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Supply Chain Resilience. Really?

Supply Chain Shaman

Today, I speak at the North American Manufacturing Association, Manufacturing Leadership Conference, in Nashville on the use of data to improve supply chain resilience. Background The Council of Supply Chain Resilience met for the first time this month. What is supply chain resilience? The reason?

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What is Multimodal Shipping?


Multimodal shipping represents how companies can find new value within their supply chains and augment efficiency without dramatically increasing landed costs. While multimodal continues to change in the wake of disruption from the pandemic this year, interest in new shipping strategies has exploded.

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Energy Transition in Supply Chain

Logistics Viewpoints

Supply chain sustainability has become a very hot topic, but for a lot of people, there is uncertainty around its meaning. There are three responses in this question that address supply chain sustainability: align with our goals, mission, and values; meet consumers expectations; and increase profitability.

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Decision-Centric Planning: Tackling Real-World Supply Chain Challenges


Imagine a retail giant striving to meet surging online orders while grappling with unpredictable shipping delays caused by natural disasters. In our previous discussion on decision-centric planning , we explored its fundamental principles and how it can revolutionize supply chain management.

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The Greener Last Mile

Here are the biggest and easiest opportunities for shippers looking to "green up" their shipping footprint. Sustainability is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s a must-have. Consumers can see through brands’ green-washing.

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What is Supply Chain Decision Support? Are We Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic?

Supply Chain Shaman

Supply management. Supply chain management. Supply chain planning. Increasing Maturity of the Role of the Forecast for the Supply Chain Leader This gets me back to why technologies are not improving enterprise leadership’s ability to forecast and manage revenue. Are these terms the same?

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Reinventing Ecommerce Shipping with Itamar Zur

The Logistics of Logistics

Itamar Zur and Joe Lynch discuss reinventing ecommerce shipping. About Veho Veho ’s mission is to power the future of commerce by making shopping, shipping and returns work seamlessly for everyone. Veho is reinventing shipping, and all parts of the post-purchase experience as we know it.

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Hot Off the Grill: Optimizing Summer Supply Chains for Seasonal Staples

Speaker: Glenn Koepke and Steve Rotter

This webinar – coming to you from Glenn’s own backyard – discusses the importance of supply chain visibility for seasonal shipping, new product promotions, and holiday ramping in the F&B and retail industries while providing sizzling secrets to creating the juiciest meats for your barbecue.

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How much do shoppers care about eco-friendly shipping?

Sifted ran a survey to determine consumer attitudes towards eco-friendly shipping and packaging. We gained valuable insight into how it affects buying decisions, if they'll pay more for eco-friendly shipping, and much more.

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2022 Peak Season Shipping Checklist

This checklist will help you efficiently manage your supply chain to prepare for holiday spikes in volume and demand. Guarantee success with this free Peak Season Checklist—a guide for parcel shippers to navigate the chaos of Q4.

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Industry 4.0: Are You Ready?

The supply chain is moving towards automation - and even awareness - that will change how products are ordered, manufactured, shipped and consumed. Are you ready? This evolution is called Industry 4.0, and it's happening now.

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Key Questions for a Successful Distribution Network

Speaker: Irina Rosca, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Helix

As we plan for the world of eCommerce and the customer expectation of quick, free shipping, our ability to forecast is turned on its head. If we're going to offer the speed of shipping and variety of inventory that today's customers have come to expect, there are a lot of different questions that need to be asked.

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Smarter Networks for Customer Fulfillment

Speaker: Hannah Testani, COO, Intelligent Audit

You've probably noticed that shipping costs are going up. It's 2019, and consumers are expecting shipping to be cheap and quick, but that can turn into a real headache from the shipper's side of the equation if you don't make the appropriate changes. Have you ever wondered if your transportation spend is as optimized as it could be?

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Electrofuels Are the Future: The Driving Force to Decarbonizing Heavy Transport

Speaker: Ayesha Choudhury - Senior Vice President, Head of Capital Markets at Infinium

However, some sectors are lagging behind and struggling to decarbonize more than others, including large-scale transportation like commercial aviation, shipping, and rail transit. With the first wave of the energy transition, renewable energy sources (such as solar and wind) have begun replacing coal power generation.

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Port Congestion Shines Light on Visibility Gaps

Port congestion is a standout topic in current conversations surrounding logistics and the supply chain. The current state of visibility –– or lack thereof –– in maritime shipping, and its contribution to port congestion. With consumer demand and e-commerce at an all-time high, huge spikes in U.S.