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Pursue Supplier Collaboration as a Pillar of Sustainability 


It’s been almost 60 years since Leonard Read wrote “ I, Pencil: My Family Tree ,” in which he marvels that no single person knows how to make a pencil, but via the power of a global supply network stretching from Sri Lanka to Oregon, millions of people collaborate to bring pencils to market for 10 cents apiece.

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Supply Chain Market Report – August 2022


In this regard, instability in Sri Lanka provides a cautionary tale. First, poor policy choices around requirements for organic farming cut Sri Lankan food yields in half. When Sri Lanka started running out of dollars to import food, central banks started manipulating the local currency to try to keep more US Dollars.


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One belt, one road, and one very blurry supply chain benefit

DELMIA Quintiq

A similar question can be asked of Sri Lanka striking a deal with the Fund to construct a new container terminal in Colombo. Good project for Sri Lanka, but not clear how valuable it is from the logistics network design perspective, as the port is there today and it is already accounted for in the supply chain network designs.

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Strikes and protests disrupt supply chains, globally


In Sri Lanka, a popular uprising chased the president from the country last week. At the same time, street blockades and trucker strikes are exacerbating those desabastecimientos in population centers such as Panama City. They are also disrupting global supply chains.

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Coronavirus Pandemic: How 20Cube is making things easier for customers

20Cube Logistics

We, through our location offices in Australia, Sri Lanka, East Africa, China and Dubai including India are sending regular updates that will help our customers globally, make arrangements for their consignments to be delivered to the final destination. We are in regular touch with our shipping lines, Govt.

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Selecting a Supply Chain Technology Provider is Harder than it Seems

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

He was then posted to Mumbai, India as General Manager, South Asia, overseeing the growth and development of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In year 2008, Mark joined BMT, based in the Hong Kong office.

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Which Industries Have Been Impacted by UFLPA?


Shipments from China and Vietnam account for most of the shipments stopped by CBP, followed by Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. This graph shows the shipment value by country of origin, specifically for apparel, footwear, and textiles. UFLPA may be having an impact on cotton in the US.