Sourcing Your Supply Chain Successfully in Mexico

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Imagine a birds-eye view of a freeway at rush hour in any major American city, as the lanes fill up with every conceivable make and model of automobile.

Pros and Cons Behind the ‘Nearshore’ Move to Mexico

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For many, Mexico has become the near-shore destination of choice. economy and the trade benefits of NAFTA make Mexico an ideal sourcing partner. Yet, any move to Mexico isn’t without its pitfalls. or Mexico. Mexico has a young, relatively unskilled population.

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How Mexico is Fueling the Nearshoring Trend

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For many, Mexico has become the near-shore destination of choice. economy and the trade benefits of NAFTA make Mexico an ideal […].

Streamlining Cross-Border Distribution into Mexico for Pilot Pen

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Canada and Mexico, opportunities have never been better for retailers to streamline their cross-border distribution strategies. But to tap into Mexico and Canada’s infrastructure, technology and low-cost labor pools, you have to know your way around. With trade volumes up between the U.S,

Supply Chain Spotlight on Mexico: Takeaways from Logistic Summit & Expo 2015

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As I wrote last October, all signs point to Mexico playing a greater role in supply chains , as companies across a variety of industries grow their presence in the country, either manufacturing in Mexico or growing their supplier base there.

Is Mexico the New China? Why Manufacturers are Nearshoring and Re-shoring

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or Mexico. Of those companies, 63 percent say Mexico is the leading destination, citing lower freight costs and improved speed to market. and Mexico set record highs in 2014; the value of truck freight was up 8.8 In Part One of this series, we explored various aspects of the U.S.

Free Trade: Why U.S. Trade With Mexico and China Could Not Be More Different


Mexico and China frequently are labeled as scapegoats for U.S. Partially, this is because Mexico and China are currently our top two trading partners, comprising 15 percent and 17 percent of U.S. Mexico’s manufacturing sector is integrated with U.S.

Are hold-ups at the Mexico border holding up your order?

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and Mexico is at an all-time high. Given the boom in automotive manufacturing in Mexico, recent fiscal and energy reforms and extensions for the oil and gas industry, that traffic and resulting issues show no sign of subsiding. and Mexico government agencies and trade organizations.

Mexico Becoming More Attractive for Auto Production

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According to media reports, BMW is expected to announce sometime today that the German luxury automotive producer will invest upwards of $1 billion to build its first auto assembly plant in Mexico. Speculation is that the plant will be located in San Luis Potosi, about 250 miles northwest of Mexico City. An announcement is expected from a ceremony being planned today with the President of Mexico.

The Move to Mexico: The Trends and Challenges of Nearshoring

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In recent years there has been a trend of United States and Canadian companies turning to Mexico to manufacture goods, especially in the, auto, plastic, and aerospace.

Exploring Nearshoring in Mexico

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Mexico has become the destination of choice for many companies looking to benefit from its vastly improved infrastructure; increasingly skilled labor force; its proximity to the United States, as well as all Central and South American countries; and rapidly improving economic growth.

Growth and Improvements in Mexico’s Rail Network

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As we highlighted in a post last October, all signs point to Mexico playing a greater role in supply chains. From a transportation standpoint, the primary focus has been on cross-border trucking, but rail is also a critical component of Mexico’s transportation network. How has Mexico’s rail capabilities evolved over the past decade? What is the state of intermodal in Mexico? Live Episode: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 12:00 ET.

Mexico’s Energy Reform Creates Nationwide Demonstrations and Protests


Mexico’s Energy Reform Creates Nationwide Demonstrations and Protests | Transportfolio. Currently, there are more than 16 Mexico states and multiple highways affected by the protests, including: México-Toluca. Mexico Energy Reform

Report That Ford is Planning to Double Production Capacity in Mexico- The Political Dimensions Become More Prominent

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In August of 2014, we initially alerted our Supply Chain Matters readers to the growing attractiveness of Mexico as a North America based Manufacturing and export hub for the global automotive industry. Automotive Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Supply Chain Strategy Ford Motor Company Ford Supply Chain strategic production sourcing in Mexico Supply chain Matters blog supply chain strategic sourcing strategies

Intermodal on the Rise in Mexico

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Mexico’s rail capabilities have evolved significantly over the past decade, as Carlos Godinez, Intermodal Director, Mexico at Transplace , discussed in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. “It’s The change is most evident for cross-border intermodal shipments between the United States and Mexico: In the past, an intermodal train originating in Chicago, for example, used to stop at the border [before crossing into Mexico].

In Automotive Industry, Mexico is Indeed Becoming A North America and Export Production Center

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In a previous Supply Chain Matters commentary in early July, we noted a rising tide of production sourcing investments in Mexico among global based automotive OEM’s. In our commentary, we pointed to significantly more attractive direct labor rates, tariff-free access to markets, foreign currency challenges and global logistics as all contributing to the attractiveness of Mexico as a prime product export center.

Making E-Commerce Work in Mexico

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This week I’ll be in Mexico, giving a keynote at the CANIETI West Regional Annual Convention (Congress), which is taking place from July 30-August 2, 2015, at the Puerto Vallarta Jalisco Hotel: Grand Velas de Nuevo Vallarta.

Why U.S. Trade with Mexico and China Could Not Be More Different

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Losing a job to China is much more damaging for the United States than losing a job to Mexico. Adams Nager, Economic Policy Analyst, the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. read more. Global Supply Chain News

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 1: Door to Door Service Providers


Mexico Shipping Series Part 1: Door to Door Service Providers.Transportfolio. Mexico cross-border shipping. Mexico cross-border logistics provider. Mexico border you need a carrier in Mexico, and a Mexico customs broker, a drayman, a U.S.

Canada-Mexico Transportation Heats Up – What You Need to Know

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Canada-Mexico trade continues to heat up thanks in part to the growing number of company’s near-shoring operations to North America, particularly to Mexico, from Asia.

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 2: A Presence on Both Sides of The Border


Mexico Shipping Series Part 2: A Presence on Both Sides of The Border.Transportfolio. Mexico cross-border shipping, I covered some of the key benefits of a door to door service provider. Mexico Shipping Options. Mexico Cross-Border Shipping

5 Steps to Streamlining Cross Border Truck Traffic

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Mexico border. and Mexico is expected to hit $463 billion by 2020, notes Automotive Logistics magazine. Mexico trade and the auto industry should also attend the first Automotive Logistics Magazine’s Mexico Conference taking place January 27 th through the 29 th.

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 3: Transportation Success is More than a Low Rate per Mile


Mexico Shipping Series Part 3: Transportation Success is More than a Low Rate per Mile.Transportfolio by C.H. based organization that manufactures their product in Mexico approached us about improving their trucking rates. Mexico Supply Chain Cross-Border Shipping

Saludos desde Guadalajara

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This week we here at ModusLink announced some big news tied to our solutions center in Guadalajara, Mexico: we have secured AAA Status Certification for Ley del Impuesto al Valor Agregado (IVA) (Value Added Tax) and Ley del Impuesto al Valor Agregado (IEPS) (Product and Services Tax).

PINC and Tsol form a strategic alliance to provide the number-one selling Yard Management System (YMS) in Mexico


Union City, CA & Mexico City - December 12, 2017 - PINC, the number-one provider of yard management systems (YMS), finished vehicle logistics , and inventory robotics solutions to the world's largest brands, announced today a partnership with Tsol, a boutique consulting company that offers supply chain technology solutions to customers in Latin America. Tsol will be a strategic partner for PINC, representing and reselling the company’s yard management solution in Mexico.

This Week in Logistics News (December 5-9, 2016)

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Retailer Wal-Mart de Mexico to invest $1.3 billion in Logistics in Mexico (Reuters). On my morning walks to grade school, I would pretend to be an astronaut, jumping in zero gravity over the sidewalk cracks, my backpack filled with oxygen.

Editor’s Pick: NAFTA and Mexican Free Trade – Aiding Our Neighbor to the South

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Today’s post is by Troy Ryley at Transplace where he recommends that we keep developing a North America that supports trade and builds a strong infrastructure and economy for Mexico, Canada and the U.S. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and its effect on the United States has been a much-talked-about topic recently, and there exists a desire to either renegotiate or terminate NAFTA and implement additional taxes on goods that are made in Mexico and sold in the U.S.

NAFTA's Ugly Reality: U.S.-Mexico Wage Gap Is Actually Widening

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Despite all the promises, NAFTA is turning into the exact opposite of a growth miracle, especially in Mexico. Whatever the term, it applies in spades to Mexico in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) era. In Mexico’s policy circles, there’s little inclination to blame NAFTA.

25 Years in Mexico: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going


Robinson’s Silver Jubilee in Mexico: 25 years of working successfully with customers and carriers on cross-border and intra-Mexico transportation. Then as now, the United States remains Mexico’s largest trading partner. It’s C.H.

This Week in Logistics News (May 25-29, 2015)

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Robinson Celebrates 25 Years of Business in Mexico. Mexico freight totaled $45.2 Mexico freight than in March 2014. Mexico air freight rose 15.7 As I highlighted in a post last October, all signs point to Mexico playing a greater role in supply chains.

Cross-Border Trade: Made in Mexico

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companies stand to gain from establishing manufacturing operations in Mexico – if they manage the challenges

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 4: Preparedness for Cross-Border Shipping


Mexico Shipping Series Part 4: Preparedness for Cross-Border Shipping | Transportfolio. A supply chain that crosses the United States and Mexico border tends to have more links than those that exist in domestic shipping. Mexico Cross-Border Shipping

US Wants Mexico, Canada to Form Powerhouse to Keep Supply Regional

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Bloomberg. The Trump administration is re-examining a critical component of the free trade pact: the rules of origin, which dictate what percentage of a product must be manufactured in North America. read more. Global Supply Chain News

Nearshoring: Mexico – Is It Time?

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Mexico presents an attractive option for U.S.-based based companies moving all or a portion of their supply chains closer to home

Coming Soon: Increased Trade Efficiency at the United States-Mexico Border


southern border, Mexico’s government has recently approved legislation to allow armed U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents to operate at places of international trade within Mexico. agents in Mexico investigating narcotics and smuggling activities.

FMCSA Expands Program: Mexico Trucks in the United States


A little more than three years ago, FMCSA created a pilot program with 13 Mexico trucking companies. The pilot evaluated the safety and feasibility of allowing Mexico trucks to operate within the United States. What’s your experience with crossing the Mexico border?

This Week in Logistics News (May 12-16, 2014)

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Transplace and Celtic Expand Intermodal Services in Mexico. In other transportation-related news, Transplace announced that Celtic International has expanded its cross-border and intra-Mexico intermodal capabilities. In a recent report, Raymond James and Associates referred to Mexico as the “final frontier” for the North American intermodal market, stating, “Intermodal over the U.S./Mexico Mexico border remains in its infancy with market share in the low single digit rates.”.

Mexico Projecting a More Ambitious NAFTA Schedule than U.S. Suggests

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Foreign Relations Minister Luis Videgaray says NAFTA deal could be reached by end of the year, but U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross indicated expectation talks would last into 2018

Is it Time for a Cross-Border Checkup?


Over the last few months, I’ve spoken with many companies where Mexico is an increasingly important aspect of their supply chain. Growth in Mexico’s manufacturing sector.

Innovation and Design in Mexico: Why Mexico Might be Right for Your Company

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Next week I’ll be travelling down to a location very familiar to us here at ModusLink; Guadalajara, Mexico. While there I’ll be giving a keynote at the annual MIND (Mexico Innovation and Design) conference, taking place this year from November 1-3, 2016.