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Here is a glimpse of Taiwan’s transportation, food, and the refreshing view of Jiufen! Let’s go to Taiwan! Case Studies Cost to Serve Distribution Centre branding cost of service cost to serve delivery cost last mile logistics last-mile delivery local logistics social media Taipei TaiwanI get to see how the environment is different here and what are the supply chain and logistics points I can share with you guys.

Earthquake Updates - Hualien, Taiwan


magnitude earthquake that struck Eastern Taiwan on February 6th continues to have aftershocks, with plenty more expected to occur in the days ahead. Most of Taiwan’s geological activity occurs off its Eastern coast, while the overwhelming majority of its industrial and manufacturing base is located in the Western coastal plains. The 6.4 As of writing, there have been 2 fatalities and 200+ injuries mostly in Hualien City.


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Water and power shortages, and a COVID spike: a look at what’s going on in Taiwan


Just when you thought the semiconductor shortage couldn’t get any worse, more bad news is coming from Taiwan—home to about two-thirds of global chip manufacturing capacity. The leading chip maker globally, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Earthquake Update 2 - What You Need to Know About the Quakes in Taiwan


Taiwan was hit by another 5.7 While not the business center of Taiwan (commerce is concentrated on the country’s west coast) Hualien is a popular tourism hub. According to the Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau, the two earthquakes and subsequent aftershocks (numbering over 100) mark the highest ever recorded in the region, with additional earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 Taiwan Railways and subway networks were temporarily slowed or closed but have returned to normal operations.

OOCL vessel blamed for crane collapse at Taiwan port

The Supply Chain Journal

An empty vessel struck a laden cargo ship and caused the collapse of a gantry crane, damage of another as well as more than two dozen containers and the injury of a worker at the Port of Kaohsiung in Taiwan on Thursday. The Taiwan International Ports Corp.

Taiwan Earthquake Supply Chain Impact Analysis White Paper


magnitude earthquake rattled southern Taiwan at the start of Lunar New Year, the island’s largest nationwide holiday. Taiwan is the world’s leading producer of semiconductors and integrated circuits (IC), and high tech companies are wondering how this earthquake could affect the global electronics supply chain. Around 4 a.m. on February 6th, a 6.4 With a current death toll of 114, it is the deadliest earthquake to hit the island since the “921 Earthquake” of 1999.

Afternoon Coffee: Coronavirus, China and supply chain delays; Tesla batteries; Apple, Taiwan and India; vertical farming


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The World Is Dangerously Dependent on Taiwan for Semiconductors

Supply Chain Brain

As China pushes the world to avoid official dealings with Taiwan, leaders across the globe are realizing just how dependent they’ve become on the island democracy

Innovative Approaches to Supply Chain Risk


A major earthquake in Taiwan. We have a problem.” The alternate source uses the same supplier in Taiwan. Inventory management Supply chain risk management IBM Japan Natural disaster Risk management Supply chain Taiwan Thailand by John Westerveld Imagine yourself in this scenario; You wake up at the usual time, and over coffee, you review the news. As you flip through the articles on your iPad, you see it. Then you get the e-mail.

The World Relies on One Chip Maker in Taiwan, Leaving Everyone Vulnerable – The Wall Street Journal.

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The World Relies on One Chip Maker in Taiwan, Leaving Everyone Vulnerable. I thought you would be interested in the following story from The Wall Street Journal. Download the Wall Street Journal app here: WSJ. – Bob

Growing Distrust of China Brings $38 Billion Windfall for Taiwan

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Taiwan sits squarely in the middle of the worsening dispute between Beijing and Washington, with many of its companies operating factories in China manufacturing for American companies

World’s Supply of Chips Is in Danger Unless Taiwan Gets Vaccines

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Having successfully sidestepped the first Covid wave, the government now faces a health emergency — only about 1% of its population is vaccinated so far — with the potential to disrupt the chip industry that dominates the local economy, and which is critical to an already-squeezed global supply

Apple’s Climate Promise Depends on Taiwan Partners Going Green

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But in order to say the same for its flagship iPhone, it’s going to need help from Taiwan Apple Inc. has gone carbon neutral.

On a Path to Global Supply Chain Armageddon

Supply Chain Digest

Tensions in South China Sea, and with Taiwan, Seem Unlikely to End Well

Panama Ends Ties with Taiwan, Recognizes New ‘One China’ Relationship

Supply Chain 24/7

Panama, one of the few countries to recognize Taiwan’s sovereignty, has cut ties with the island and forged relations with China, adding there there was “only one China” of which Taiwan was a part

TSMC Construction of Arizona Chip Plant Is ‘Well Underway’

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. said it’s moving forward with plans to build a $12 billion chip plant in Phoenix, a step toward addressing U.S. concerns over reliability and security in the tech supply chain

Alibaba Group Partners with SEKO Logistics in Hong Kong and Taiwan for Cross-Border Ecommerce

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Alibaba Group, the largest retail commerce company in the world in terms of gross merchandise volume, has selected SEKO Logistics as a 3PL service provider in Hong Kong and Taiwan to especially support small and medium-sized companies requiring localized and cost efficient export processes and integrated services

Port of New Orleans sees 22% bump in breakbulk cargo

The Supply Chain Journal

The barges containing 300 cold rolled coils from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, were shipped to the steelwork manufacturer Ternium Corp. The Port of New Orleans reported 140,391 total tons of breakbulk cargo during June, a 22% year-over-year increase from June 2020.

Cargo 83

Semiconductor shortage dents Mexican auto assembly lines

The Supply Chain Journal

The main semiconductor makers in Taiwan export first to Asia and then to Europe, then North America, according to Alberto Bustamante, INA’s director of foreign trade. The chip plants that are located in Asia, specifically Taiwan, only 5% of what they produce is sent to the automotive sector.

Supply chain in control with coronavirus

Supply Chain Movement

During the outbreak of the SARS epidemic in 2003, I was an expat in Taiwan. The staff of all departments in the affected areas, which included Donguan as well as Taiwan, were divided into three groups.

Prep Your Supply Chain for Super Typhoon Soudelor


Super Typhoon Soudelor is set to hit Taiwan and China tomorrow, with a huge potential for supply chain disruption. Update 8/7/2015, 04:00 PST: Typhoon Soudelor Disrupts Air, Rail Services in Taiwan Air and land transportation services in Taiwan have been halted since Friday, August 7, as Typhoon Soudelor moves closer to the region. Update 8/6/15, 22:38 PST: Typhoon Soudelor Forces Suspension of Ferry Services in Southeast Taiwan.

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Five Important Supply Chain Events of 2016

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“The earthquakes that impacted southern Taiwan and Japan in the first half of the year, and the bankruptcy declaration of Hanjin Shipping caused considerable disruptions to global supply chains,” said Shahzaib Khan, director of EventWatch at Resilinc.

Covid Outbreak at Chip-Testing Plant Elevates Supply Fears

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A cluster of COVID-19 infections at a factory in central Taiwan temporarily stopped operations at one of the world’s largest chip-testing companies

Port of New Orleans sees bump in breakbulk cargo

The Supply Chain Journal

The Port of New Orleans reported a 4% year-over-year increase in breakbulk cargo volume in May, fueled by shipments of rubber, steel and heavy-lift/project cargo. The port handled 147,921 tons of breakbulk cargo for the month, compared to 141,869 tons in May 2020.

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China’s Regime is Coming to a Company Near You

MIT Supply Chain

In 2018 the Chinese authorities demanded that airlines not refer to Taiwan as a non-Chinese territory. China considers Taiwan as a Chinese province.

What You Need to Know About Super Typhoon Nepartak


Super Typhoon Nepartak is set to hit Taiwan on Thursday evening local time. Here's what you need to know in the lead up to landfall: Flights from Songshan Airport, Kaohsiung Airport, and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport have been cancelled. Taiwan and Japan’s southern Ryukyu Island will face heavy rains and high winds throughout the next week. It would then move across central Taiwan and the west coast before leaving via the Taiwan Strait.

Bipartisan Consensus on Chinese Threats: U.S. Must Build New Supply Chains with Allies


Taiwan, which produces over 60 percent of the global market, is very vulnerable politically [as well as] to natural disasters like earthquakes” and droughts.

This Week in Logistics News (July 24 – 30)

Logistics Viewpoints

Computer chips are in short supply as semiconductor production and testing have been hampered by a water shortage and Covid-19 outbreaks in Taiwan, where nearly half of the world’s semiconductors are manufactured.

Best of times sure beats worst of times

The Supply Chain Journal

Taiwan-headquartered Evergreen turned in the best revenue performance in its history in the first quarter. Q1 revenue totaled New Taiwan $90.24 OOCL vessel blamed for crane collapse at Taiwan port.

Rethinking global supply chains could be long, hard process

The Supply Chain Journal

The top five semiconductor-producing countries during 2020 were Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, China and the U.S., China, South Korea, Japan, Germany and Taiwan were the top five exporters to the U.S. by value in 2020 at $118 million, followed by Taiwan at $72.9

Webinar Recap: The Case for a Pan-American Manufacturing Ecosystem


In 1983, Tom Linton took a ferry from Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China, then bounced along a dirt road in a van to reach a factory in Shenzhen that offered lower costs for the parts he sought.

Cyber Threats Loom Large


Similarly, a computer virus attack at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) was caused due to a failure in following proper operating procedures for virus scanning. Cyber attacks continued to grow in intensity in 2018, with alarming new trends evident. First, government agencies are now being attacked more frequently. The March 2018 attack on computers and networks in Atlanta—a major national transportation hub—was the largest successful ransomware cyber attack on a U.S.

Holding Ourselves Accountable for Business Results

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Nvidia, PACCAR Inc, Ross Stores, Sleep Number, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) Company, Tempur Sealy, TJX Companies, and Western Digital. To get where you are going, you have toe see where you are…. Daily, my inbox is flooded by email.

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Can we re-shore and create a US semiconductor industry? Maybe…


But it is one thing to talk about writing the first check for a $1B fab, and quite another to write the check for the $500M a year to keep that fab running, and to render it even remotely cost competitive compared to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Building Value Networks. Stopping the Backward Slide.

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The only two successful and transformational public networks were driven by Walmart and Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC). In the 1980s, I had a flip phone. (On On the left, I share a picture for those that never experienced the evolution of the cellular phone.)

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