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How To Effectively Run A Distribution Business In Indonesia?


Distribution is one of the most important businesses in Indonesia with relevant activities of wholesale, import, export, and retail represented in the process. A distributor company, which is a customer of Abivin in Indonesia, operates in Supply chain and Finance service.


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How to run a successful distribution business in Indonesia


Distribution can be categorized into few of the most essential businesses in Indonesia that conduct activities such as wholesale, import, export, and retail in the entire process. Challenges of the distribution business in Indonesia.

Indonesia Looks to Infrastructure to Give Logistics Boost

Logistics Viewpoints

Statistics Indonesia infrastructure logisticsI wrote previously on this blog about how Singapore’s superior infrastructure has helped to make it a stand-out performer in logistics in the Asia region and, indeed, globally. But you don’t have to go very away from the Lion City to find a country that is conversely hampered by inadequate infrastructure and poor logistics performance. […].

Vaccine Counterfeiting Ring Uncovered In Indonesia


In many parts of the world, some patients are discovering that the lifesaving and life-sustaining medicines they rely on may not be what they seem. Counterfeiting Pharma Labeling

BlackBerry Expanding in Indonesia


According to The Wall Street Journal, BlackBerry is licensing its software and outsourcing its production in its largest market, Indonesia, which boasts a population of 250 million people BlackBerry might not be making smartphones anymore, but the company has a new business model and is attempting to capitalize on the global market.

Omnichannel Retail in Indonesia – All You Need to Know


In this article, we will be discussing the state of omnichannel retail in Indonesia, the challenges, and the way ahead. To start with, Indonesia with a population of 270 million is deemed one of the largest countries, and in fact, the fourth largest country in Southeast Asia.

How to start selling online in Indonesia


As is in other parts of the world, Online sales volume increased in Indonesia as well. Here are few steps which you may look at before selling online in Indonesia. The digital explosion and the growing population in Indonesia have led to many eCommerce websites.

Làm Sao ?? ?i?u Hành Doanh Nghi?p Phân Ph?i Hi?u Qu? ? Indonesia?


Indonesia v?i i Indonesia ?ang Indonesia, ?i?u Indonesia. ( Indonesia, chính ph? ?ã Indonesia tr? Indonesia ?òi Phân ph?i i là m?t t trong nh?ng ng ngành quan tr?ng i các ho?t ng liên quan ??n n bán buôn, nh?p u, xu?t u và bán l?. Phân ph?i nh ngh?a

Global Supply Chain News on Major Changes in Which Countries have the Largest Economies, Coming, New Assessment Says

Supply Chain Digest

China to Overtake US in 2026, India, Indonesia to Rise Sharply in New World Order

Most Asia-Pacific consumers unhappy with delivery experiences

BluJay Solutions

BluJay Solutions, a global provider of supply chain applications, has launched a new report ‘The Delivery Experience,’ which surveyed more than 7,000 consumers across APAC, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Asia 78

The path to recovery from COVID-19 – LogiSYM August 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

This analysis focuses on four Southeast Asian economies: Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Indonesia. e-Commerce delivery overview in Southeast Asia.

People and Halal Supply Chains

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Muslim (majority) countries in Asia (such as Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia) and several countries in the Middle East are moving to stage 3: the halal supply chain. Both Malaysia and Indonesia have halal-exclusive, halal-segregated, and halal-mixed retailers. Developments.

A Charity Giveaway for our 30,000 YouTube Subscribers

Logistics Bureau

In appreciation of your support and in celebration of this milestone, we donated: Fresh, clean water to 30,000 people in Ethiopia; Meals to 3,000 children in crisis in Vietnam; Education to 300 children in Indonesia about Rainforest Conservation; and.

REPOST: Supply Chains in VUCA Environments with Jim Tompkins

The Logistics of Logistics

Tompkins Ventures is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with partners spanning Africa, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Central America, China, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Panama, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States. Supply Chains in VUCA Environments with Jim Tompkins.

Shortages in Medical Supplies Linked to Imports

Logistics Trends and Insights

Indonesia. year-over-year as compared to January 2019: Increases were also noted in three other top-five importing countries for the month of January with imports from Burma and Indonesia more than doubling compared to January 2019 and volumes from Vietnam increasing 21.7%

Burma 116

“Too Big to Fail”: 10 Things you Need to Know About El Niño


During the 1997 El Niño, droughts in Indonesia and Argentina caused mining activity to halt, raising prices of copper, zinc, and nickel. A shorter monsoon season in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia will help miners procure more materials, used heavily in the electronics industry. Burning rainforests in Indonesia are wreaking havoc to Southeast Asian economies and air quality, impacting numerous industries.

What is “World Logistics Passport” initiative?


along with Indonesia & South Africa, joining Colombia, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Uruguay and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the club of trading nations. We are delighted to welcome India, Indonesia and South Africa to the club,” he added.

“Best” E-commerce Distribution Network for 2025 [Infographic]


Using the 2025 estimated population for China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand (approx. Are you looking to (re)design your APAC supply chain to keep up with growing e-commerce demand? The “best” distribution network depends on your business strategy.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group Goes Live with Ivalua’s Platform to Accelerate Procurement Digital Transformation


11,000 employees across the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Export markets. System will improve the experience for employees and suppliers while supporting sustainable growth in shareholder value.

Supply chain woes drag down Nike sales

The Supply Chain Journal

Nike production of athletic shoes and apparel was hit hard by closures of contract manufacturing facilities in Vietnam and Indonesia. Nike’s factories are operating again in Indonesia, Friend said.

A chat with Scott Phillips

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

My projects in Malaysia, Philippines, China, Indonesia and eventually Vietnam, ranged from customer service and order fulfillment, shop-floor planning, inventory management, import/export and procurement.

Are your Supply Chains Tiger and Orang-Utan Friendly?

SCM Research

Accounting for roughly 40% of vegetable oil production, palm oil is the most important vegetable oil worldwide. As a key commodity, it is an ingredient of a large range of products, including processed food, cosmetics, shampoo, and soap. A recent Greenpeace report reveals how palm oil supply chains are pushing Sumatran tigers and orang-utans closer to extinction (pdf).

How EV Manufacturers Can Navigate Supply Chain Complexity

Arena Solutions

The mining of these metals is concentrated in China, South Africa, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Emirates freight unit set to launch new Bali services

Logistics Middle East

New service brings number of daily flights Emirates SkyCargo has to Indonesia to four

How Tech-Enabled Logistics Would be at Center of E-Commerce Growth


The World Bank has said logistical costs swallow up around a quarter of Indonesia’s gross domestic product, citing bottlenecks in supply chains, long dwelling times in ports and lengthy trade clearances. Indonesia’s e-commerce sales are set to rise from 3 percent of retail activity now to 19 percent by 2027, Morgan Stanley estimates.

Don’t Fret: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement will not play havoc with the economic development of developing countries

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and many African countries). For instance, six of the ASEAN countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand can leverage their FTAs with the remaining 4 ASEAN countries (Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam) who are TPP members to develop cost effective supply chain operations to facilitate multi-lateral trades with minimal tariffs. Felipe Caro and Christopher S.

The Food Supply Chain and the War in Ukraine

Enterra Insights

As a result of the war, Bior reports, “Egypt’s prime minister fixed bread prices, Bangladesh launched a nationwide food subsidy program, and consumers in Indonesia noticed a favorite instant noodle dish went out of stock.

COVID threatens Chinese exports as US struggles to restock inventories

The Supply Chain Journal

Indonesia reported record cases and deaths last month and remains in lockdown. The IHS Markit (NYSE: INFO ) Indonesia Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) plunged to 40.1 import demand is stronger than ever as inventory-to-sales ratios remain painfully low.

How COVID variants could impact container and tanker shipping

The Supply Chain Journal

Cases caused by the spread of the Delta variant are also surging across Indonesia, another supplier of U.S. The Red Cross said on Tuesday that Indonesia was “on the edge of catastrophe.”. Pandemic effects on global shipping — both negative and positive — are far from over.

CSR Initiatives in the Global Supply Chain

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

We are honored to partner with Changi Airport Group in this humanitarian effort for our friends in Indonesia.’’. Over the last decade, the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has greatly evolved.

How PermataBank gave APIs free rein to drive growth in the new digital economy with Axway


PermataBank is one of Indonesia’s leading banks and a pioneer in mobile banking and mobile cash technology.

How PermataBank gave APIs free rein to drive growth in the new digital economy with Axway


PermataBank is one of Indonesia’s leading banks and a pioneer in mobile banking and mobile cash technology.

How PermataBank gave APIs free reign to drive growth in the new digital economy with Axway


PermataBank is one of Indonesia’s leading banks and a pioneer in mobile banking and mobile cash technology. Its success in harnessing the potential of APIs to drive new revenue and build partnerships is a testament to the power of open … Customer Stories Digital Economy Open Banking

Supply Chain Planning in Emerging Markets: Four Points to Remember


Gartner analyst Debashis Tarafdar says that the large size of a country (like India, China or Indonesia) can mean “significant polarization of population between urban and rural with distinctly different buying capabilities and purchasing preferences. Supply chain planning in emerging markets is different.