Rwanda Heads Technology Revolution in Africa

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Rwanda is a tiny country in Africa, the fourth smallest to be exact, but one making giant strides in embracing the latest technology. Yet this hasn’t stopped it fast becoming the technophile nation of Africa.


Africa: Emerging Markets’ Final Frontier

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In a review of a book entitled Emerging Africa: How the Global Economy’s Last Frontier Can Prosper and Matter, Katrina … Continued The post Africa: Emerging Markets’ Final Frontier appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Business Current Affairs Globalization Risk Management Supply Chain


The Avocado Supply Chain

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This example demonstrated how “a number of supply chain improvements have enabled Kenyan avocados to be profitably exported to high-value markets in the European Union” It illustrates that supply chains “must be able to react to changes in market dynamics in order to maintain a virtuous cycle” Practice Teaching Africa Report Supply Chain ManagementAmong the best ways to teach supply chain management is by discussing different types of real-world supply chains.


The Dark Secret of the Chocolate Supply Chain

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Practice Theory Africa Corporate Social Responsibility Report Supply Chain Management Supply Chain SustainabilityWe cannot spare our students the dark secrets of supply chain management. As future decision makers, they need to understand the social and ecological consequences their decisions might have somewhere else on this planet.


Vanilla Sourcing in Madagascar

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Practice Africa Corporate Social Responsibility Procurement Relationship Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Sustainability Video In a previous post, I demonstrated how Symrise creates added value beyond corporate boundaries by closely collaborating with vanilla farmers in Madagascar.


Supply Chain Remedies Can Help to Combat Malaria

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Featured Humanitarian Africa supply chains delivering medicines in Africa fighting malaria humanitarian supply chain MIT malaria supply chain study


Lean versus EOQ? What’s best for your organization?

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Best practices General News Lean manufacturing Products Sales and operations planning (S&OP) Supply chain management Accounts payable Africa Application software Asia Australia Cloud computing Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Information technology PricewaterhouseCoopers Software as a service


Sourcing in Africa: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges


Countries on the African continent have not typically been viewed as places to source manufactured goods, with the exception of South Africa. Trade outsourcing


The Rise of China-Africa Trade: Why Transportation and Logistics Should be Front and Center

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President Barack Obama’s trip to Africa in early July had many media outlets lamenting about the U.S. being late in recognizing the trade potential with Africa, and that the States had ceded the trade supremacy to China. Perhaps these are premature obituaries, but there is no doubt that the China-Africa trade is a significant phenomenon to reckon with and will have global economic implications in the years to come. And everyone knows this is a big challenge in Africa.


Out of Africa

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Most global multinational companies have a solid base now in South America and Asia, but the race is on for Africa. I spent this week at SAPICS in South Africa. South Africa is uniquely positioned to gain benefit in the race for supply chain modernization of Africa.


Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Africa

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As you might know, I had the great opportunity to travel to East Africa several times, where I gave logistics and supply chain management lectures ( see my previous post ). Indeed, although Africa – a continent with more than one billion people – certainly faces huge challenges, the situation is changing rapidly. In a new pwc report, Africa Gearing Up , future prospects in Africa for logistics and supply chain management are described.


Africa Rising: Growth from the Bottom of the Pyramid

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When westerners read a news story about Africa, the narrative generally involves poverty, disease, conflict and/or bad governance. The post Africa Rising: Growth from the Bottom of the Pyramid appeared first on Enterra Solutions.


Creating Added Value beyond Corporate Boundaries

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Practice Africa Award Corporate Social Responsibility Procurement Relationship Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Sustainability


Your FMCG Supply Chain in 2018: 5 Problematic Predictions

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Chris Rea has finally found the correct turn off, a lot of people in Africa still don’t know its Christmas and the novelty Santa toilet seat cover is back in the box. Oh, and chocolate Easter eggs are in the shops 4 months in advance. Christmas and the New Year holidays are well and truly over, and the clock is already ticking down on the month of January. FMCG S&OP Forecasting & Demand Planning Sales Inventory Management & Stock Control


The Unlikely Success of Nanostore Retailing

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Millions of small, family-operated retailers known as nanostores are the main source of consumer packaged goods (CPG) for many consumers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. These mom-and-pop outlets have thrived by offering affordability as well as the right mix of items and convenience, and by gaining the trust of their customers. At the same […]. Featured Strategy nanostore supply chain nanostores in developing countries retailing in emerging econmies success of small store model


Conflict Minerals Disclosure Deadline is June 1st: How Does Your Supply Chain Measure Up?

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Procurement/Sourcing Regulations Central Africa conflict mineralsConflict minerals – Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold (3TG) – and supply chain transparency will be in the news. Monday, June 1, is the deadline for more than 6,000 Public U.S. companies to file reports with the SEC to disclose whether their products contain conflict minerals. The US passed a legislation in 2010, called “Dodd Frank Act Section 1502“, […].


The self-learning supply chain: Turning manufacturing into a self-adjusting process

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By Marcus Malinen, Vice-President of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia, Quintiq, a Dassault Systèmes brand. A key challenge for manufacturers is the need to be ready to meet their customers' demands at all times, but without holding stock unnecessarily


Is it time to finally retire your spreadsheets?


Nampak, a leading packaging company based in South Africa, traded spreadsheets for a customized production scheduling and optimization tool built in AIMMS.


Future of End-to-End Supply Chain Management: 3 Megatrends to Watch For

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Asia and Africa will continue to widen the gap as the most populous regions. Growth in Asia and Africa means shifting logistics and manufacturing locales to make meeting that demand in a speedy and efficient manner possible.


What Impact Could Ebola Have on the Global Supply Chain?


goods imports from sub-Saharan Africa totaled $39.3 billion and goods exports to sub-Saharan Africa were $24 billion in 2013 (source: Office of the United States Trade Representative ).


A Mid-Year Look at Supply Chain Trends – SCL Summit 2016

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Actually, the previous two years covered only the European market, with the Middle East and Africa coming in as new … Continue reading → GeneralFor the third consecutive year, I had the privilege of attending the EMEA Supply Chain and Logistics Summit in Barcelona.


7 Guidelines to Achieving Growth Through Globalization

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Mall for Africa helps retailers reach Africans who are thirsty for Western goods. Key e-commerce emerging markets include: Malaysia, UAE, Thailand, Chile, Peru, Columbia, and South Africa. Nicolas A. Tonelli/Flickr.


Seven Supply Chain Lessons from a Former Walmart CEO

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Coming from a logistics and distribution background, he helped the company enter Africa and grow in China, Latin America, and other markets. by Alexa Cheater.


Supply and demand in Africa - it's a sport relief

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It culminates in an evening of television entertainment, the purpose of which is to raise as much money as possible for various causes in the UK and overseas including for needy children in Africa. And in Africa, children love their schools.


Consumer Goods, Ebola, Boku Haram, and African Logistics

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Logistics in Africa is tough. Africa just does not have the infrastructure, has an education gap, and does not widely deploy technologies like GPS tracking that are common in the West.


Selling E-Commerce in Africa


In a June 30, 2016, New Yorker article, Jake Bright describes these merchants and Jumia, the company that might change commerce as Nigeria, and perhaps even Africa, knows it. Jumia is branding itself as the “largest e-commerce platform in Africa


Logistics Trends Part 3


In North America this is usually Mexico and in Europe, this could be North Africa. By this I mean the development of consumer markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Third Trend: Regionalization, Near-sourcing and Emerging Markets. .


The History of the Shipping Container


Asia, South Africa, Australia/NZ, North America and South America are all largely containerized. By 1983, container ships are carrying 12 million TEUs , with trade routes extending to the Middle East, South Asia and Africa. The History of the Shipping Container.


Focus on Africa: The Continent Brings New Light for Sourcing

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In recent years, Africa has emerged as a particularly attractive manufacturing option for U.S. apparel and footwear companies


Compelling Use Cases for Drones in Today’s Supply Chain


Hard to Reach Rural Drones currently provide the most value to areas that have either poor infrastructure, such as rural Africa, or have geographic constraints, such as mountain communities that prevent efficient cargo delivery. Although the U.S.


SCRC Executive Roundtable: Combating Counterfeit in the Supply Chain


It has been estimated that 80-90% of the pharmaceuticals in Africa, for instance, are counterfeit. This week the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative is holding an executive panel focused on the challenges of dealing with counterfeiting in the supply chain.


World Food Programme’s Humanitarian Supply Chains

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As part of the Kühne Foundation’s certificate program on humanitarian logistics, I have, again, been teaching logistics and supply chain management modules in East Africa during the last couple of weeks. Practice Africa Humanitarian Logistics Supply Chain Management This year, the program was held at the University of Dar es Salaam and the National Institute of Transport in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, as well as at Makerere University Business School in Kampala, Uganda.


10 Incredible Logistics Infographics And Videos


Given geopolitical changes, some have taken to exploring alternative shipping lanes that could help avoid some of the more problematic shipping routes, like the Horn of Africa. Logistics makes the world go around.


Embracing the Digital Supply Chain

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I will be speaking and working with clients in wonderful locations in Brussels, China, Germany, London, Mexico, Peru, and South Africa. This week I am busy packing. It is the same feeling that I had as a child getting ready for camp. For the next 18 weeks I will be in the air.


Should I Consider Outsourcing Supply Chain Processes?


For more information, pelase contact the authors: Eric Kingwill is managing director at ToolsGroup Africa with extensive across the board supply chain experience. Yolandé du Toit is an industrial engineer at ToolsGroup Africa focusing on supply chain strategy.


A Moral Revision of Electronic Supply Chains (Guest Post by Bas van Abel, Fairphone)

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He is co-editor of the book “Open Design Now” Practice Africa Closed-Loop System Corporate Social Responsibility Guest Post Procurement Supply chain complexity Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Sustainability To make the supply chain more transparent, Fairphone opens up the entire system to understand what shapes our economy. I am happy to share the following guest post by Bas van Abel, CEO and founder of Fairphone. Thank you for contributing to my blog.


The Digital Supply Chain: Making The Leap With A Ball and Chain

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I also believe that growth in Asia and Africa will spur new thinking in supply chain processes for the use of mobility and sensor data. Last week, I spoke on the evolution of the digital supply chains and my vision for Supply Chain 2020 at the World Trade Group Event in Miami.


Index Suggests Growth, But Volatility


The potential of Nigeria, Africa's largest economy, has come into sharper focus since the government updated the methods it uses to track economic performance; while Egypt's economy and business climate have stabilised under its military government. . .


Cross-border e-commerce a launchpad for retailers: Q&A with Charles Brewer


With over 32 years of industry experience, covering multiple global regions and disciplines across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas and Africa, Charles is a proven expert in supply chain, international shipping and e-commerce.


Illegal Supply Chains: selling stolen and counterfeit drugs

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billion between 2006 and 2012 to fight Malaria in Africa that kills 600,000 annually.  Christopher S. On February 27, 2014, the US House of Representatives Subcommittee had a public hearing to discuss the issue of counterfeit drugs and the underlying illegal supply chains.