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Technology + Human Touch = Digital Supply Chain Excellence

Gravity Supply Chain

Articles Gravity Technology humantouch digital supplychain digitize futureproof flexibility flexible transparency visibility sourcing procurement distribution fulfillment logistics retail manufacturing cost warehouses warehousing carriers lean agile platform data BigData silo silos ecosystem tools speed efficiencyThere’s no need to do the maths; we’ve got the answer for you!

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Procurement Challenges Condensed


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. I took on the challenge of writing a condensed version of all the current Procurement challenges. Basing this on the many articles I have read covering this subject. I rapidly came to the conclusion that these articles were excellent at the helicopter view of the challenges, however seemed unable to apply categorisation to the challenges. These two procurement domains have distinctly different challenges.

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Surviving Disruptions – an opportunity for supply chains to thrive with people and technology – LogiSYM July 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

This has proved to be a major source of risk. Poor business continuity planning, lack of risk management programs and single source suppliers, have magnified the impact of such risks. A significant paradigm shift in procurement and inventory control is an emerging area of focus.

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Procurement Dashboards – 2020 analytical vision


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. Follow our 5 steps for 2020 procurement dashboard vision. Follow our 5 steps for 2020 procurement dashboard vision. Why build procurement dashboards? With the huge amount of business information available and data visualisation tools to use, dashboards have become essential tools for Procurement. Identifying the key information requirements for your procurement dashboards is critical.

Logistics Cost Reduction: 6 Focuses to Create More Profit


Ensure that your warehouse operation is safe. Analyze labor reduction for any warehousing operation. There are Labor Management Software systems that can help manage work in the warehouse. Incentive programs for warehousing employees do work. Try warehouse mobility in your four walls. Productivity increases from wearable voice command tools can increase factory warehouse efficiencies up to 30 percent, according to an article in Supply Chain Management Review.

Lars Syberg : “Taming Tigers’ supply chain is a real challenge”

Supply Chain Movement

I’ve been setting up a simple S&OP process that involves the expansion, procurement, finance and supply chain departments. I’m directly involved with inbound, outbound and warehousing as well as sourcing, most of which is done in the Far East. I need to reduce lead-time, improve forecasting, sourcing and risk assessment and I need to model all these things into a system. Read the full article in Supply Chain Movement 14. >>

Procurement Dashboards – 2020 analytical vision


5 steps for 2020 procurement dashboard vision. Why build procurement dashboards? Trying to make sense of the information you get from different sources such as excel spreadsheets, ERP systems, accounting software, databases and manual forms. Then you could benefit from building procurement dashboards. With the huge amount of business information available and data visualisation tools to use, dashboards have become essential tools for Procurement.

Are We Facing the End of Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Blog post originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Argentus at [link] , a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement. A new article in Harvard Business Review has been generating some automation-related controversy in the Supply Chain Community, as well as lots of buzz and interesting conversation. Companies will always need people who can build relationships with vendors when conducting large-scale Procurement.

The Case for Less Silos, More Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

Talking Logistics

Source: “The Case for Less Silos, More Intelligence in Supply Chain Management,” webcast presentation by Adrian Gonzalez, Adelante SCM. Logistics, Manufacturing, Procurement, Sales and Marketing — these functional groups, for the most part, continue to operate independently from each other, each driven by their own objectives and metrics. Break down your supply chain functional silos. This advice is not new.

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A Journey to the Cloud Enables the Push to a Digital Supply Chain

Supply Chain Brain

At the time, it was operating across a platform of approximately 125 enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, 30 warehouse-management systems (WMS) and a smattering of transportation-management systems (TMS). Comment on this article. All Technology Big Data/IOT Cloud SaaS & On-Demand Systems ERP & Enterprise Systems SC Planning & Optimization Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Supply Chain Visibility Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider Editors' Blog

5 Best Logistics Books for Beginners

Supply Chain Opz

Delivering Customer Value through Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Many people don't know that procurement is a part of integrated logistics. In logistics management literature, procurement is also called "Inbound Logistics" or management of incoming materials. This logistics book will show you have to plan and execute procurement strategy in a step-by-step manner. In our opinion, this is the best book on warehouse management ever.

How The Coronavirus Epidemic is Throttling Global Supply Chains

Logistics Bureau

Containers are piling up in ports, international shipping has been hammered, Western companies are battling to source products from traditional suppliers, and disruptions are being experienced throughout the global supply chain. The impact on supply chains is particularly apparent in the following two broad areas— shipping and procurement of products/components/raw materials. COVID-19 Impact on Procurement.

Supply Chain Crystal Ball Gazing: Let’s Look Ahead to 2028

Logistics Bureau

We are on the cusp of a robotic revolution, whether you think of robots in the context of automated human replacements in the warehouse or self-driving vehicles on the road, rails, in the air, and at sea. Meanwhile, warehouse robotic solutions are developing apace, as you’ll know if you’ve been reading some of my posts on supply chain trends to watch in 2017 and 2018. Robots Run the Warehouse. Articles Supply Chain Technology Trends

SCRC Meeting – Tom Linton’s “Supply Chain Eight” and Golden Winged Warblers : Questions Every New CSCO Should Ask Their CEO


The Pulse rooms are fed by data warehouses which pull together data from 94 different applications that are each being used to run data in different parts of the Flex organization. At Flex, Tom had a scope that included the entire end to end supply chain: procurement, transportation, warehouse management, as well as customer order fulfillment, customer service, procure to pay, and trade relationships.

Supply Chain Management – the SME perspective


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. The level of understanding of procurement automation within a company influences significantly the adoption. See our article on eProcurement adoption for more details on this. By automating their business processes in functions such as finance, procurement and goods receiving and automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks SMEs stand to improve productivity which will help them gain competitive advantage. Articles Popular

Supply Chain Collaboration – The New Way to Drive Value!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Sixty-five percent of procurement practitioners say procurement at their company is becoming more collaborative with suppliers, according to The Future of Procurement, Making Collaboration Pay Off, by Oxford Economics. As a sourcing manager, you may need to go outside your comfort zone to think about new, innovative ways to collaborate for achieving sustainability because Collaboration comes in more than one flavor! Lower transportation and warehousing costs.

5 Pillars of Effective Supplier Management


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. This article focuses on effective supplier management. The article is orientated towards indirect spend , however many of the principles apply to all spend categories. The five pillars of effective supplier management covered in this article are: Supplier Information Management. Is there a need to link into their systems relating to inventory/Warehousing or catalogues for example? Articles

Visibility: If Only I Could See

Supply Chain Shaman

Examples include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management (WMS_ or Advanced Planning (APS). Hopefully, by the end of the article you will also agree. These sources while functional are difficult to connect. Most deployments focus on functional excellence–manufacturing, transportation, customer service or procurement. In this shift, the legacy SAP Business Warehouse (BW) implementation are especially problematic. My phone rang.

Blockchain: The Technology Reshaping SCM!

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especially procurement and logistics?—?in For this reason, blockchain technology has been viewed as the perfect match for business application within procurement and logistics. Blockchain technology won’t just enhance the way procurement and logistics professionals work today; it poses the ability to reshape the functions entirely. If you feel a bit lost and want to (re)acquaint yourself with the basics of blockchain technology, check out this article for a bit more insight.

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Digital Supply Chain Predictions!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Digital Supply Chain predictions article and permission to publish here provided by Michael Gaughan at This is a lot to absorb in this short article, but it should be considered seriously by those intending to be operationally competitive in the logistics market moving forward.

Dialing Up the Sustainability Win-Win for Business and the Environment


In this article: Leveraging the circular economy is perfectly aligned with a better bottom line for businesses. Paul Hawken’s 1993 book “ The Ecology of Commerce ” has many more examples (mostly from Europe) of companies that use waste products from other industries as cheaper alternatives to raw materials and even energy sourcing. Based on a number of sources, we estimate that the Global 2000 spends around $12T annually on procurement of new assets.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

Supply Chain Opz

In this article, we will show you tips from worldwide experts that you can use to streamline your global supply chain operations. Whether you''re a manufacturing company in China, a sourcing agent in London or a world''s leading company in Silicon Valley, we''re all in a global supply chain networks. It is safe to say that if a warehouse operation is not implementing Lean, it is falling behind its competition.

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Data integrity is a real problem in the operating room


The operating room (OR) is also the primary source of revenue for hospitals, as 80% of all revenues taken in occur through OR activities. This one has about 450 beds, with its own warehouse that stocks items at a separate location. ” Despite being a multi-million dollar revenue source, the operating room is dependent on multiple people having to fix it. Analytics Healthcare Supply Management Procure to Pay Supply chain analytics Supply Chain Management

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7 Rules of Fashion Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Opz

This article will show you the development of fashion industry and how one company manages to bring the operations into the next level. The result showed that materials were in the warehouse or in transit as long as 40 weeks! Machuca published the article on Harvard Business Review named " Rapid-Fire Fulfillment ". This article was the result of 3-year interviews with the senior management of Zara.

Jobs and Career Paths in Supply Chain and Logistics

Logistics Bureau

Either way, you might find this article of value, because we’re going to discuss some of the positions you might aim for among the vast range available, and the career paths associated with them. Source: Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals 2017 Survey. However, it also means that the paths discussed in this article are mere possibilities, rather than absolutes. Let’s look at them from the perspective of the supply-chain Plan, Make, Source, and Deliver model.

8 key benefits of effective supply chain management

6 River Systems

Data-driven SCM provides visibility from end to end for monitoring the flow of information, services and goods from procurement to manufacturing and delivery to the end consumer. Improved quality control Quality control issues follow the rule of 10, explains Arshad Hafeez, Global Expert for Supply Chain Management and Quality Control, SCM-Group Function (GF) in an article for CIO Review. Warehouse fulfillment costs contribute significantly to overhead. Warehouse Operations

There Are Not Enough Women Supply Chain Leaders!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Kristie Syndikus, VP Procurement at Maple Leaf Foods! Women Supply Chain Leaders article and permission to publish here provided by Sam White at Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

The Massive Opportunity Waiting for Oil and Gas in Asset Disposition


In this article: Why oil and gas operators should be selling more of their idle assets. 12 trillion: the annual procurement spend by the Global 2000 (our estimate based on several sources, see image below). $3

ThankX Delivery Services!

Supply Chain Game Changer

ThankX article and permission to publish here provided by Bruce Leto Jr. From local corner stores and delis, to Whole Foods locations/warehouses in Philadelphia – ThankX expounds the message of personal delivery via giving back in a gracious manner. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

The cost of bad data: Hidden costs

HICX Solutions

This is the second in our series of articles on ‘What is bad supplier data costing you?’ In our previous article , we looked at some real world examples of how poor supplier data can lead to bad or inconsistent decision making.

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Arkieva Supply Chain Scope: As Ecommerce Businesses Boom, Distribution Center Availability Becomes Scarce


in 2015, of which 50% to 75% comprised warehouses. industrial and logistics space market finds the availability of industrial warehouse space fell to 8.8% Read Full Article. Source: Multichannel Merchant. Read Full Article. Source: Supply Chain Digest. Journal of Supply Chain Management Analyzes the Correlation Between Product Categories, Order Procurement and Fulfilment, and Its Effect on Repurchase Intention in Ecommerce. Read Full Article.

Supply Chain Alone Can’t Solve Sustainability But it Has a Part to Play!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Article originally published by, and permission to publish here provided by, Sam White at We’re a recruitment company deeply specialized in the world of Supply Chain Management – which includes Procurement, Logistics, Distribution, Planning and other functions that involve bringing products from raw materials to market. An interesting article in Forbes caught our eye recently. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

Drop Shipping: A Perfect Fit for Supply Chain Operating Networks

Talking Logistics

Instead, merchandise ships directly from the supplier’s warehouse.”. Source: RevCascade website. For example, as with last-mile delivery, managing the end-customer experience is a critical factor for success, as this comment posted on the WSJ article shows: The most fundamental issue is having a seamless customer journey and experience.

2016 Supply Chain Trends: 7 of 12 Trends that Will Drive Supply Chain Management in 2016


Employ comprehensive solutions that support the entire source-to-settle process and create value for all parties involved in it. When someone selects an item, the display calculates the most efficient path through the warehouse, guides that person to the package, scans it as ‘picked’ into the Warehouse Management System, and immediately directs the picker to the next closest package. 2016 Supply Chain Trend #6: Procurement’s New (read Bigger) Role in the Supply Chain.

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Claritum and ADS Solutions® Announce Strategic Partnership


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. Wholesale Distributors Get More Control Over Procurement. Through Claritum’s partnership with ADS Solutions, Claritum users will be able to leverage Accolent ERP’s full range of ERP features including advanced inventory control, sales, CRM, customer service, warehouse management, fulfillment, automated invoicing and accounting, as well as to tap Accolent ERP’s powerful, fully-integrated e-commerce platform. Articles News