The Remarkable Supply Chain of the Coffee Bean


Coffee retailers Campos Coffee source their beans from Kenya to Columbia to Brazil. For so many people, coffee is a staple of their everyday routine. And its popularity is apparent in the global market — global coffee production reached 158.6 million 60-kilogram bags in 2018, up from 148.6 million 60-kilogram bags in 2015. In fact, the average per capita consumption stands at 1.0 kg in 2019. Within each cup of coffee, there are approximately 70 coffee beans.

Why Hunger Is A Logistics Issue?


In Kenya, sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and even in the U.S Source ) Some of the solutions to reduce food waste and minimize the environmental impact through the use of technology innovation are: To solve cold-storage problem in remote places, we can replace electric-used facilities by solar-powered mobile refrigeration methods to reduce the use of fossil fuels to produce electricity.

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E-Commerce Takes Off in Developing Countries


Smartphone use in countries like India and Kenya is growing rapidly as companies like Xiaomi offer more affordable models aimed at users in developing countries. Investors and research groups are optimistic about countries like Nigeria and Kenya, whose burgeoning middle classes have the capital to spend on foreign-made goods. Sourcing from multiple countries can present a headache. E-commerce is expanding at lightning speed.

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Why Hunger Is A Logistics Issue?


In Kenya, sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and even in the U.S Source) As logistics plays a crucial role in contributing to sustainable food security, the inefficiencies in food supply chain, such as: transportation, packaging, international shipping, customs clearance, tracking and visibility need to be improved to reduce agricultural produce waste. Hunger is considered to exist only in poor countries, and the common belief of what causes hunger is just the lack of food.

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Is Logistics Outsourcing Right for Your Company?

Supply Chain Movement

From local truck transportation to global supply chain management systems, from produce sourcing to consulting based on practical experience to outsourcing, C.H. Kenya. More shippers today appear to be outsourcing some or all of their logistics. How does a company decide that outsourcing logistics is the right choice? This C.H.

How We Can Leverage Blockchain to Increase Transparency in Supply Chains


In their example, shipping one container of flowers from Kenya to Rotterdam involves about 200 documents, from the local mills and export authorities to the port workers, customs agents and distributors. Outlook of the Integration of IBM Blockchain for Maersk ( source ). Blockchain, the innovative technology that powers the digital currency market, has gained prominence since the introduction of the cryptocurrency bitcoin in 2008.

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Supply Chains have always shaped the World

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Paul Simpson reports, “Excavations of the dry bed of the ancient Lake Olorgesailie, in southern Kenya, led by American paleoanthropologist Rick Potts, suggest that our ancestors created the first supply chain between 305,000 and 320,000 years ago, at least 80,000 years older than we previously thought.”[1] ”[1] What Potts discovered was that people living near the lake used tools made from obsidian and the nearest source of that stone was over a hundred miles away.

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Mindmap for Supply Chain Execution 24/7

Supply Chain Movement

Kenya. Sourcing from far-flung countries such as China is leading to growing uncertainty about the actual supply of purchase orders. Customers are becoming more demanding all the time: they increasingly expect personalised offers, available globally and round the clock. Such huge pressure on sales is also dragging the supply chain department(s) towards an ever-higher service level.

Complex costs of transportation

Supply Chain Movement

By consolidating at the source, several shipments can be combined into one, thereby reducing the number of shipments even before the shipments arrive at the Logistics Service Provider (LSP). Kenya. 10 questions about Freight Spend Management. There are numerous ways a shipper can reduce freight spend. They can renegotiate contracts, find other carriers, and do a better job of maximizing their truck utilization. But these efforts bring temporary, not permanent, relief.

10 questions about the benefits of S&OP for your organisation

Supply Chain Movement

However, there must be consensus within the organisation about definitions and the right source of information for important reports. Kenya. Management at the helm. Some companies have a well-developed sales & operations planning (S&OP) process as a safeguard for structured decision-making. Those companies take an integral view of supply and demand, including the financial impact of mediumterm risks.

New: Global Trade Map 2016

Supply Chain Movement

The benefits of utilising modern-day FTAs include fewer customs duties, less red tape, access to public tenders, sourcing opportunities, investment opportunities and more transparent business conditions. Kenya. Uncovering and mitigating trade risks in international operations. International trade can entail significantly more risk than straightforward domestic business-to-business transactions.

Solving the biggest logistics puzzle in the floral industry

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Flowers are gathered from far and wide, from farms in countries such as Kenya, India, Thailand, Ecuador, and Colombia. Source: [link]. The demand for flowers on Valentine’s Day is higher than at any other time of the year. This means it can take up to two weeks for them to reach retailers. The flowers are then arranged and systematically delivered to homes and offices.