Transportation Sourcing in an Omni-channel World

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Unfortunately, many retailers are jumping in without a plan — that is, they are taking a short-term, silo’ed approach to transportation sourcing and execution, and as a result, are failing to meet their desired outcomes. Also, is multi-functional engagement important and, how does omni-channel impact transportation sourcing? According to Joe, enVista’s Director of Transportation, “The key to omni-channel sourcing is that it requires you to understand your goals and objectives.

Research in Focus: Sourcing Trends and Concerns

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Below is an excerpt from a report published recently by Amber Road and the American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI) titled “ The Trade Trends Report: 2017 Report on Sourcing, Trade, and e-commerce.” Sourcing is the heart of today’s global supply chains, and decisions made on sourcing impact everything from transportation and shipping costs, to both social and regulatory compliance concerns.

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Responsible Sourcing! Making Sustainability Happen for Real!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Sustainability is created at the source of our products, services, and consumption. Sustainability is created from Responsible Sourcing. How can you make Responsible Sourcing a Reality? If you can excite the people around you about sourcing responsibly, chances are you’ll be able to formulate a network of internal champions. in this case, responsible sourcing. Source Smarter. Source: Purina. Gauge Output, Report and Refine. Source: Nestlé.

A Guide to Responsible Sourcing in Automotive, Electronics

Material Handling and Logistics

A new report assesses the importance of 37 materials to these industries and evaluates environmental, social and governance risks.

How Big Data Analytics is Revolutionizing Sourcing Processes for Walter Charles III


To get the details on big data and augmented analytics, download the Gartner report, How Augmented Analytics Will Transform Your Organization: A Gartner Trend Insight Report. . Sourcing with Big Data. Walter Charles’s philosophy on the modern state of sourcing is that it is artificially limited by the tools that teams are using. The traditional three bids and a buy model is a product of software constraints, rather than the ideal method of sourcing.

New report: End-to-end planning is “first major step” in tariff and trade management


Source: Preparing Your Supply Chain for Global Trade: Lessons from the Best-in-Class Companies , Bryan Bell, Aberdeen 2019. In 2018, it only took minutes to generate a report. by Sarah Harkins The days of preparing for new trade policies are over.

Report 139

COVID-19: Implications on inventory planning, sourcing and procurement


We need to look at alternative sources of procurement, of production, alternative factories, alternative countries. In the longer term he says they are focused on “Diversification of sourcing, reducing the dependence of single-source suppliers, and developing relationships with the key partners or IT [vendors] … and invest like no other into demand planning and control towers to give us the most fine-tuned information,” and ability to start making “crystal-ball like” predictions.

Lessons from the Latest Forrester Wave Reports


This month Forrester published 2 major Wave reports, which together span the full Source-to-Pay process. The second, authored by Andrew Bartels and published on December 18, is The Forrester Wave™: Source-To-Contract Suites, Q4 2019. But the report synopsis’ also support this.

Report 141

Understanding Your Sourcing Footprint is the Key to Procurement Analytics

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Direct conversations through on-site engagement with different lines of business is the most direct and effective means of understanding how sourcing processes are occurring today, as well as understanding how the sourcing need evolves and is expressed to suppliers. Supplier registration processes need to be designed around sourcing engagement processes, which track the supplier life cycle. Procure to Pay Strategic Sourcing Supply chain analytics

What Does It Take To Make Sourcing Truly Strategic?

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Marketplace pressures have forced procurement professionals to abandon traditional sourcing practices and implement more responsive strategies designed to promote organizational efficiency, agility and flexibility for growth, not to mention cost reductions. For businesses on the outside looking in, it might be difficult to understand how strategic sourcing differs from other long-established procurement practices. The post What Does It Take To Make Sourcing Truly Strategic?

Special Report: Supply Chain Trends in Retail and Consumer Goods

Supply Chain Brain

As the world moves toward near-sourcing, instantaneous commerce and automated logistics, these are the steps companies are taking to build efficient supply chains

Sorting out Risk in FinTech Source Chains


But emerging technology is now beginning to create new ways to think about sourcing risk, which in the past has been a very manual, encumbered process. This has caused banks to look at the flow of activities in the “source chain”, which refers to the way that third parties use bank data for different opreations. Today, this end to end sourcing process has literally hundreds of different steps in the process. Let’s examine the source chain in more detail.

Be more Strategic about Your Supply Chain Sourcing

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A strategic approach to sourcing what you need to keep your business moving can help avoid disruptions and stay competitive in today’s competitive market. A strategic approach to obtaining what you need to keep your business and products moving—whether you’re sourcing raw materials, manufactured accessories, or transportation capacity—can help avoid unforeseen disruptions and create a competitive advantage in today’s changing market.

New Research Report: The Future of Supply Chain is Networked Platforms

The Network Effect

Today I want to direct your attention to a really interesting report from ChainLink Research, “ Network Platforms–Solutions for Multi-Party Inter-Enterprise Processes “ The report explores a phenomenon that readers of this blog will definitely recognize–the rise of “many-to-many” cloud platforms that enable trading partners to securely and easily work together to satisfy consumer demand. Image by Michael Heiss/Flickr.

Energy efficiency: Are fossil fuels or renewables the more reliable source?

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By just about every measure, natural resources such as these are significantly more efficient than legacy sources like coal, natural gas and oil. “Which energy source gets you the most power delivery for your investment dollar? ” It raises an interesting question, however: Which energy source is the most efficient of them all? Germany is hoping that by 2030, approximately two-thirds of its energy will derive from sources like wind and solar.

How Big Data Analytics is Revolutionizing Sourcing Processes for Walt Charles


To get the details on big data and augmented analytics, download the Gartner report, How Augmented Analytics Will Transform Your Organization: A Gartner Trend Insight Report. . Sourcing with Big Data. Walt Charles’s philosophy on the modern state of sourcing is that it is artificially limited by the tools that teams are using. The traditional three bids and a buy model is a product of software constraints, rather than the ideal method of sourcing.

How to ride the Source to Pay Wave? 4 Lessons you can learn from Forrester


Last year Forrester published 2 major Wave reports, which together span the full Source-to-Pay process. The second, authored by Andrew Bartels and published on December 18, is The Forrester Wave : Source-To-Contract Suites, Q4 2019. It covers spend analysis , sourcing, contract management and supplier risk and performance management (SRPM), similar in scope to Gartner’s Strategic Sourcing Application Suites Magic Quadrant. Alex Saric, CMO, Ivalua.

How is technology transforming global sourcing ?


Does your business source products and services from global markets? If your company is sourcing goods and services internationally you could be reaping many benefits. However, you could also face many challenges when globally sourcing across geopolitical boundaries. Without good visibility, maximising the benefits from global sourcing is impossible, as it is impossible to track exactly how much is being spent. Global Sourcing Technology.

Strategic sourcing and ‘big data’


Big data is more than a buzz term, and if you are a strategic sourcing professional, it is a concept that should not be ignored. As a sourcing professional, big data can help you automate and streamline your job – if you have the right tools. This magnifies drastically when you multiply across all of sourcing, as well as suppliers, engineers, and managers. Now let’s turn to why you, as a sourcing professional, should care more about big data.

Ivalua Cited as a ‘Leader’ in Source-to-Contract Technology by Independent Research Firm


Report notes top customer reference scores for usability, implementation and ongoing support . in “ The Forrester Wave™: Source-to-Contract Suites, Q4 2019.” Ivalua is now the only vendor positioned as a Leader in four separate reports — the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites, Gartner Magic Quadrant for Procure-to-Pay Suites, The Forrester Wave™: eProcurement Platforms, Q4 2019 and this report.

Ivalua Recongized for Procurement Excellence at Future of Sourcing Awards


11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ivalua, a global leader in spend management , today announced that it was selected as the winner of both the Innovations in Third Party Management and Innovations in Digitization awards, presented at the Future of Sourcing Awards event in Carlsbad, CA. Fannie Mae has undertaken a multi-year digital transformation of its complete source-to-pay process to improve efficiency, mitigate risk and ensure transparency. SOURCE Ivalua.

Master Data Management: the value of one source of truth (vs. multiple sources)

HICX Solutions

To understand what is meant by describing a Master Data Management (MDM) solution as the single source of truth, it’s probably easier to start by looking at the multiple sources of truth that many businesses currently try (and struggle) to manage – namely Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Multiple sources of truth creates a lack of clarity. multiple sources) appeared first on HICX Solutions.

Locally Sourced and Organic…”*Where You Can!”


I had an interesting discussion with an expert in the food industry, and we discussed some of the emerging trends going on in food packaging and local sourcing for food. The food expert I spoke with noted that many of the food packaging companies are beginning to add the term Locally Sourced and Organic. So in the meantime, local food sourcing will remain a challenge – but the work of CEFS and our students will hopefully try to change that.

Supply Chain News on Leaving China Sourcing is Hard, but for Some Companies the Savings could be Significant

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New PwC Report Says Saving New 25 Percnt from Switching to Mexico or Other Asian Sourcing Points

Leveraging Scenario Planning for S&OP Decision Support


However, one-third of SCP leaders cite “the lack of effective decision making in the S&OP meeting process as the most critical problem to solve for their function’s overall performance” (source: Gartner, Improve S&OP Decision Making Through Scenario Planning , Supply Chain Research Team, 4 May 2020). Sales and Operations Planning gartner report S&OP S&OP decision support scenario analysis scenario planning

S&OP 149

Are Your Business Analytics and Reports in Distress?

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For businesses that use dashboards and other types of analytics and reports to help run their companies, it isn’t uncommon for many to find that that their reporting systems aren’t up to snuff until something critical happens like a lost major customer, decreased revenue, shrinking margins, and more. Many companies experience such distress because they consider more advanced analytics and reports as “nice to have” versus “mission critical.”

E-commerce strategy critical to success post-COVID finds new report


The research, part of Reuters Events: Supply Chain and CalAmp’s new Emerging Out of the Pandemic Supply Chain Report, which is free to download now here , has found that the transition is creating challenges for many however.

Asia 57

Ryder Publishes Corporate Sustainability Report

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a leader in transportation and supply chain management solutions, today announced that it has published a Corporate Sustainability Report highlighting Ryder’s progress towards improving the communities and environments where the Company does business. The report profiles Ryder’s efforts to drive business growth in economically viable, environmentally sound, and responsible ways. SOURCE: Ryder System, Inc. Ryder System, Inc.,

The Dispatch Report | March 2019, Issue No. 11


Plug and Play will not only introduce ShipChain to additional sources of capital, but it will help companies understand how they can save money, reduce delivery times, and, ultimately, increase business by integrating ShipChain’s track and trace platform into their global logistics network. The post The Dispatch Report | March 2019, Issue No.

Supplier Management and Sourcing in the Fashion Industry – Under the Spotlight


More than virtually any other sector, sourcing and supplier management in the fashion industry have been exposed to intense scrutiny in recent years, while the functions have become of increasingly strategic importance to business success. For example, a small up-market Italian or French brand will need to contend with issues such as whether to encourage ethical suppliers in Asia, or to “near-source” from Eastern European, or to local source from nearby artisanal producers?

Italy 40

2017 Supplier Responsibility Progress Report

Supply Chain 24/7

From responsible sourcing to recycling, every aspect of how Apple makes their products is deeply considered, this 11th annual Supplier Responsibility Progress Report details the advancements Apple made in 2016 throughout their supply chain

An update on required ‘Conflict’ Metals reporting…

Operations and Supply Chain Management

First Reports Filed to SEC on Potential Use of Minerals From a Region of War-Torn Africa. The admissions were among reports by nearly 1,300 U.S.-listed The SEC estimated conflict-mineral reports would cost companies up to $4 billion in the first year, and drop to between $200 million and $600 million in later years. Companies were projected to take about 480 hours, on average, to complete a report, compared with about 2,000 hours for a corporate annual report.

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New Industry Report Spotlights Product Innovation for a New Era – Evolving Products to Platforms in a Changing World

Arena Solutions

Spearheaded by Cloud PLM leader Arena Solutions, the report offers new operating principles of product innovation and practical lessons for product developers to navigate uncertain times and accelerate growth. Their combined feedback and insights culminated in the new industry report: More Than a Product: Innovation for a New Era.

Business Reporting and Business Intelligence: What’s the difference?


Business reporting and business intelligence (BI) are often referred to interchangeably, but the two are not the same. Business reports give a snapshot of a specific business period and many factors must be considered when preparing these reports. Information for a business report is generated directly from data sources such as ERPs, CRMs and even spreadsheets. Business reporting. Unleashed supports reporting from production to stock to sales.

Kearney reports post-COVID supply chains are battered but not broken


Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, supply chains were lauded for their ultra-efficient, single-source and just-in-time capabilities. A key finding highlighted in the report is that COVID-19 has been more economically damaging than a standard recession or an escalation of trade tensions. When the economic recovery begins to occur, it will likely be uneven and staggered warns the report.

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