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Crucial MRP Metrics Every Supply Chain Pro Should Know


This blog explains The Key MRP Metrics in Supply Chain whcih every supply chain professional in Manufacturing or Distribution Businesses. Supply chain professionals will be familiar with the term Material Requirements Planning (MRP).

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Making Supply Chain Planning Agile With Modular Planning Technologies

Logistics Viewpoints

“May you live in interesting times,” widely attributed as a Chinese curse, some claim this as a blessing; whichever side you take, this is exactly what’s happening in the supply chain world since 2020, and it looks like we will be living with this blessing/curse for a while longer. Emerging Themes for Supply Chain Planning.


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5 Trends Changing Supply Chains for the Better in 2024


What defines a high-performing supply chain? However, this year promises a significant paradigm shift where traditional performance metrics are replaced by technology-driven frameworks, as recent breakthroughs with Generative AI in supply chains have demonstrated. Enter our list of supply chain trends for 2024.

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The Power of Purchase Order Collaboration: A Game-Changer in Managing Direct Spend

Logistics Viewpoints

In today’s interconnected global economy, supply chains play a vital role in the success of businesses. It is crucial for organizations to understand the importance of Purchase Order collaboration to effectively manage their direct spend, optimize operations, and mitigate risks.

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What is Lean Retail (+ Why Retailers Must Embrace It)


Whereas retailers once purchased merchandise largely based on the gut instinct of trend-savvy buyers and the push of whatever manufacturers tried to sell them, nowadays, they need to take a much more customer-focused and data-centered approach. What is Lean Retail? The impact of lean retail on supply chain management.

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Track the Supply Chain Metrics that Really Matter


According to McKinsey survey of global supply chain leaders , only 53% of respondents describe the quality of data in their supply chain planning systems as “sufficient” or “high.” less likely to be affected by supply chain disruptions.

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Lean Logistics: Improving Efficiency in the Supply Chain


Supply chain disruptions are the enemy of product businesses. Lean logistics is a strategy designed to optimise supply chain efficiency by cutting out waste and maximising customer value. In this guide to lean logistics: What is lean logistics? The result is high costs and unsatisfied customers.