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Get Acquainted with Applying for NHR Portugal!

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Here, you will learn the basic peculiarities that can be suggested in order to give an overall intro to NHR Portugal. So, if you had any doubts before, now, you probably see more sense in applying for NHR Portugal as soon as possible. Check Whether You Can Request NHR Portugal at All. Let’s start!

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Alibaba Expands U.S. Online Shipment Program

Supply Chain Matters

Reportedly, this five day delivery logistics support has also expanded to countries such as France, Germany, Mexico, Portugal , and Saudi Arabia under the capabilities of Cainiao , Alibaba’s logistics fulfillment arm. based customers. and other international markets based on aggressive and attractive product pricing techniques.


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This Week in Logistics News (November 13 – 19)

Logistics Viewpoints

Enjoy the weekend and the song of the week, Feel it Still by Portugal. The Port of Vancouver update for November 18 stated, “Rail lines between Kamloops and Vancouver remain closed as both CN and CP crews and engineering teams continue to clear debris and conduct repairs at multiple locations.”. That’s all for this week.

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Emma – The Sleep Company Selects ToolsGroup Supply Chain Planning Software to Support Growth


Dennis Schmoltzi and Manuel Mueller, the Sleep Innovation company is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with additional locations in Manila (Philippines), Lisbon (Portugal), Shanghai (China) and Mexico City (Mexico). In 2020, the company achieved a turnover of EUR 405 million (USD 494.7

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World Cup fever: Scoring the goal

DELMIA Quintiq

During a game, a football player has to make decisions based on the information at hand, including which players are around him.Obviously, there are limits to how much information he can take in or process, and this limits his choices.

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Doing Business in Spain


Bordering countries include Andorra, France, Gibraltar, Portugal and Morocco. Primary trading partners included France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the U.K. The economy has turned around in the past several years, and Spain now enjoys strong GDP growth of 3%, exceeding the EU average. Spain is about five times the size of the U.S.

Spain 85
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The Supply Chain Response to India’s Second Wave of Covid!

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Saudi Arabia shipped 80 Metric tonnes of liquid oxygen to India and Portugal assured 20,000 litres of oxygen per week to India along with 5503 vials of Remdesvir. Some of the others countries who helped us in this time of grave crisis included Bhutan, Ireland, Romania , Portugal, Hong Kong and Thailand.

India 105