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Supply Chain Impacts from Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Logistics Viewpoints

I believe many of us are spending an abundance of time reading about the Russia-Ukraine war. Russia and Ukraine both provide exports that serve as inputs to many international companies. Its largest export markets are Russia, China, Germany, Poland, and Italy. It is certainly worthy of our concerns as individuals.

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Geopolitical Risks to Supply Chains: China, Russia, and Beyond

Enterra Insights

He adds, “There are the Russia–Ukraine conflict, strenuous relationships among countries across the globe, internet restrictions, and competing interests across Europe. ” China and Russia People often refer to the “elephant in the room” when discussing obvious challenges that must be faced.

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How a Disruption in Gas Imports From Russia Could Affect Global Supply Chains

SCM Research

However, what would happen if Russia really stopped exporting energy to Europe? The Economic Effects for Germany of a Stop of Energy Imports From Russia , examines the economic impact on Germany. It is not yet clear what the consequences of this decree will be, as it also contains loopholes.

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Supply Chain Risk Report: Ukraine-Russia Conflict


As people in the Ukraine and around the world anxiously monitor the threat of war with Russia, supply chain managers must take stock of the risks to their supply chains and focus on potential mitigation measures. Russia produces about 12% of the world’s oil and is Europe’s largest natural gas supplier.

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Protecting Your Supply Chain Against Economic Uncertainty

Many are predicting a recession due to inflation rates, market performance, and global events like Russia's war in Ukraine. How will that economic uncertainty impact your supply chain? Discover 5 major supply chain risks and how to manage them.

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8 Countries and Regions Latest Sanctions Against Russia


Over the past year, Resilinc’s supply chain disruption monitoring platform EventWatch AI has sent out 242 alerts on sanctions against Russia. Thus far in 2023, EventWatch AI has sent 19 updates related to sanctions against Russia; 15 of those alerts were sent in February alone. Learn more about the impact of the EU diesel ban.

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U.S., EU Plan to Pledge Supply Chain Cooperation to Counter Russia

Supply Chain Brain

and European Union plan to keep addressing supply chain and other disruptions as they project a unified front against Russia when high-level officials meet starting Sunday to discuss cooperation on trade and technology issues in Paris.

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