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Active Supply Chain Design: A Key Imperative for De Risking Supply Chains

Logistics Viewpoints

Supply chain resiliency and sustainability are top priorities for CEOs today. To achieve these goals, corporate leadership must focus on two key areas: shift from internally focused supply chains to collaborative supply networks and actively design their supply chains.

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Supply Chain Normalcy? Think Again.

Supply Chain Shaman

The global supply chain is built on three assumptions: rational government policy, availability of reasonably priced logistics, and low variability. In March 2023, the Global Supply Chain Pressure Index fell to the lowest level since November 2008. Over the past three years, supply chain cycles shifted.


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Supply Chain Planning Software Vendor Selection: What they Won’t Tell You


Selecting a new enterprise technology or supply chain planning software provider can be wrought with challenge and risk. Specifically: people have lost their jobs over poor technology selections and failed implementation projects. This is especially true in supply chain planning & management platforms.

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Breaking Boundaries: Exploring Generative AI’s Impact on Supply Chains

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Breaking Boundaries: Exploring Generative AI’s Impact on Supply Chains Supply chains encompass many interconnected activities, from procurement, production, and inventory management, to logistics and distribution.

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5 Steps Supply Chain Planning Solutions Implementation Success


When it comes to implementing supply chain planning and operations solutions, success relies heavily upon an organization’s ability to identify and document its desired value measures and outcomes, and to align those with its solutions provider. 1 Co-develop a business case with vendors. 3 Align on goals and KPIs.

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D.I.MAR Makes Waves with Supply Chain Digital Transformation, Powered by ToolsGroup Automation


Teaming up with ToolsGroup, the Italian frozen seafood company chooses AI to advance its supply chain processes and guarantee a superior consumer experience. D.I.MAR holds itself to the highest standard when it comes to the quality of our products,” said Alessandro Evandri, Supply Chain Manager. “We

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Crucial MRP Metrics Every Supply Chain Pro Should Know


This blog explains The Key MRP Metrics in Supply Chain whcih every supply chain professional in Manufacturing or Distribution Businesses. Supply chain professionals will be familiar with the term Material Requirements Planning (MRP).