5 Things to Know About U.S.-Mexico Logistics

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Trade flowing across the United States-Mexico border has grown exponentially since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was enacted in 1994. It has been further spurred by the trend of nearshoring over the last decade, as American companies have relocated their manufacturing facilities to Mexico to take advantage of a skilled workforce, improving infrastructure, and proximity to the United States. carrier tractors to a 26-kilometer zone inside the Mexico border.

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Mexico Back in the Supply Chain Spotlight

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It seems like we’ve come full circle with Mexico. A lot of companies set up operations and sourced from Mexico back in the 90s, then the focus shifted to China and other Asian countries, and now Mexico is back in the spotlight. What is it about Mexico that makes it an attractive trading partner again? There are roughly 4,000 maquilas operating in Mexico today…. . Luckily for Mexico, the U.S. Mexico has built up substantial reserves.

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Chainalytics Partners with Mexico-based Consulting Firm Tsol to Launch Intra-Mexico Freight Benchmarking Service


Atlanta, GA (March 11, 2019) — Chainalytics, a global leader in supply chain consulting, analytics, and market intelligence has entered into a strategic alliance with Tsol, a Mexico-based consulting firm and logistics technology provider, to deliver its freight rate benchmarking service within Mexico.

All Signs Point to Mexico Playing a Greater Role in Supply Chains

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What do you think about Mexico? My short answer: What do your customers think about Mexico? For most 3PLs, their customers — across a variety of industries — are growing their presence in Mexico, either manufacturing there or growing their supplier base there, so 3PLs need to align their services and capabilities accordingly to the changing supply chain networks of their customers. Mexico mode…Freight moved by pipeline increased 11.4

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Supply Chain Spotlight on Mexico: Takeaways from Logistic Summit & Expo 2015

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As I wrote last October, all signs point to Mexico playing a greater role in supply chains , as companies across a variety of industries grow their presence in the country, either manufacturing in Mexico or growing their supplier base there. Jim Tompkins , CEO of Tompkins International, E-Commerce Trends : Tompkins highlighted various e-commerce trends and stats in Mexico, including the fact that Mexico is the second largest e-commerce market in South America behind Brazil.

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Growth and Improvements in Mexico’s Rail Network

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As we highlighted in a post last October, all signs point to Mexico playing a greater role in supply chains. From a transportation standpoint, the primary focus has been on cross-border trucking, but rail is also a critical component of Mexico’s transportation network. How has Mexico’s rail capabilities evolved over the past decade? What is the state of intermodal in Mexico? Live Episode: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 12:00 ET.

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2020 Marks 30 Years Working in Mexico: Then and Now

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This year marks three successful decades of growing and working with customers and carriers in Mexico. Robinson first opened an office in Monterrey, Mexico, the United States has since remained one of Mexico’s largest trading partners in the import and export business.

Winter produce increases reefer volumes from Mexico

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demand for winter produce, which is why, at this time of the year, we start to see an increase in volume across the southern border from Mexico. . The deeper we get into winter, the further south shippers go to meet U.S.

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What Transportation Professionals Need to Know About the U.S.-Mexico Border Situation

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Mexico border to help process people crossing the border. Mexico border delays in an uncertain atmosphere: Look for opportunities to convert modes of services. Mexico border situation with both on the ground updates regarding port delays and operational impacts, as well as policy updates from Washington, D.C. Mexico Border Situation appeared first on Transportfolio. On March 27, U.S.

Mexico Logistics: Manufacturing in Mexico, Distribution in the U.S.

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For many companies, Mexico has long been an ideal manufacturing location due to lower costs and close proximity to American consumers. Mexico logistics is often fraught with hurdles such as border uncertainties, inadequate warehouse capacity, and security concerns. To overcome these hurdles, many companies are enjoying the best of both worlds: manufacturing in Mexico and shipping finished goods to a U.S.

Is Mexico the World's Next Manufacturing Hub?


Mexico may become the global manufacturing nerve center if the country plays its cards right. According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, Mexico ranks number eight out of 40 countries including Canada, Sweden, and Vietnam. are among the reasons Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler produce some of their vehicles in Mexico, with Ford to double its production starting 2018 via a new plant in San Luis Potosi.

Exploring Nearshoring in Mexico

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Mexico has become the destination of choice for many companies looking to benefit from its vastly improved infrastructure; increasingly skilled labor force; its proximity to the United States, as well as all Central and South American countries; and rapidly improving economic growth. Coinciding with Mexico’s rise as an attractive target for industrial opportunity are the […].

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Logistics Alert: The Gridlock Situation at the U.S.-Mexico Border


Mexico Border. According to recent reports, trucks crossing the border between Mexico and the United States are currently hitting delays of up to 12 hours. Reuters has reported that “the reshuffling of border agents, announced last week to process the record number of migrant families entering the United States from Mexico, prompted delays of up to 12 hours for trucks crossing from Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez to El Paso, Texas.”. Mexico Border appeared first on.

Billion Dollar Port Plan Brings Mega-Retailer To Mexico


Walmart Explores Mexico’s Supply Chain. Over the last several months, Walmart— the world's largest retailer— has slowly been increasing the share of products it imports through Mexico, a move that many other retailers have been reluctant to make for decades. Mexico’s ports have long been considered North America’s least attractive option for retailers looking to import goods to the continent. Despite these drawbacks, Walmart is continuing to bank on Mexico’s supply chain.

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Questions Companies with U.S.-Mexico Trade Should be Asking

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Mexico border, his words seem unusually predictive. Mexico trade risks. Mexico border is causing congestion —and creating havoc—for many supply chains in the same way Mr. Kass described. . The situation has raised a question many of us in the logistics industry never anticipated asking: should companies reassess safety stock levels for Mexico-sourced products due to the risk of an unreliable customs clearance process? Mexico border are severely delayed?

U.S. Company Stops Sale of Chemical Used in Mexico Heroin Supply Chain

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company selling a chemical across Mexico that is essential for making heroin stopped all sales in the country after an investigation found it was easily diverted to produce the drug fueling a U.S. A U.S.

Intermodal on the Rise in Mexico

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Mexico’s rail capabilities have evolved significantly over the past decade, as Carlos Godinez, Intermodal Director, Mexico at Transplace , discussed in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. “It’s The change is most evident for cross-border intermodal shipments between the United States and Mexico: In the past, an intermodal train originating in Chicago, for example, used to stop at the border [before crossing into Mexico].

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Nearshoring: Mexico – Is It Time?

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Mexico presents an attractive option for U.S.-based based companies moving all or a portion of their supply chains closer to home

Why U.S. Companies Are Moving Their Supply Chains From China to Mexico

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The U.S.-China China trade war already had American companies rethinking their relationships with Chinese manufacturers. Then came two additional nails in the coffin

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Mexico’s Energy Reform Creates Nationwide Demonstrations and Protests

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Mexico’s Energy Reform Creates Nationwide Demonstrations and Protests | Transportfolio. Due to the Mexico government’s recent deregulation and energy reforms that kicked off 2017, the country is currently experiencing intense protests and disruptions along many major federal highways throughout Mexico. Currently, there are more than 16 Mexico states and multiple highways affected by the protests, including: México-Toluca. Mexico Energy Reform

The Move to Mexico: The Trends and Challenges of Nearshoring

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In recent years there has been a trend of United States and Canadian companies turning to Mexico to manufacture goods, especially in the, auto, plastic, and aerospace. Read more. 05/05/2015. Global. Supply Chain. Transportation. Supply Chain, Global , Transportation, Cross-Border. Cross-Border Global Global Supply Chain Supply Chain Transportation Transportation

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U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 3: Transportation Success is More than a Low Rate per Mile

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Mexico Shipping Series Part 3: Transportation Success is More than a Low Rate per Mile.Transportfolio by C.H. based organization that manufactures their product in Mexico approached us about improving their trucking rates. Mexico cross-border shipping series in the coming weeks, which will discuss the importance of modal and routing alternatives—as both a diversification strategy and for contingency planning. Mexico Supply Chain Cross-Border Shipping

Auto Manufacturers Nearshore to Mexico to Shorten Supply Chain


Mexico offers a skilled and affordable work force. Some companies have found success by nearshoring to Mexico instead of going with traditional options for offshoring facilities. Ford Opens New Facility in Mexico. billion facility in Mexico to be completed by the end of 2020.

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 2: A Presence on Both Sides of The Border

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Mexico Shipping Series Part 2: A Presence on Both Sides of The Border.Transportfolio. Mexico cross-border shipping, I covered some of the key benefits of a door to door service provider. Cross-border shipping is complex, but a logistics supplier with offices in the United States and Mexico can provide the knowledge and services that help deliver a smoother cross-border shipping experience. Mexico Shipping Options. Mexico Cross-Border Shipping

Walmart Mexico’s Alex Guerrero Explains How Digital Innovations Empower Employees [Video]


Part-four of the Executive Exchange video series from JDA introduces us to Alex Guerrero of Walmart Mexico, who shares his vision for digital transformation at Walmart. The post Walmart Mexico’s Alex Guerrero Explains How Digital Innovations Empower Employees [Video] appeared first on Supply Chain Nation Blog. As Alex explains, it’s digital transformation that will evolve work culture and it’s this component that will impact both customer service and internal operations alike.

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 4: Preparedness for Cross-Border Shipping

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Mexico Shipping Series Part 4: Preparedness for Cross-Border Shipping | Transportfolio. A supply chain that crosses the United States and Mexico border tends to have more links than those that exist in domestic shipping. Mexico trade is highly concentrated on a few highways and rail lines in Mexico, route diversity and flexibility is an important part of a cross border preparedness plan. It’s common for only one railroad company to serve even major routes in Mexico.

How United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA) Will Impact North American Cross-Border Shipments

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Mexico, and Canada released text to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on September 30, 2018. For Mexico, $117 (USD) for customs duties and $50 (USD) for taxes (Section 7.8.f). The post How United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA) Will Impact North American Cross-Border Shipments appeared first on Transportfolio. The U.S.,

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 6: How to Improve Your Customs Broker Relationship

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Mexico borders. and Mexico brokerage, bridge drayage, warehousing, and transportation) together under a single provider. Mexico Shipping Series: U.S./Mexico Mexico Shipping Series Part 1: Door-to-Door Service Providers. Mexico Shipping Series Part 2: A Presence on Both Sides of The Border. Mexico Shipping Series Part 3: Transportation Success is More than a Low Rate per Mile. Mexico Shipping Series Part 4: Preparedness for Cross-Border Shipping.

Why U.S. Trade with Mexico and China Could Not Be More Different

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Losing a job to China is much more damaging for the United States than losing a job to Mexico. Adams Nager, Economic Policy Analyst, the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. read more. Global Supply Chain News

U.S./Mexico Shipping Series Part 1: Door to Door Service Providers

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Mexico Shipping Series Part 1: Door to Door Service Providers.Transportfolio. Mexico cross-border shipping. Mexico cross-border logistics provider. Mexico border you need a carrier in Mexico, and a Mexico customs broker, a drayman, a U.S. Mexico cross-border service was challenging. Mexico border, download our whitepaper, U.S.-Mexico Mexico Shipping Options. Global Transportation Mexico 3PL Shipping

Nearshoring: Mexico – Is It Time?

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Mexico presents an attractive option for U.S.-based based companies moving all or a portion of their supply chains closer to home

The Near-Shoring Trend: Will China’s Loss Be Mexico’s Gain?

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markets, Mexico seems to come and go As a favored source of low-cost manufacturing for U.S.

Southwest Airlines Cargo Now Shipping Internationally, Beginning With Mexico


Cargo is expanding internationally in its shipping operations, with Mexico City the first port of call and further routes planned shortly. We applaud Southwest Airlines' decision to expand cargo operations between Mexico City and Houston Hobby Airport. Southwest Airlines Co. Southwest is going to focus on building up international shipping capabilities and experience in the Mexican market first.

Making E-Commerce Work in Mexico

ModusLink Corporation

This week I’ll be in Mexico, giving a keynote at the CANIETI West Regional Annual Convention (Congress), which is taking place from July 30-August 2, 2015, at the Puerto Vallarta Jalisco Hotel: Grand Velas de Nuevo Vallarta. The post Making E-Commerce Work in Mexico appeared first on ModusLink Global Solutions. Global & Responsive Commerce B2C digital e-commerce Mexico mobile

Canada-Mexico Transportation Heats Up – What You Need to Know

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Canada-Mexico trade continues to heat up thanks in part to the growing number of company’s near-shoring operations to North America, particularly to Mexico, from Asia. The rising cost to produce in Asia, as well as the cost of ocean and air transportation continuously rising, port congestion and demand on speed to market are all contributing […]. Guest Commentary Logistics Outsourcing Logistics Service Providers Reverse Logistics Transportation

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