Holiday Logistics: 5 Things Any Shipper Can do Now in the Warehouse or DC to Plan & Stay Competitive


shippers need an efficient and effective Distribution Center (DC) to support this consumer spending peak that takes place typically at this time of the year. Benchmark DC Systems to Handle the Volume.

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Why Use Augmented Reality in Your Warehouse or DC?

Talking Logistics

The post Why Use Augmented Reality in Your Warehouse or DC? While most everyone has heard of an augmented reality (AR) eyeglass-type product, many have only seen it being used for consumer applications.

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Holiday Logistics: 5 Things Any Shipper Can do Now in the Warehouse or DC to Plan & Stay Competitive


shippers need an efficient and effective Distribution Center (DC) to support this consumer spending peak that takes place typically at this time of the year. Benchmark DC Systems to Handle the Volume.

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8 DC and Warehouse Slotting Considerations for More Efficient Warehouse Operations


First Things First, Do You have all The Tools To Set You Up for DC Or Warehouse Slotting? Your Warehouse Management System (WMS) must reflect these storage locations for proper location control in your warehouse or DC. All we’re doing here, in the kitchen example, is making sure those things we use the most frequently are the most easily accessible in the warehouse or DC. You should concentrate on this 20% and have them available for picking upfront in your warehouse or DC.

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To DC Or Not To DC? That is the Warehousing Design Question!

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The post To DC Or Not To DC? Subscribe Here! Email Address. Check out 5 E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Choices! The fast growing E-Commerce channel makes it an attractive avenue for most companies to participate in. The tremendous amount of investment required to participate in online product sales requires explicit decision making as to how a company is going to fulfill those orders.

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Eyes in the sky


Matt Yearling discusses the growing role of drones , advanced robotics, and yard management solutions to optimize supply chain efficiency with DC Velocity 's executive editor Mark Solomon. yard management digital supply chain drones DC Velocity

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SCM Cloud at Oracle CloudWorld DC - March 24

Oracle SCM

The Cloud World DC event, taking place at the Marriott Marquis Washington, DC on Thursday, March 24 , will feature a session about Oracle Supply Chain Cloud entitled "Path To Supply Chain Cloud”.

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What’s Driving the Increase in Transportation Management Technology Spend?

Talking Logistics

DC Velocity and Descartes have conducted a transportation benchmark study for the last two years to help transportation professionals understand what is driving the market, and how the strategy and tactics of top performers differ from the rest of the pack.

Addressing Labor Shortages in Warehouse and DC Operations


A group of executive joined SCRC faculty and staff for a one-day workshop held on February 28, 2019. Companies represented included Advanced Auto Parts, John Deere, Hanes Brands, UPS, FHI, Lenovo, GSK, Altria, and UNC Healthcare.

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The Three Stages of Distribution Center Optimization


By Richard Koch | Associate Director, Logistics Growth is good for a business but can severely strain any distribution center (DC) that can quickly become outmoded. There are many ways a company can go about optimizing an existing or future DC.

Supply Chain News on Walmart to Build New Highly Automated Grocery DC in California

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In Addition to EfficiencSies, New Design will Improve Lot of DC Workers, Walmart Says

Spotlight on PROMAT 2019: USA trends in DC Equipment and Digital Consciousness

Logistics Bureau

In this article, I will give you a glimpse of some of the distribution centre (DC) trends and technologies that Australian firms should be aware of. THE TOP TWO CHALLENGES FACING DC OPERATORS. Yet they have found their way into DC for a different purpose.

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Supply Chain News on Market for DC Labor has Changed Dramatically, Workforce Expert Says

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Brian Devine of ProLogistix Shares DC Worker Survey Data at Recent WERC Conference

Supply Chain News on Kroger Breaks Ground on New Highly Automated DC with Partner Ocado

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First of 20 Planned Robotic Facilities Starts Construction North of Cincinnati, will Go Live in 2021

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DC Velocity: For Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America (MCFA) and LeanCor Supply Chain Group, the Feeling is Mutual


Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America (MCFA) and LeanCor Supply Chain Group simultaneously act as buyer and supplier to each other—to the benefit of both. Carrier Management Transportation Management supply chain insights

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Supply Chain News on Companies Adding Still More DC Jobs, as Amazon Wage Hike Complicates Recruitment for Others

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Could Lack of DC Workers Crimp eCommerce Sales for Some Retailers

5 Common Mistakes in Fulfillment Center & Distribution Center Design

The Network Effect

FC/DC designs processes often start with an emphasis on solving the known issues. Supply Chain Management DC design distribution center material handling warehouseBy Thompson Brockmann, Partner, Tompkins International.

Four Signs It’s Time to Optimize Your Distribution Center


But growth can severely strain an outmoded distribution center (DC), hampering productivity and fulfillment capabilities. In this two part blog series, I’ll offer some thoughts on the best way to optimize your existing and future DC to meet growing demands. It should be noted that a DC optimization […]. Blog Service Supply Chain Supply Chain Design Supply Chain Operations Transportation What's New DC Distribution Optimization Richard Koch SCOPs Supply Chain

Four Truths About DC Robots, Jobs, And Warehouse Execution


As robots find their place in the DC, warehouse operators will face new challenges in coordinating and optimizing the work of humans and their robotic coworkers. Robots Are Not Killing DC Jobs. And I doubt that robots will have dire effects on DC employment in the next five years.

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Supply Chain Comment on The Great DC Labor Crisis

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Growth in Wages Finally Starting to Catch Up with Growth in Jobs, but Dynamics Vary Significantly by Market

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Weseley Discusses the Need for TMS Creativity in DC Velocity


In this DC Velocity article , 3Gtms CEO Mitch Weseley discusses the need for creative solutions to transportation challenges, and why the best TMS platforms enable flexibility that ultimately saves companies money. Read the full article, Keep Calm and Let the TMS Decide , at DC Velocity.

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Consider This When Choosing Your Next DC Location

PLS Logistics

When a company outgrows its distribution capacity, it expands by opening a new distribution center (DC). The best approach to choosing your new DC location is to evaluate your entire logistics strategy.

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Supply Chain News on Is Working in a DC like Toiling in the Gulag

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Undercover Report by UK Paper Finds DC Job is Tough, Demeaning. Is that Just the Way it Is

DC Motors Applications and Characteristics

Insights Solutions Global

DC motors are a good choice when you need a motor that has a high starting torque and is relatively inexpensive. The post DC Motors Applications and Characteristics appeared first on Insight Solutions Global. In fact, it has many advantages and can be used in various fields such as transportation, industry and daily life. Motor

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Ikea Russia’s new DC will be Jungheinrich’s biggest project yet

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Jungheinrich group will act as general contractor for all intralogistics equipment installed at the new DC – which is located 50 kilometres north-west of Moscow – while also performing the role of systems integrator. Cases dc distribution centre Ikea intralogistics Jungheinrich moscow

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Brushed and Brushless DC Motors Basics

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If your answer is a DC motor, congrats! Click in to see more about DC motors. The post Brushed and Brushless DC Motors Basics appeared first on Insight Solutions Global. From the name of the motorcycle, you may know that the motorcycle uses a motor. But do you know what kind of motor it is? But don't limit yourself. Motor

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Brushless DC Motors and Brushed DC Motors: What Are The Differences

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We compare brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors on the working principle, speed regulation and performance ends. The post Brushless DC Motors and Brushed DC Motors: What Are The Differences appeared first on Insight Solutions Global. What's the difference between brushed motor and brushless motor? Read on and see more details. Motor

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Supply Chain News on Treatment of Pregnant Workers in the DC a Growing Legal Issue

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Group of Senators Demands Information from XPO after Article on Miscarriages by New York Times

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on Best Markets for DC Labor

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New Report from CBRE Includes Chart Plotting Warehouse Labor Cost and Supply

Chain Reaction Supply Chain Cartoon for Feb. 5, 2019 on Different Views of Voice Technology in the DC

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Better Productivity Either Way

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Job opening: Manager Supply Chain Planning EMEA bij Herbalife

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People ambitie carrière dc distributiecentrum edc erp FMCG food herbalife Oracle vacature Venray Looking to make new strides in your career? Then look no further. A career at Herbalife offers a chance to change lives.

Toys“R”Us, Canada partners with SCI Logistics to Open New DC

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To better accommodate its customers in Western Canada, Toys“R”Us, Canada has partnered with SCI Logistics to open a new distribution centre in Delta, British Columbia. The 180,000 sq. facility is strategically positioned to receive goods from overseas and domestic manufacturers who can now ship directly to British Columbia for distribution to local Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us stores.

Supply Chain Thought Leadership Video Series on Applying Machine Learning to DC Productivity

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Machine Learning Can be Successfully Applied to Improve Labor Planning

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Supply Chain News on DHL Leading the Charge to Bring Smart Glasses to the DC with Expansion of its Pilot Program

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Successful Program at Ricoh DC in Europe to be Expanded in Scope, Implemented in Next Phase Pilots Across the Globe

Supply Chain News on UK Grocer Ocado Developing Robot to Assist DC Service Technicians

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SecondHands Humanoids Meant to Fetch Tools, Move Ladders, Remove Bolts to Make Technician Job Easier Using AI

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