We also negotiate and develop packaging concepts together with our customers and suppliers. This team is available throughout the project to ensure that all customer demands are considered, keeping track on production requirements and purchase orders placed at suppliers.

New Goals for Procurement – Driving Revenue Growth Through Supplier Collaboration


Even in terms of the “improved sales / marketing” route, there are possibilities – maybe procurement can work with the marketing team to find innovative suppliers in areas such as digital marketing? Author: Peter Smith , Managing Director at Procurement Excellence Ltd.

Three Steps for Conflict Mineral Compliance

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That level of minutia rarely exists in a supplier database; if it exists at all, the information is scattered throughout incompatible systems or worse, in file cabinets somewhere. Build clauses into supplier contracts that restrict them from sourcing any materials from the DRC, or if they do, the clause must clearly outline the level of reporting the supplier must give to the buyer, in compliance with the SEC ruling. By Paul Martyn — BravoSolution.

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Procurement Challenges Checklist – Are You Moving Forward or Treading Water?

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Automate bid process, contract management and reporting/tracking. Automate and simplify communication with suppliers and stakeholders inside the tool. Spend management across all categories including tail spend. Automate supplier management – onboarding and updating.