Integrated Supplier Management: Plan, Execute and Adapt


Integrated Supplier Management is a must – manufacturers are still dealing with the effects of the global chip shortage, the Suez Canal blockage, changing trade policies and other global supply and demand disruptions. Mastering Integrated Supplier Management.

Integrated Supplier Management Boosts Performance


The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly increased the awareness among manufacturers for improved communication and collaboration with suppliers. Manufacturers require integrated supplier management to ensure the timely flow of goods and information.


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What Is Strategic Supplier Management?

EC Sourcing Group

What Is Strategic Supplier Management? Perhaps one of the toughest tasks of all in the entire supply chain and procurement process is mitigating the human factor and evaluating the relationships you have with your suppliers and strategic partners. Strategic supplier management.

Supplier Motivation, A Key Component of Supplier Management


Convinced that their sizes and brands will attract suppliers anyway, they entrench themselves behind the gates of rigid procurement processes. This translates into a powerful lesson learned for Procurement: motivate your suppliers rather than merely manage them.

5 Types of Supplier Management Tools That Make Life Easier


The post 5 Types of Supplier Management Tools That Make Life Easier appeared first on ProcurePort Blog. Supplier ManagementThe procurement landscape has changed a lot since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Factoring Risk & Business Continuity into Holistic Supplier Management


What is the optimal way to categorize your suppliers so that you can manage them better and maximize business continuity? The report, therefore, provides a very useful insight into supply chain management and resilience from the perspective of this community. Tier Suppliers.

IKEA x Capgemini x Ivalua – Why (carbon) net zero starts in procurement & how to incorporate sustainability elements into your supplier management process?


In our joint webinar Capgemini will show why Net Zero matters and how to successfully integrate Sustainability into your overall supplier strategy while Ikea will demonstrate how they successfully introduced supplier sustainability as part of their supplier scorecard. SPEAKERS.

What is Supplier Management?


The post What is Supplier Management? Supplier Managementappeared first on ProcurePort Blog.

What are the Key Components of Successful Supplier Management?

HICX Solutions

Here at HICX we are championing the importance and value of evolved supplier management. Evolved supplier management focuses on moving beyond mere strategic sourcing and category management, and instead encouraging organisations to think differently about how they work with their suppliers. In this blog we take a look at the key components of supplier management , starting with… 1. Supplier Innovation.

Supplier Management Demo


The post Supplier Management Demo appeared first on Ivalua

3 Supplier Management Strategies That Drive Results


Do you need a new supplier strategy? Are you tired of so-called ‘best supplier strategies’ that don’t seem to work? You don’t need 100 supplier management strategies to get the job done. Supplier Management

Your Procure-to-Pay Suite Won’t Cut It For Supplier Management – Here’s Why

HICX Solutions

One of the most common scenarios is to have the P2P system become the master for supplier data and the single portal for all suppliers to the business. Firstly, suites aren’t designed for the huge variety in the supplier base. Sure, suppliers have in common that they sell you products or services and you pay them, but that’s about where the commonality ends. This has significant implications for who can add or modify what data relating to the supplier.

What has been Apple’s greatest impact on supplier management? The answer may surprise you.


Apple has long been known as a leader in supply chain management with Gartner consistently ranking them number one in its annual report identifying the Top 25 Supply Chain Leaders. Apple’s sourcing and supplier management practices are under a constant microscope and have certainly taught us many valuable lessons including: The importance of keeping your supply chain as simple as possible. The need to demand supplier transparency and responsibility.

A Look at Direct v. Indirect Supplier Management in Three Industries


Doug Keeley, Product Marketing Manager, Ivalua. The most fundamental spend categorization in Procurement is the line between direct and indirect spend, but one effort that transcends this split is supplier management. This includes supplier information management, supply chain risk management/mitigation, and supplier performance management. Who is the supplier, who are the points of contract, what are the terms of service or delivery?

Evolving Supplier Management for Public Procurement


The post Evolving Supplier Management for Public Procurement appeared first on Ivalua

Supplier Management Through a Vendor Portal


Along with your customers, suppliers and purchasing agents need the same level of info just as fast. The fastest and most cost-effective way to implement this is with a supplier vendor portal. Here are some of its benefits: SUPPLIER SELF-SERVICE. Portals allow the supplier to have a high degree of autonomy. Inquiries that would have taken days or even weeks through a lengthy process of calls and emails is instead done by the supplier in a few clicks.

Why Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management Can Make or Break Your Customer Experience


They build strong supplier relationships to deliver on-time, high quality products and meet capacity demands. Given that sourcing and supplier management teams are responsible for building and maintaining supplier relations, they also have the opportunity to drive innovation. Through strong supplier management, you hold a key to helping your company tap into a much larger brain trust that extends beyond their own walls.

Supplier Management Tools Every Organization Needs


Are you wondering what some of the best supplier monitoring tools on the market today are? It can become extremely overwhelming for team members if there are no dedicated channels to communicate, manage, and […]. Supplier Management

5 Pillars of Effective Supplier Management


This article focuses on effective supplier management. The five pillars of effective supplier management covered in this article are: Supplier Information Management. Supplier Lifecycle Management. Supplier Performance Management. Supplier Risk, Diversity and Compliance Management. Supplier Relationship Management. 1 Supplier Information Management. 2 Supplier Lifecycle Management.

Supplier Management in Procurement – Its Benefits, Process, & Best Practices


Besides your customers, your suppliers might be the next most important group of people with which your organization regularly interacts. This is because, without your suppliers and vendors, your products and services simply don’t get made. Supplier Management

The IT Supplier Management Process – A Look at IT Vendor Management


This makes IT supplier management a must. The post The IT Supplier Management Process – A Look at IT Vendor Management appeared first on ProcurePort Blog. Supplier Management

What is Supplier Management? Why and how is it Implemented?


Any marketplace is going to be influenced by the dynamic that develops between buyers and suppliers. In procurement, the practice of maintaining vendor relationships is known as supplier management. Supplier management is arguably one of […].

If you had a clean slate, what supplier management practices would you eliminate?


Which got me to thinking… If you are a manufacturer, what supplier management practices might you eliminate if you had a clean slate? Here are some to consider: Segmenting suppliers by spend – By segmenting on total spend, and only focusing on those who you are spending the most with, glaring gaps open up. Are there suppliers that you spend less on who could become the cornerstone of your product?

How Procurement Leaders Build Strong Supplier Relationships


Those procurement leaders with forward-thinking supplier management strategies that utilize digital technology fared better than others, according to QAD’s Brent Dawkins in his article , “3 Ways Procurement Benefits from Digital Transformation” in

How to Implement a Vendor Reduction Strategy

All Things Supply Chain

As we all begin to rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic, many OEMs and CEMs are looking at their supply chains and how they can be streamlined or optimised to better… General Supply Chain Management supplier management supply chain vendor reduction vendor reduction strategy

How to Strengthen Your Supplier Management Strategies


The post How to Strengthen Your Supplier Management Strategies appeared first on Jaggaer.

How supplier experience management drives innovation

HICX Solutions

They discussed changes in demand in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) category, and how companies in this category are working with their suppliers and supply chains to adapt. A combination of effective relationship management and data insights has made this possible.

Supplier Management Process: What It Is and How to Excel at It


There are two sides to every coin, and opposite the buyer is the supplier; one truly cannot exist without the other. The post Supplier Management Process: What It Is and How to Excel at It appeared first on ProcurePort Blog

Supplier Management and Sourcing in the Fashion Industry – Under the Spotlight


More than virtually any other sector, sourcing and supplier management in the fashion industry have been exposed to intense scrutiny in recent years, while the functions have become of increasingly strategic importance to business success. Supply chains are multi-tiered and therefore difficult to manage. For these and many other reasons, the role of purchasing and supplier management is highly strategic in the fashion industry.

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An Interview on Learnings From Podcasting on Supply Chain and Procurement with Kelly Barner

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Supplier Experience Live from HICX is available on all major Podcast streaming platforms: Spotify Apple Google Amazon. Podcasts data management Procurement supplier management Supply Chain

Four Key Strategic Sourcing Benefits


Recent business turbulence has increased the awareness among manufacturers for improved communication and collaboration with suppliers. This is certainly true in the area of strategic sourcing where procurement teams rely heavily on manually intensive efforts to identify and select suppliers.

Intalere partners with Ivalua & Consus Global to digitize and transform their sourcing, supplier management and contract lifecycle management processes


The solution will support Intalere’s Supplier Management, eSourcing, Contract Lifecycle Management and transactional procurement processes. New York, NY January 07, 2021. We are excited to announce that Intalere, a healthcare supply chain GPO based in St. Louis, Mo.

Scottish Councils Deliver Streamlined Contract and Supplier Management


B oth councils adopted JAGGAER’s contract lifecycle management software , which complemented their use of (public contracts Scotland) PCS-Tender. The Council made a strategic decision to implement JAGGAER’s contract lifecycle management software across its whole contract portfolio.

Successful Strategic Sourcing Engagement? What’s Next?


As we discussed various procurement transformation options, we landed on the need to build long-term and collaborative supplier relationships. Recent business turbulence has certainly increased the awareness among manufacturers for improved communication and collaboration with suppliers.

Basware Adds Diversity Data to Supplier Management Solution

Supply Chain Brain

Basware, a procure-to-pay and e-invoicing solution, has added diversity data to its Supplier Management solution, allowing customers to identify minority-owned and small business suppliers within their base