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Negotiating With A Chatbot: A Walmart Procurement Case Study

Talking Logistics

Read more The post Negotiating With A Chatbot: A Walmart Procurement Case Study appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. More than two-thirds of the respondents (68%) said they weren’t using AI and.

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Three Ways Center-of-Gravity Studies Lead You Astray


Here we see the classic paradox of center of gravity studies — they are simple and believable, but they are only a proxy for what the logistics expert is trying to optimize: cost and service time. Many logistics experts fall back on a center of gravity study to do routine network optimization such as a warehouse location selection.

Modeling 173

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Descartes’ Study Reveals 65% of Companies Plan to Accelerate Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Investment


Descartes’ Study Reveals 65% of Companies Plan to Accelerate Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Investment ATLANTA, Georgia and LONDON, U.K., Moreover, 65% plan to increase their technology spending over the next two years; however, 87% indicated they still face internal inhibitors to supply chain and logistics innovation.

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Global Study Reveals 52% of Vital Digital Supply Chain Transformation Efforts Hamstrung by Skills and Labor Crunch


With respondents’ top growth investment for 2022 being “increasing recruitment and training efforts”, this year’s study reveals the profound effect that current labor shortages are having on digital supply chain transformation.

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How One Manufacturer Used GEP SOFTWARE To Save $45M in Direct Material Sourcing

This new case study, Global Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Saves $45M in Direct Material Sourcing With GEP SOFTWARE, outlines how the company partnered with GEP to streamline its direct material sourcing process and increase spend visibility, leading ultimately to savings of $45 million and improved efficiency and governance.

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Is your freight invoice accurate? A new study claims it might not be.

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

A recent study claims that as much as 20% of invoices are incorrect, making billing accuracy a significant industry problem. Another study from the Dreary Report from 2018, states that inefficiencies, pain points and lack of automation in the maritime industry result in costs adding up to a staggering $34.4 MORE FROM THIS EDITION.

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Ivalua Study: Tech Challenges Hinder Procurement


New Ivalua study shows technology challenges are hindering procurement teams from achieving business objectives. The study revealed the challenges procurement teams face when it comes to achieving business objectives and the wide and growing gap in performance between advanced and less mature teams. Download the full study here.

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Supply Chain Evolution: Digital Transformation Is the Way Forward

A new study by The Economist shows that 54% of enterprises want to rethink their supply chains. Make them more agile and resilient. How would supply chains evolve from here? And what should supply chain leaders be doing differently? Download the report today!

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Multi-Tier Supply Chain Application Enables Fortune 100 Company to Gain Visibility

Download the case study by TadaNow today! Learn how TadaNow’s “Multi-Tier Collaboration App” connected processes, companies, and partners, and provided much needed visibility to better manage risks in normal and disruptive cycles.

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CEVA Logistics Drives Agile, Multi-Leg Inbound Flows for Tech Company

CEVA leveraged Kinaxis to eliminate blind spots across supply chain activities, centralize order and logistics management, and drive cost-effective plans for order execution.

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Your Guide to Using Conversational Marketing to Drive Demand Generation

Studies show the return on investment (ROI) of conversational marketing helps your marketing team drive revenue. Whether it’s a business deal or a personal connection, they are a driving force to solidify a foundation of trust. According to Bold 360, “81 percent of B2B buyers have left a page because they didn’t want to fill out a form.”.

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Best Practices for a Marketing Database Cleanse

Multiple industry studies confirm that regardless of industry, revenue, or company size, poor data quality is an epidemic for marketing teams. As frustrating as contact and account data management is, this is still your database – a massive asset to your organization, even if it is rife with holes and inaccurate information.

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Case Study: DSV Implements a Single-Instance Control Tower with a Global Footprint

As a customer of Kinaxis’s end-to-end logistics and transportation management system, which is used at the DSV Solutions sites in Europe, DSV reached out to Kinaxis to develop a global supply chain control tower solution that would meet those needs in South Africa.

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Transforming Supply Chains for Higher Performance and Resiliency

Today, just 8% of companies have the digital maturity required to achieve resilience and mitigate supply chain disruptions, as per a new HBR Analytic Services - GEP study. What can enterprises do to accelerate digital transformation? Read the full report now to find out!

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Leading Advertising and Analytics Company Outperforms With a Graph Database

Download the case study to learn more! Xandr, a division of AT&T, has built an identity graph that connects information on people, households, and more. The company is using this graph to provide advertisers an ability to deliver commercials more successfully than ever before.