Demand Planning


What is a demand plan? Demand planning tells you how much inventory you can expect to sell, down to the regional level. Demand planning helps identify potential expansions to your product line or supply, as well as potential threats to your sales.

Quick Start Guide to Using Machine Learning for Demand Planning


Anyone who has done demand planning knows it is extremely complex, with forecasting challenges and rapidly shifting consumer demand, often exacerbated by seasonality, new product introductions, promotions, and myriad causal factors (e.g.

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Balancing Demand Planning & Same-Day Shipping


Calibration Technologies balances increased demand for cold food, medical and pharmaceutical storage in response to the proliferation of COVID-19. Continuity Despite COVID-19’s Impact on Cold Storage Demand.

What Is Demand Sensing and How Do You Get Started?


We’ve created quite a monster with all the sophisticated tools we use to influence demand with pricing, new product introductions and promotions. As businesses use more “levers” to influence demand, demand variability grows. What is Demand Sensing? .

Separate Demand Signals from ‘Market Noise’


Multivariate Demand Signal Management isolates actual demand signals from inconsistent market activity and improve forecast quality. What exactly is Multivariate Demand Signal Management? The benefits offered by Logility Multivariate Demand Signal Management.

OTIF and Replenishment in the Time of COVID-19


Some PO cancellation best practices are as follows: Work with your RM on aligning your forecasts to adjust to high demand. Avoid short shipping. If you need to ship less product than what was ordered, work with your RM and/or Buyer on getting a new PO created.

Let the Holiday Shopping Madness Begin!


However, finding enough happy little elves to pack and ship all those gifts may prove a tall order. Some employment agencies are already reporting trouble finding warehouse workers to stock, pack and ship holiday inventory, forcing them to raise base pay rates.

Data Science and Supply Chain: It’s a Match!


In today’s supply chain management systems, machine learning algorithms implemented by data scientists are used at every step of the strategic planning process. This includes production planning, procurement planning, and goes all the way up to demand planning.

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The Evolution of Supply Chain is Becoming Patient-Centric


Supply Chain Management (SCM) is critical to the business in keeping up with global regulatory changes, increased efficiency in demand and manufacturing of product, inventory buffers, and shipping and distribution of product. The face of life sciences has undergone a change.

It’s Turkey Time!


Let’s take a look at what needs to be the first stop on this delicious gravy train – an accurate demand forecast. Producers need to ensure they have enough birds to meet demand. Speaking of spoilage, that brings us to stop number two – shipping.

Turkey 210

Five Elements of Successful Sales Forecasting


Sales Planning. Sales planning is essential for any company – but especially for firms in high growth mode or experiencing a change like adding new products or entering new markets. Do we have the right mix of price, promotion and marketing in place to drive demand?

Why Warehouse Technology is the First Step in Fast Shipping

PLS Logistics

Creating a SCM strategy includes aspects of logistics management and demand planning that work in tandem with a transportation strategy. Companies implement supply chain management (SCM) strategies in order to meet customer expectations like fast delivery. Delivery time is the sum of fulfillment time and transport time. Companies are emphasizing the importance of fast fulfillment in order to reduce overall delivery time.

SCM 100

The 3 Biggest Problems Your Logistics Teams Will Face in Q4 and How to Solve Them with On-Demand Warehousing


Aside from that being one of your busiest times of the year, the movement to eCommerce and omnichannel shopping has made accurate demand planning impossible and inventory allocation harder than ever. You can easily solve for supply chain disruptions with on-demand warehousing.

Why Retailers Are Struggling With Ship-From-Store Fulfillment

Supply Chain Brain

In particular, retail stores are still struggling with the challenge of efficiently shipping items directly to the buyer. It’s one thing for a million-plus square-foot distribution center to pick and ship an online order. How do seasonal trends affect local demand? Can vendors adjust production and delivery schedules to account for markets with varying levels of demand?

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Ways to think about the Supply Chain of the Future: Artificial Intelligence


As a result, consumers are now more demanding than ever, and retailers that can deliver economically, fast, and friction-less, will reap the benefits. Business Intelligence applications took this a step further which resulted in vastly improved inventory and demand planning practices.

This Week in Logistics News (May 13-17, 2013)

Talking Logistics

Chainalytics Creates New Metrics for Demand Planning Consortium. In related news, Maersk downgraded its forecast for ocean shipping demand. This Week in News Chainalytics cloud computing container shipping Descartes Systems Group HighJump Software Maersk NetSuite UPS

A Different Solution to the Supply Chain Talent Shortage


Planning is becoming increasingly complex; not only due to the increasing demand and supply chain complexity, but also due to the wide range of new data sources such as channel data, retail data and even web data - nearly all of which wasn’t available years ago. Supply Chain Planning

Gartner Asks: Are You (and your Supply Chain) Bimodal?


Mode 2 – Focus on the supply chain’s ability to react quickly to changing demand and strategy. She offered a Mode 1 example of embedded analytics that add specific capabilities in solutions such as demand planning and production planning.

Keeping Your Business on Track During the Coronavirus Outbreak

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Below are important considerations that will help keep your supply chain moving and better navigate any shipping challenges associated with the latest travel restrictions and schedule shifts. Planning ahead in production. Delayed start to the new year.

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Will Your Supply Chain Sink or Swim in the Digital Age?


That means materials sourcing, procurement, production, and shipping lead times are even shorter. That causes choke points during shipping and receiving and can lead to overall quality issues. Thus, the demand for digital supply chain management increases.

Supply chain planning – it’s time to get personal


Supply planning – to profitably align supply with demand. When I was planning supply, it wasn’t unusual to have a dinner interrupted, a weekend cut short or a vacation disturbed. This meant it took too long for supply planners to understand the impact of demand changes.

Getting your drinks to the market: Asia’s unique logistics challenges

DELMIA Quintiq

So far, my focus has been on issues related to demand, supply and production. A beverage production plan is set about 2-3 months in advance based on historical demand. That plan may be adjusted along the way but, in essence, it may not change much.

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11 Inventory Management Best Practices

Supply Chain Game Changer

For example, the use of drop shipping could alleviate the concerns of carrying inventory and getting it to consumers, putting that process in the hands of manufacturers. Use Data to Better Manage Lead Times and Plan for Demand. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Probabilistic Forecasting Can Extend the Life of SAP APO


Since the beginning of time – OK, since the beginning of demand forecasting the standard approach has been a single number forecast that works relatively well with stable high volume demand. They include: Aftermarket demand , spare or service parts, or MRO.

The Forecasting Conundrum


I have heard a number of supply chain professionals proclaim that their companies should stop forecasting product demand due to poor forecast accuracy. If we could only get closer to true end-customer demand the company could ship exactly what is needed, where and when.

Replenishment 101: What is replenishment?


The product will have to be shipped from the reserve storage in the supplier’s warehouse to the primary storage in the retailer’s distribution center and then onto the store itself. Did we ship in full? Did we ship on time? Ensure you are shipping On Time In Full.

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S&OP – 13 Years On, What Have We Learned and What Has Changed?


In December 2006, I published an article titled “ S&OP or just good supply chain planning ?” The article looked at what Sales and Operations Planning is, what it isn’t, and whether companies were on the right path to implementing it. What is Sales and Operations Planning? .

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The coronavirus supply chain

Supply Chain Movement

All companies that produce and ship tangible goods are currently working hard to assess the impact of the outbreak on their own supply chains. Stockpiling and panic buying due to uncertainty are causing huge fluctuations in demand and supply. Sales & operations planning.

What Will a Supply Chain Planning Job Look Like in the Future?


Here are my five predictions: Planning will become more efficient. no-touch, computer-controlled planning and replenishment—planners have to intervene in only three out of every 1000 planning decisions. At Costa Express , one person plans 7000 points of sale (POS).

A Path Towards IoT Enabled Service Parts Planning


It is the second in a series on how companies can build foundational service parts planning technology to prepare for the Internet of Things (IoT). A longstanding challenge in service or replenishment parts planning and management has always been the ability to forecast item-level demand when such demand is sporadic or sudden. Now consider the opportunities to have demand-driven or predictive failure data and information emanating directly from the physical equipment.

Five Tips for Improving Demand Planner Effectiveness


It doesn’t help that finding and retaining qualified planning talent increases the pressure on existing team members as open positions go unfilled. This post provides four tips for improving a demand planner’s ability to develop more accurate forecasts.

Vendor Portals in the Supply Chain


A comprehensive portal enables suppliers to automate routine supply chain execution transactions including purchase orders, ship notices and commercial invoices.

Defeat supply chain complexity like a Jedi

DELMIA Quintiq

Overwhelmed by the dark forces of supply chain planning? Here’s what they don’t do: Assign different parts of their planning challenge to different departments. Plan for all possible outcomes. Master the art of scenario planning. Upgrade your demand forecasting skills.

Gartner says “Add S&OP to your Financial Planning”. Here’s Why.


“Based on our research, every organization which aligns top-down financial plans with bottom-up demand plans, as part of their S&OP, sees an improvement in the accuracy and predictability of their financial forecast.” - Matthew Spooner, Research Director at Gartner.

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The Seven Step Process to Reducing Supply Chain Lead Times

Demand Solutions

Domestic sourcing, although pricier for the labor, can be a way to cut down on both shipping costs, delivery inefficiencies, and lead times! Sales forecasting requires demand planning , S&OP planning , and a deep understanding of how products move out of your organization and into the consumer’s hands. Most importantly, let your suppliers know how much you plan to sell and how quickly. Are your lead times too long?