DHL Supply Chain’s Digital Transformation in the Warehouse

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In 2018, DHL Supply Chain announced its plans to deploy emerging technologies in 350 of its North American facilities. Earlier this month, Brian Gaunt, Senior Director of Accelerated Digitization at DHL, provided me with an update on the company’s warehouse digitization journey.

The Saga of Supply Chain Innovation

Supply Chain Shaman

As supply chain leaders face heightened demand uncertainty and extreme supply chain disruption, the answer is not going to come from Silcon Valley. What Does This Mean for Supply Chain Technology? What Does This Mean for Supply Chain Leaders?


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What Are the Different Types of Careers in Warehousing?

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Warehouses are a critical element in modern logistics and supply chain management. … General Logistics Supply Chain Management careers job labor logistics management operations supply chain supply chain jobs supply chain management warehouse warehousing

Changing Winds in Supply Chain

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“When will the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain be over?” The building of the global supply chain over the last seven decades evolved based on three assumptions: Number 1. Shippers pushed cost and waste backward in the supply chain.

5 Powerful Prescriptive Analytics Examples in Supply Chain

Prescriptive analytics is a type of advanced analytics that optimizes decision-making by providing a recommended action. Supply chain, with its complex planning questions, is typically an area where optimization technology is required. Read about 5 use cases.

Changing Winds in Supply Chain

Supply Chain Shaman

“When will the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain be over?” The building of the global supply chain over the last seven decades evolved based on three assumptions: Number 1. Shippers pushed cost and waste backward in the supply chain.

Save The Supply Chain Leader From Groupthink

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Thirty-one months of supply chain disruption. The Russian invasion of Ukraine stretches into a much longer war resulting in serious disruptions to the food, automotive, and semi-conductor supply chains. Supply Chain Performance over the Period of March 2020 to July 2022.

Top 20 Warehouse Automation Suppliers Worldwide

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ARC Advisory Group began conducting formalized research on the global warehouse automation market in 2014. We define the market as those warehouse automation providers responsible for delivery of the system to the end-user (to eliminate double-counting).

Automation in 45 Minutes! Fully automated Rack Clad Warehousing solutions from SSI SCHAEFER

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

To generate higher margins and create higher efficiencies in our supply chains, we need to address several processes in our operations portfolio. Logistics & warehousing infrastructures are a critical part of any supply chain operational model.

Intermodal Summit: How supply chain upheaval is impacting warehousing

The Supply Chain Journal

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: How warehousing is responding to demand and disruption in the supply chain. FreightWaves Senior Analyst Andrew Cox talks to Dale Young of World Distribution Services (WDS) about how his company is responding to the changing warehousing needs of shippers.

A Supply Chain Leader’s Guide to Managing Disruption With Modern Analytics

Learn to manage disruption with modern supply chain analytics.

Changing Winds in Supply Chain

Supply Chain Shaman

“When will the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain be over?” The building of the global supply chain over the last seven decades evolved based on three assumptions: Number 1. Shippers pushed cost and waste backward in the supply chain.

Network Supply Chain Transformation at UScellular

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The Association for Supply Chain Management ( ASCM ) hosted its annual conference, ASCM CONNECT , on September 18 – 20 in Chicago. As such, I assumed that supply chain wasn’t a core competency. Network Supply Chain Restructure.

Airbnb for Warehousing

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For my part, I was just providing a short preview of the results I’m starting to see from my survey surrounding the best ways to improve warehouse performance. Supply Chain Network Design Warehousing Last Thursday, I was a participant in an interesting Webinar put on by eft (eyefortransport). I’ll be presenting these results at eft’s 3PL Summit, June 16th through […].

Why Warehousing Matters

The Network Effect

There are few people today who believe that warehousing is simply a storage function – but many still have logistics. The post Why Warehousing Matters appeared first on The Network Effect. Distribution Transportation Warehousing 3pl digital supply chain distribution logistics multiparty networks reverse logistics warehouseing

Case Study: DSV Implements a Single-Instance Control Tower with a Global Footprint

This case study illustrates how DVS implemented a Single-Instance Control Tower with a Global Footprint to deal with the challenge of connecting people, systems, and processes.

8 methods for making your warehouse more sustainable in 2021

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Even before the pandemic happened, the warehousing industry was on fire.

Wanted: Supply Chain Architects!

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Manufacturing is the foundation of my interest in supply chain management. Supply Chain and Design. So when the warehouse team threatened to unionize, I transferred into a distribution, warehouse environment. This was the beginning of my journey from manufacturing to understanding larger supply chain concepts. Warehouse Management and Transportation Management were in their infancy. Supply chain design looks very different by company.

Revitalizing the Food Supply Chain

Enterra Insights

A recent article published by the World Economic Forum ran under a headline declaring the global food supply chain dead.[1] ” His arguments beg the question: Can the global food supply chain be fixed? ” Food Supply Chain Troubles.

Food 130

2022 Supply Chain Predictions

Logistics Viewpoints

ARC analysts have published predictions about supply chain technology trends at the beginning of the year in past years. Supply Chain Disruptions Will Diminish, but Remain Substantial. Inflation Will Hinder Supply Chain Resiliency, Supply Diversification Efforts.

How Automation in the Supply Chain Will Make Employees More Strategic & Improve the Overall Supply Chain

Speaker: Adam Robinson, Director of Marketing, Cerasis

In this educational webinar, Adam Robinson from Cerasis, a leading North American Transportation Management Solutions Company, will address how automation in the supply chain is allowing companies to empower their employees with a more strategic work flow aiding in overall collaboration with peers across departments, improved business operations, more efficient manufacturing, a healthier corporate culture, and more visibility to data and processes providing the ability to gain actionable insights that lead towards actions that impact the company’s bottom line.

Supply Chain Weekly Wrap-Up 11/11/2022-11/18/2022

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Ukraine says Grain Deal will be Extended Following a United Nations brokered deal, to allow exports of Ukrainian grain from the Black Sea, is set to be extended by a… General Weekly wrap-up amazing supply chain amazon china electric vehicles robotics shipping trade turkey Ukraine United Nations USA volvo warehouse automation

The Supply Chain Has Synchronization Problems

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Almost everyone knows global supply chains have experienced challenges over the past year. When it comes to global supply chains, there are a lot more than two activities that must take place in harmony if things are going to proceed as planned.

2021 Logistics Outlook: Emerging Trends In Warehousing


As COVID-19 continues to reshape the supply chain, we're looking ahead to the emerging trends in warehousing you need to be aware of to ensure your organization thrives in 2021. Five Emerging Trends In Warehousing To Prepare For In 2021. Transform The Warehouse Network.

Trends 156

What is the Warehouse Role in Fulfilment?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Featuring Our 10 Best Warehouse Order Fulfillment Articles! There is nothing new about warehousing. Merchandise warehousing can be defined as “the storage of commodities and products for profit”. Warehousing – the basics.

The Essential Guide to Modern Supply Chain Analytics

Discover the benefits of a modern approach to supply chain analytics using Active Intelligence®.

Up Your Warehouse Productivity with These New Communication Trends

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Every warehouse manager understands how important communication is to the daily activities of the institution. Proper flow of information is essential to ensure employees know what they need to do… General Inventory management communication Intranet warehouse warehousing wearables

The New World Of Warehousing with Matt Fain

The Logistics of Logistics

The New World Of Warehousing with Matt Fain. Matt Fain and Joe Lynch discuss the new world of warehousing. Matt is the Co-Founder and CEO of popcapacity , which is dedicated to simplifying the process for sourcing warehouse space. Key Takeaways: The New World Of Warehousing .

Supply Chain Fraud 101

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Supply chain disruptions are continuing to occur for a variety of reasons. One issue that does not get talked about as much, however, is supply chain fraud. What exactly do I mean by supply chain fraud? Supply Chain Risk Management supply chain fraud

Best Practices for Warehouse Management Systems to Reduce Supply Chain Costs

BR Williams Supply Chain Management

Reduce Supply Chain Costs. With warehouse management systems in the supply chain, businesses go from struggling with consumer demands and hidden bottlenecks to flourishing in sales and expanding with new business strategies. What is a warehouse management system?

Drone Automation for Warehouse 4.0

The digital transformation of warehouses – driven by safety, cost and time benefits – is underway across the world. Technologies such as IoT, AI,and drones are augmenting the business value created by adoption of RFID, robots and real-time analytics. UAVs

Guide to FMCG Supply Chain – Deliver Function

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

Welcome to the Deliver edition of our FMCG supply chain guide. Each discipline is a key room in the Enchange Supply Chain House which provides a guide to your supply chain improvement journey.

How Smart CEOs Leverage Supply Chain!

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth Has Arrived! But few have in-depth experience in Supply Chain, let alone understand how to leverage Supply Chain. What Does Supply Chain Include?

Warehouse Safety: 5 Steps You Need To Take


Warehouse businesses thrive where there is orderliness. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there is an average of 16 fatalities yearly in the warehousing and storage industry and an More. The post Warehouse Safety: 5 Steps You Need To Take appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Supply Chain Warehouse warehouse safetyThey also do well when employees are safe.

Pushing the Supply Chain Reset Button

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The global supply chain that we know today is built on three assumptions: rational government policy, low variability, and availability of logistics. The impact varies by supply chain sector and value chain. The days of financial supply chain reengineering are over.

10 FAQs on Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

TMS have evolved to include robust functionality around modes, warehouse steps, visibility, cost-to-serve, and much more. Use this FAQ sheet to discover new solution benefits, capabilities, and opportunities available to get the highest ROI on your investment.

5 Megatrends Shaping Supply Chain Innovations

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

5 Megatrends Shaping Supply Chain Innovations. Companies need to re-evaluate their supply chain strategies, if they are still most optimal. They need to review their suitable supply chain objectives, supply chain design, and key performance indicators.

FMCG Warehousing: 4 Frequent Flaws to Avoid

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

Need a change in your supply chain performance now? While transformational structural changes cannot be rushed, there are several initiatives you can consider to make rapid changes in your supply chain. FMCG Dave Jordan Warehousing supply chain excellence

People and Halal Supply Chains

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Muslim (majority) countries in Asia (such as Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia) and several countries in the Middle East are moving to stage 3: the halal supply chain. This new standard has three modules: transportation, warehousing, and retailing. People and Halal Supply Chains.

The Age of Agility: Building Resilience in the Supply Chain

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

The Age of Agility: Building Resilience in the Supply Chain. Feature Article by Anthony Beavis, Managing Director APAC at Körber Supply Chain. The recent business and economic disruption has shed a light on the fragility of many global supply chains.