Five Reflections From Supply Chain Planning Benchmarking

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Benchmarking is a measurement of the quality of an organization’s policies, products, programs or strategies against standard measurements. Today, I am going to share five insights that I have gleaned from our work on Supply Chain Planning Benchmarking.

Benchmarking Your Supply Chain Planning in 2017


The ToolsGroup customer base of more than 300 companies has allowed us to access a wide array of supply chain planning data for benchmarking in different industries and different circumstances. We hope that this analysis sheds light on supply chain benchmarking and KPIs.

How to Benchmark?

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Well, I asked Steven Thacker one of our benchmarking management experts, exactly that question! What is Benchmarking? Benchmarking is essentially comparing; comparing one against another. Those levels are “benchmarks”. You can benchmark for individuals and also for teams.

Utilizing Data to Benchmark Performance

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Collecting data and utilizing that data to establish performance benchmarks is extremely valuable. These benchmarking metrics can be used to compare performance factors against competitors, industry averages, and previous performance metrics.

Robust Benchmarking Is Still The Exception


By Steve Banker July 24, 2017 Companies love benchmarking data. Bad benchmarking data gives companies the illusion they are running their business professionally. It is often the opposite; bad benchmarking often leads to poor decisions. Good benchmarking … The post Robust Benchmarking Is Still The Exception appeared first on Chainalytics.

Six Steps to successful Supply Chain Benchmarking

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The need to benchmark supply chain performance runs deep in many companies. For many companies, the search for benchmarking data becomes the end in and of itself, rather than the means to an end.

Common Sense Warehouse Performance Metrics for Supply Chain Benchmarking

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If you’ve heard about the opportunities and benefits that warehouse performance benchmarking can put within reach of your supply chain organisation, you might understandably be keen to get a benchmarking project under way. Some Common-sense Warehouse Benchmarking Metrics.

What role should logistics providers play in supply chain performance and benchmarking?

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The post What role should logistics providers play in supply chain performance and benchmarking? Visibility of the potential value locked in the current environment is a key driver in a supply network transformation and is being provided by today through cloud-based network platforms.

8 Uses for Supply Chain Benchmarking and Their Most Valuable Benefits

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If not, you might be surprised at the many ways supply chain benchmarking can be used to understand performance, identify areas for improvement and actually turn those improvements into reality. 8 Most Beneficial Uses of Supply Chain Benchmarking.

An Omni-Channel Fulfillment Benchmark: How Do You Compare?

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Omni-channel fulfillment is arguably today’s hottest supply chain topic. My colleagues and I have written a number of blog posts on individual case studies on this topic. Here is a case study on an anonymous major US retailer that likely has a store location near you.

Benchmarking Success: Focus on what Matters

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He joined Logistics Bureau Group back in 2009 and commenced by running the benchmarking business known as Benchmarking Success. My first step was to engage Benchmarking Success (BMS) to understand what the “best” for each business really meant from an independent source.

Forwarder / Broker Benchmark: Challenging Times for Logistics Intermediaries

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This past spring, we conducted a benchmark study with over 100 forwarders and brokers to evaluate how macroeconomic changes were impacting them, the strategies and tactics they were using to be successful and the importance of technology to their business. Forwarders and brokers are a critical part of international supply chains. They operate in incredibly competitive markets that can be characterized by tight margins and highly influenced by regulatory change.

TMS SuperUser Secrets – Benchmarking Using TMS Data

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Benchmarking TMS data improves and enhances service levels by providing comparisons of customer service-related activities. . _. This type of benchmark exercise helps companies understand how they compare to others and enables them to change as needed.

Mental toughness in business planning; a mindset benchmark

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S&OP mindset benchmark insights. Some companies run their Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) with great effectiveness. However, too often S&OP maturity and performance stalls, even when the supporting S&OP processes and systems are properly implemented.

Financial Benchmarking for Inventory Turns and Working Capital


Using so called orbit charts, we have benchmarked companies on EBIT% versus Inventory Turns. That benchmark helped to reveal the ‘best practice frontier’, which in turn helped in setting aggressive but aligned targets for EBIT% versus Inventory Turns.

Strategic Benchmarking in the Supply Chain Triangle (Part 1)


A next logical question is if we can somehow capture this from publicly available financial data and benchmark companies on this strategic level. When benchmarking SG&A it is crucial to verify whether that includes or excludes the R&D costs.

2016 Forecasting Benchmark Study: Highlights


E2open’s 2016 Forecasting Benchmark Study is an in-depth analysis of demand planning performance and the benefits realized by industry leaders from sensing demand. The post 2016 Forecasting Benchmark Study: Highlights appeared first on E2open | Demand.

Benchmarking Career Development

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Inbound Logistics Editor Felecia Stratton discusses the merits of supply chain continuing education

Strategic Benchmarking in the Supply Chain Triangle (Part 2)


Deriving a strategic benchmark for Product Leadership, Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy in the Supply Chain Triangle. The benchmark is specific for the segment of the high-tech sector we have been studying. We start with defining the benchmark for a product leader.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Benchmark and Bid Your Carrier Rates

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Whether you need to inform management that your performance is superior or has improved, or identify opportunities in the procurement process to drive additional economic value – there is no better time to benchmark and bid your carrier rates than now. Consider how these issues will impact your carrier rates and learn why now is the ideal time to benchmark and bid your rates with the help of a third-party logistics (3PL) provider.

Terra’s Forecasting Benchmark Study 2012

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Terra’s Forecasting Benchmark Study is a pretty comprehensive survey. Reports benchmark study CPG industry demand planning forecasting supply chain Terra Technology The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry faced another year of challenges from economic turbulence and weak consumer confidence in 2011. Given the volatility and rapid pace of promotional activities and product innovation, the gradual increase in forecast error since 2009 comes as no surprise.

End-to-End Logistics Capabilities: Best-in-Class Performance Benchmark

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Joan Lim , Sr Product Marketing Manager. With the pressures of customer driven demand affecting businesses today, having strong logistics end-to-end capabilities contribute to a seamless end-to-end supply chain execution, leading to better orchestration and optimization.

Enforce Freight Rate Compliance with UltraShip’s Benchmarking Features

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Rate Benchmarking Capabilities Built into UltraShipTMS deliver Optimized Freight Spend Management. The post Enforce Freight Rate Compliance with UltraShip’s Benchmarking Features appeared first on UltraShipTMS. Features Videos benchmarking compliance freight rates rate management rating[link]. Enforce Strict Freight Rate Compliance and ensure you’re getting the most competitive market pricing from your base of carriers.

Benchmarking Career Development

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Inbound Logistics Editor Felecia Stratton discusses the merits of supply chain continuing education

Benchmarking your Supply Chain - Value Unchained - ModusLink

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George East set a new benchmark for all future improvement projects with Slimstock

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The business behind some of Britain's leading kitchenware brands including Tala and ChefAid, has established a new benchmark by which all future supply chain projects will be judged

Who’s Using TMS, Why and How? Notes from the 2016 TMS Benchmark Study

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In its 2016 Global Transportation Management Benchmark Study, American Shipper reveals a great deal of data about who is using TMS, who should be using TMS and why. Notes from the 2016 TMS Benchmark Study appeared first on UltraShipTMS. Respected analyst outfit Gartner’s recent estimates suggest the global TMS market is currently at or around $1.2 billion. They project growth in the TMS market by 2020 to reach more than $1.8

The Logistics of Benchmarking European Freight Rates


The post The Logistics of Benchmarking European Freight Rates appeared first on Chainalytics.

Is Inventory Waste or an Asset?

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This morning, unexpectedly, I found myself in the middle of a debate between my two panelists on the Planning Benchmarking Panel for the Summit. Before the benchmarking work, I believed that companies that were better forecasters would be better at inventory management.

Bring Your Logistics Operation Out of the Dark with Benchmarking

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This is the value of benchmarking. Setting logistics benchmarks requires a shipper to look inward but also outwardly as well. This means some important benchmarks are things best measured against yourself. Effective benchmarking is not just about rates either.

DAT Freight Broker Benchmark: 41% More Load Volume Yields 78% Higher Revenue

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Sign up for the monthly Broker Benchmark report to see how your business compares to the competition. This benchmark report draws data from an aggregate of more than 100 freight brokerage companies, whose 2017 average annual revenue of $19.5 Best Practices and Benchmarks

Industry Commentary: American Shipper Global Transportation Benchmark Study

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American Shipper recently released its annual benchmark report entitled “ Global Transportation Management Benchmark Study: Climbing the Visibility Sophistication Ladder.” The study surveys practitioners from a variety of industries as well as a cross section from a diverse organizational scale. It is an excellent report covering a number of pertinent industry aspects and challenges around developing visibility sophistication globally.

Why Benchmarking Alone Isn’t Enough for Proper Transportation Cost Analysis


Carriers in the trucking industry and also shippers today are actively looking for ways to combat the rising costs of operating their businesses, but they often do not fully understand proper benchmarking, transportation cost analysis, and profit management are intertwined.

Reduce Costs: Invest In Talent

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Due to popular demand, we are kicking-off an organizational benchmarking effort. Our goal is to have companies participating in this benchmarking study to share insights with each other in a networking session in a facilitated share group in January 2018.

Why Our Goal Should Not Be an Integrated Supply Chain

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planning benchmarking supply chain analytics Supply chain planning digital innovation planningThis week I spoke at an SAS Global Analytics Summit on the connected supply chain. In my view, the connected supply chain is very, very different from the integrated supply chain.