Supply Chain Impacts from Russia-Ukraine Conflict

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I believe many of us are spending an abundance of time reading about the Russia-Ukraine war. Russia and Ukraine both provide exports that serve as inputs to many international companies. Its largest export markets are Russia, China, Germany, Poland, and Italy.

Supply Chain Risk Report: Ukraine-Russia Conflict


As people in the Ukraine and around the world anxiously monitor the threat of war with Russia, supply chain managers must take stock of the risks to their supply chains and focus on potential mitigation measures. and European firms have tier 1, 2 or 3 suppliers in Russia or the Ukraine.

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Russia-Ukraine war: semiconductor value chain impact


Russia’s attack on the Ukraine rapidly escalated into a humanitarian disaster, with several thousand killed—soldiers on both sides and Ukrainian militia volunteers and civilians—and more than 650,000 Ukrainian refugees forced to flee the violence (as of March 1).

How a Disruption in Gas Imports From Russia Could Affect Global Supply Chains

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However, what would happen if Russia really stopped exporting energy to Europe? The Economic Effects for Germany of a Stop of Energy Imports From Russia , examines the economic impact on Germany.

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Logistics Giants Halt Service in Russia, Ukraine

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and Europe’s biggest logistics firms have halted shipments to Russia, further isolating the country’s businesses and consumers after its military invaded Ukraine The U.S.

Supply Chain Risks Brought on by the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

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The post Supply Chain Risks Brought on by the Russia-Ukraine Crisis appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Ron Giles (pictured). Director of Advisory Services, LevaData. Industry Talk

Thousands of Russia-Linked Ship Containers Pile Up in Rotterdam

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Sanctions on Russia are snarling thousands of steel shipping containers and disrupting the heart of Europe’s economy

Russia’s War Puts Shipping’s Tentative Recovery in Jeopardy

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Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine has the shipping industry bracing for new shocks to its labor force, which relies on experienced crew from both countries

Johnson & Johnson Halts Supply of Personal-Care Products in Russia

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Johnson & Johnson suspended the supply of its personal-care products in Russia due to the “increasing scale of the humanitarian crisis” caused by the war in Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine War Snarls Global Supply Chains

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The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war continues to impact global supply chains, and it’s much more than many realize. Russia and Ukraine are also big exporters of grains such as corn, barley, and wheat as well as fertilizer.

U.S., EU Plan to Pledge Supply Chain Cooperation to Counter Russia

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and European Union plan to keep addressing supply chain and other disruptions as they project a unified front against Russia when high-level officials meet starting Sunday to discuss cooperation on trade and technology issues in Paris The U.S.

Firms Must Choose Between Russia and West, U.S. Official Says

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Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo says global companies have a choice to make between doing business in Russia or in Western allied nations

Metals Industry Agonizes Over War But Keeps Buying From Russia

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Behind-closed-doors discussions reflect a wide angst over whether to keep buying from Russia, as the industry weighs the stigma from the war against its own commercial interests — and the fact that vital metals like aluminum and copper were in short supply even before the invasion of Ukraine

Russia Bans Export of 200 Products After Suffering Sanctions Hit

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Russia announced an export ban for more than 200 products after the economy was hit by sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine. It stopped short of curbing sales of energy and raw materials, the country’s biggest contribution to global trade

Supply Chain Ripple Effects of Russia’s War in Ukraine


Russia’s war in Ukraine has captured the attention of the entire world. Perhaps France’s Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian , said it best when he stated that the sanctions aim at “asphyxiating Russia’s economy.”

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What’s at Stake for Global Economy as Russia Standoff Escalates

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A world economy that’s still recovering from COVID-19 faces new risks as the standoff between the West and Russia escalates

Renault Has No Good Options as Other Automakers Turn on Russia

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Renault, the European auto company most exposed to Russia, has a lot at stake and no good options

Dark Web Insights: Evolving Cyber Tactics Aim to Impact the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

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The post Dark Web Insights: Evolving Cyber Tactics Aim to Impact the Russia-Ukraine Conflict appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Ziv Mador (pictured). Vice President, Security Research, Trustwave SpiderLabs.

CNBC: These charts show how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed global oil flows

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These charts show how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed global oil flows. Sent from the CNBC app. Available on the App Store. – Bob

What Supply Chains Must Do to Comply With Sanctions Against Russia

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and Europe against Russia, in response to its invasion of Ukraine Global businesses need to know precisely how they’ll be affected by the widening economic sanctions imposed by the U.S.

Big Oil Walks Away After Decades in Russia

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First BP, then Shell. In just two days, Britain’s twin energy giants have dumped Russian investments nurtured over decades and shut themselves out of the world’s largest energy exporter, probably forever

G-7 Leaders Commit to Banning Imports of Oil From Russia

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Leaders of the Group of Seven most industrialized countries pledged to ban the import of Russian oil in response to President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine

Congress Makes Russia a Pariah on Trade, Adds Pressure on Putin

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Congress voted overwhelmingly Thursday to strip Russia’s normal trade status with the U.S. The U.S. and ban imports of its gas, oil and coal, adding to the economic squeeze by the U.S. and its allies to punish Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government over the invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s War Supercharges Push to Make New Green Fuel

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Europe’s push to wean itself off Russian natural gas is sparking billions of dollars in new commitments toward building a market for low-carbon hydrogen

What Does Russia's War Mean for Supply Chain Globalization?

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The last global shock drove businesses everywhere to rethink supply chain risk and resilience, but many have yet to take action. This time, it may be different

Europe’s Russia Coal Ban Foreshadows Higher Global Energy Prices

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Europe is taking a big gamble as it moves to ban Russian coal, potentially leaving itself vulnerable to shortages and rolling blackouts while the rest of the world contends with surging prices

How Analytics Can Mitigate the Supply Chain Impact of Russia's War

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A look at how supply chains have been disrupted by the war in Ukraine, along with tips on how to mitigate the conflict's impact with the help of artificial intelligence and analytics

FMCG Manufacturing, Sourcing and the Ukraine-Russia Unrest

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One recent escalation has been to ban the sale of EU goods inside Russia which is rather a throw-back to Cold War days when the same rule applied to iconic western branded goods like Coke and Wrangler jeans. In Cold War times big brand name FMCG consumption behind the iron curtain was probably driven by the efficiency of the black market and wider Russia was probably just a tempting white spot on the corporate globe.

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Top Talking Logistics Posts & Episodes – Plus Indago Highlights (Q1 2022)

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Russia-Ukraine War. Could the Russia-Ukraine War turn nuclear? Inflation. COVID-19. Slowing Economic Growth. Did I miss anything? It’s been an eventful first quarter of 2022, and the outlook for the rest of the year remains risky and uncertain (just like it’s been the past two years).

Why Russia’s Agricultural Import Ban is more Supply Chain than Economics

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In July the US, the European Union (EU), and select other countries instituted a number of trade and financial sanctions against Russia for its involvement in the separatist movement in neighboring Ukraine. The EU banned the export of military technology and certain technology used for oil and gas exploration and production in deep water, the […]. Regulations Supply Chain Network Design Supply Chain Planning Transportation

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Top Four Questions About Russia’s Serialization Laws, Answered

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Pharmaceutical distributors must be ready for Russia’s new serialization legislation, which takes effect on July 1

The Growing Demand for Supply Chain Compliance & Transparency

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Episode Highlights Global Trade Management Supply Chain Risk Management Descartes global trade management Jackson Wood Russia-Ukraine war supply chain compliance trade complianceThere are many unique disciplines within supply chain management, each having their own challenges and requirements.

Supply Chain Weekly Wrap-Up 02/25/2022- 03/03/2022

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Brands sever supply chain ties with Russia A growing list of corporate giants in various industries have decided to cut ties with Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine.

The impact of Russian Invasion on Global Supply Chains

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Russia’s invasion of neighboring country Ukraine has prompted global leaders across the world to respond with economic sanctions, as well as pledging support for Ukraine in various ways.

The impact of the European energy crisis on supply chains

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