Hurricane Winds and Flooding Expected in Houston

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Hurricane Harvey is expected to hit South Texas, including Houston and the Gulf Coast, tonight or tomorrow morning, and it may remain in place for days.

The View from Houston: DHL Global Energy Conference 2015

Supply Chain View from the Field

I had the opportunity to speak to a group of oil and gas executives at the DHL Global Energy conference this week, held in the Petroleum Club. I was joined by one of my former NC State students, Scott Frahm, who sat in on a few of the presentations. The conference was a great opportunity to interact with logistics and procurement executives in an environment of open dialogue and discussion. There is no question that the oil and gas sector is under a huge amount of pressure to drive cost savings.

Big Data: A Garage Full of Old Newspapers

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Whitney Houston. Last year, ‘Whitney Houston’ was the most searched-for term in Google. ek Whitney Houston I’m getting a little tired of articles about ‘big data’.

Hurricane Harvey Impact Still Unfolding and Not Looking Good

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Four days after Hurricane Harvey impacted the Texas Gulf region of the United States, especially the regions surrounding Corpus Christy and Houston Texas, the rains and flooding continue, the impacts are still unfolding and not looking good. Process industry focused supply chains Procurement and Sourcing Supply Chain Disruption Hurricane Harvey impacts on industry supply chains industry supply chain risks Supply chain Matters blog

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Spot Market Freight Rates Soar After Hurricane Harvey

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Most of the major van markets actually had fewer outbound loads available, though, and most regular freight heading to Houston was canceled. Another cost of Hurricane Harvey: many Houston-area refineries were offline, and some remain closed for now.

Southwest Airlines Cargo Now Shipping Internationally, Beginning With Mexico


We applaud Southwest Airlines' decision to expand cargo operations between Mexico City and Houston Hobby Airport. This move takes advantage of Houston's growing logistics expertise and adds strength to the Houston economy," said Houston Airport System Director Mario Diaz. Southwest Airlines Co. Cargo is expanding internationally in its shipping operations, with Mexico City the first port of call and further routes planned shortly.

This Week in Logistics News (October 28 – November 3)

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For the first time in franchise history, the Houston Astros are world series champions. The Astros outlasted the LA Dodgers in a thrilling seven game series to bring home the crown. As soon as that final out was made, the real planning began. And no, I’m not talking about how the Astros can build off of this year’s team in free agency to defend the title next year. I’m talking about the victory parade. There […].

Emergency Freight: What Harvey Tells Us About Irma

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Less than ten days after Hurricane Harvey, trucks are already moving freight out of Houston, with almost the same volume as before the storm. Houston Rates Remain Elevated, Due to Disruption and Pent-Up Demand. Flood waters cover a Houston highway during Hurricane Harvey.

Sweet smell of enterprise labeling success


Get the full story by attending a special session at the Best Practices for Chemicals conference next week in Houston, TX. So how does a $4B leader in fragrances and flavors comply with OSHA GHS standards and optimize supply chain operations?

Customer Advisory – Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey is causing catastrophic flooding in Southeast Texas, leaving the Houston metro area in a severe crisis situation. Houston area schools as well as a significant number of businesses are closed for the week and many areas are only accessible by boat or helicopter.

Supply Chain Responds to Hurricane Harvey


The storm parked itself over the Houston area for five straight days and dumped more than 50 inches of rain before heading east to Louisiana on Wednesday, TheFor the past week, U.S. weather news and supply chain news have been focused on Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 storm that made landfall in southeast Texas last Friday night.

Customer Advisory on Hurricane Harvey


As the unprecedented flooding and impact from Hurricane Harvey continues to be felt throughout Houston, SE Texas, and into Louisiana, the extent of the damage and cleanup efforts needed is becoming more clear. The reach of the flooding has expanded beyond Houston.

Provoking the Industry to Move Past Incrementalism

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Houston, We Have a Problem. Houston, we have a problem. Definitions: Provocateur. A person who or thing which provokes; a challenger, instigator, inciter, irritator; (in later use) specifically = “provocateur.” ” Incrementalism. Movement by degrees.

Hurricane Harvey - Effects, Forecasts, and Operational Best Practices


Harvey is not the first lethal and damaging flood to hit Houston: Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 killed 41 and caused $9 billion in damage, as well as flooding in 2016 that shut down the city for days.

Freight Rates Adjust to Post-Hurricane Irma Demand

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Load counts also continued to climb out of Dallas and Houston, as Texas works its way back to business as usual. That includes the Dallas to Houston lane, which fell another 54¢ but is still high at $2.96/mile. Houston to New Orleans also declined 19¢ to $2.42/mile.

Hurricane Harvey Updates


The rain has stopped in Houston, Texas, but the traumatic conditions left by Tropical Storm Harvey have not yet cleared. Tropical Storm Harvey lashed Houston, Texas — America's fourth largest city — and has proven to be extremely traumatic to tens of thousands of people and businesses.

How supply chain planners should spend their time, with cues from Chris Hadfield

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Or, plan for what might happen if, let’s say, Puerto Rico endured a severe hurricane, or if Houston was flooded, or if a tsunami hit the Philippines, or if earthquakes occurred in Mexico.

Harvey’s Impact on the Global Supply Chain: The Role of Analytics


Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast and Houston with driving rains that left many businesses struggling with flooding, with little advance warning.

Preparing for Disaster


Last year Houston faced historically devastating flooding during Hurricane Harvey. As the intensity and scope of natural disasters hitting the US continues to increase, it is becoming clear that cities like Houston have infrastructure and urban planning that are not built to withstand the havoc these storms bring. Houston, We've Got A Problem. Houston is a low-lying city situated just under 50 feet above sea level.

PLS Provides Hurricane Harvey Support

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The PLS Houston employees are back in the office as of 9/5/17 and our employees on site in Baytown are back to their duties. Hurricane Harvey, now downgraded to a Tropical Depression has impacted the lives of millions in the Gulf Coast region.

Inspection Blitz Sends Freight Rates Skyward

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Basically every major van freight market not named “Seattle” had higher rates last week, especially Houston, Columbus, and Buffalo. Some unusual rates out of Houston: Houston to Dallas was up 25¢ to $2.97/mile (Dallas to Houston edged up to $3.03/mile as well).

Van Rates Skyrocket Over July 4th Week

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Based on those criteria, an “average” lane for the week ending July 7 would be the roundtrip between Memphis and Houston: Length of haul = 572 miles each way. Memphis to Houston rate = $3.00 Houston to Memphis rate = $1.95 Van rates hit $2.32

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017 - DAT Freight Talk Blog

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Expect Hurricane Harvey to Have a Long-Term Impact on Trucking - With Houston being a major force in all modes of freight, DAT predicted that Hurricane Harvey would impact freight transportation for weeks and months to come.

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Van Rates Peak in July, Flatbed Prices Rise in Southeast

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Memphis had more loads last week, as it replaced Houston as the number 3 market for load availability, following Atlanta and Dallas. DAT Flatbed TriHaul of the Week: Houston - Oklahoma City - Ft Worth - Houston.

West Coast Heats Up for Van Freight

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Rerouted port traffic from Houston to Seattle after Hurricane Harvey may have added to demand for trucks in the area. So far, the national averages for spot market rates in October are the highest they've been since the Snowpocalypse of 2014.

Customer-Centric Supply Chains: Adding Clarity to the Muddle

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I cleared my throat and told as story of two clients in Houston. It was November. I was speaking at a client site. The topic was customer-centric supply chains. We started the morning by asking attendees to share their definition of a customer-centric supply chain.

Flatbed Volume and Rates Gain Traction in June

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Texas had the biggest rebound last week, partly due to a surge of loads leaving Houston, the biggest flatbed freight market in the country by far. HOT MARKETS: The energy and steel sectors have helped boost the flatbed markets in Houston and Birmingham , respectively.

Flatbed Rates and Ratios at Record Highs

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Much of that activity is centered in the Houston market. The top four flatbed lanes in the country originate or end in Houston: #1 Houston market to Houston market. #2 2 Houston market to Midland, TX market (the Permian Basin). #3 Dallas market to Houston market.

Winter Storm Stalls Freight, as Van Rates Rise

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Houston is Hot for Vans. You won't find any snow down in Houston, where freight volumes and rates continued to climb last week. Houston is number one for load posts on DAT load boards in 2017 so far, for all trailer types combined.

How Natural Gas and Plastics Impact the Truckload Spot Market

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The Houston Hub. Houston is in the middle of all of it. Construction and the oil industry are major drivers for flatbed freight, and the Houston market already holds the number 1 position for spot flatbed loads.

Rebuilding Efforts Fuel Flatbed Demand

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The flatbed traffic from Houston and along the Gulf Coast that stalled after the hurricane is also getting back to normal. Flatbed freight out of Cleveland , on the other hand, ships inter-regionally, and rates rose 16% over the past month, with high volumes on the lane to Houston.

The Many Types of Inventory Management Technology


As explained by Kenneth Hamlett of the Houston Chronicle , the two dominant types of inventory management technologies include manual and automated systems. There are diverse types of inventory management technology and systems, designed to properly sort, control and act upon information with a company’s inventory. But, there are additional levels of inventory management in between. Manual Systems. The basic and most limited type of inventory management system is a manual system.

Hot Flatbed Segment Shows Signs of Cooling

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Houston to Bismarck, ND jumped 76¢ to $3.14/mile. Houston to Oklahoma City slipped 52¢ to $3.44/mile. Demand for flatbeds has been red hot for months, and so are rates. It seems like every week we set a new record for flatbed rates or load-to-truck ratios, or both.