Major Freight Markets Saw Biggest Rate Surge of the Year

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Freight patterns showed increased retail trade ahead of Memorial Day weekend, and since some drivers finished the week up early ahead of the holiday weekend, capacity also tightened. The tighter capacity meant that many shippers had to pay a premium to move freight ahead of the holiday weekend, so outbound rates were up in almost every major van freight market. Dallas to Tulsa rates were also up, likely due to oil-related traffic.

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We’re seeing a lot of smaller vehicles,” said Diniece Peters Mendes, director of the New York City Department of Transportation’s Office of Freight Mobility to. FedEx Freight drivers are now delivering large items to homes in 5 cities as part of the pilot program. Normal. false. false.


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Where Did the Loads Go?

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But van load availability returned to mid-November levels last week, as a 25% decline in load posts reversed a big, post-Thanksgiving gain in spot market freight. Demand remained strong during the week in a handful of Hot Markets, including: Spokane , WA; Medford , OR; Fargo , ND; Sioux Falls , SD; Des Moines , IA; Rock Island , IL; Hutchinson , KS; Tulsa , OK; Little Rock , AR; Memphis , TN; and Decatur , AL. What's Next for Truckload Freight? All gone! Okay, not ALL.

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Our technology department in Tulsa is comprised of several developers who solve our customers’ transportation management needs. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post [INFOGRAPHIC] Digital Disruption: Closing the Connectivity Gap in Manufacturing with Digital Operations appeared first on Freight Logistics Company | Cerasis. A global marketplace is emerging that represents a huge opportunity for manufacturing.