Transportation Sourcing in an Omni-channel World

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Omni-channel is transforming retail transportation’s supply chain and logistics processes. Unfortunately, many retailers are jumping in without a plan — that is, they are taking a short-term, silo’ed approach to transportation sourcing and execution, and as a result, are failing to meet their desired outcomes. But what are some of the unintended consequences retailers are experiencing by jumping in without a plan?

Supplier Quality Management: What it is, 5 Key Metrics to Know & a 4 Step Supplier Evaluation Process


The next posts in the series will break down metrics and issues to consider in SQM by industry and conclude with a case study on the application of SQM. 5 Key Metrics to Use for Scoring Supplier Quality Management (From LNS Research ). The definition of this metric is similar to the way it sounds. Quality affects many different parts of the business, so it is critical to establish a comprehensive metric that provides visibility into the most important areas of operations.


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Last Mile Metrics: 11 Metrics to Measure in Last Mile Logistics


Using technology to improve last mile metrics is essential to driving last mile costs down, but how do shippers know if the technology is helping or hurting? The answer to this question lies in using last mile metrics to track key performance indicators and target levels of service to ensure accountability, visibility and continued reduction of costs in last mile delivery. Essentially, shippers need to track these 11 metrics. On-Time Deliveries Are King of Last Mile Metrics.

Podcast: Rob O’Byrne on Digital Transformation, Sustainability, and Diversification in Sourcing


Sourcing has probably been the biggest thing over the last decade or two, coupled with that reduction in local manufacturing of course. Sourcing is now predominantly overseas: China is one of the big sourcing countries of course, along with India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Vietnam and Thailand.

21 Vendor Metrics Your Supplier Scorecard Might be Missing

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But is your scorecard missing key metrics? It includes a free Excel template that you can modify to match exactly what metrics you want to measure. While some of these metrics might not apply to your business model, there’s definitely a few to add if they measure something important to you and your customers. In fact, many big-box retailers are uncomfortable being more than 30% of a supplier’s revenue base. Specific Quality Metrics.

Is it Advantage Organized Retail in India?

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Guest post by a former UPS colleague and now independent consultant with a particular specialty in India, e-commerce and retail. For more on Raghu and how to contact him with questions, sources etc. There has been a sea change in the Indian Retail landscape over the past ten years. Organized retail is 7% of the total retail market in India – compared to upwards of 85% in the US – and is expected to grow to 10% in 2020. India retail Retail

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Measuring Up?

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The supply chain is a complex system with finite, and non-linear relationships between supply chain metrics that drive balance sheet results. We find that companies can improve one, but not two of the metrics. Teams struggle to drive improvement in both metrics at the same time. In our recent analysis of supply chains that are “working well” , we find higher performance when companies have source, make and deliver reporting to the supply chain organization.

Announcing the Supply Chains to Admire for 2019

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Smaller, more agile companies outperform the larger and well-known brands in the retail, beverages, food, and pharmaceutical industry sectors. The source data for the analysis comes from Ycharts.). We selected these metrics based on correlation work with Arizona State University in 2012. The winners drove long-term value (measured by market capitalization) while outperforming on the portfolio of metrics shown in Figure 1 and driving improvement faster than their peer groups.

Retail Inventory Shrinkage Remains a Problem

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Retail Shrinkage is a serious retail challenge, especially when its causes can’t be accurately determined. retailers just under $50 billion combined. Paul Trujillo ( @TruPaultx ), a Product Marketing Manager at Informatics, reports, “According to the National Retail Federation, there are five main ways for your supply to disappear.”[1] ” Regardless of how inventory is lost, shrinkage costs retailers a lot of money.

Syndicated Data for CPGs


Regardless of whether you are a distributor, supplier, or retailer, if you want to step up the sales of your goods, leveraging syndicated data may be one of the most proven ways to take industry trends and apply them to your business. These break down as follows: POS data: This refers to the retail measurement , which is data collected from stores using POS systems and e-commerce software. Syndicated data in retail. Walmart has selected Nielsen for its source of POS data.

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Why Large Companies Increasingly Opt for 4PL Services

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The key difference between the two can perhaps be explained in the following example: A 3PL provider working with a paint manufacturer may package and store products as well as transport them to retailers and/or customers. 3) Ecommerce and Multi-Channel Retail. Retail and consumer.

How Many Slaves Are in Your Supply Chain?

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The law requires “retail sellers and manufacturers doing business in the state [with over $1 million $100 million in annual worldwide gross receipts] to disclose their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their direct supply chains for tangible goods offered for sale, as specified.”

Selling on Shopify for Beginners: Sourcing, Designing, and More


Source your products. Before you build an online store, you need to source your products. There are several avenues you can take to source products from working with local stores or suppliers to wholesale distributor options.

Why Financial Reengineering Does Not Equal Supply Chain Improvement

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Financial reengineering focuses on the optimization of short-term results that are usually based on a functional analysis of source, make, or deliver. Few consultants understand the interrelationships between source, make and deliver. Snow fell last night as I worked on my last Supply Chain Metrics That Matter report. Ironically, most companies are very entrapped in measuring and rewarding functional metrics which degrades overall improvement.

The Reorder Point Formula: Everything You Need to Know


A carefully calculated reorder point is therefore critical to good stock control, and keeps your key metrics looking healthy for your next inventory report. This creates one source of truth for data and enables effortless data analysis and collaboration. Source from local suppliers.

What is SKU? A complete guide to Stock Keeping Units


They are absolutely mission-critical in any warehouse, manufacturing or retail environment because they simplify the act of inventory management and analysis by ensuring that your people speak with a common language. Other useful SKU metrics.

Ava Ex Machina and the Retail Supply Chain

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There is no industry where this Cycle is more challenging today than in retail, but the principles apply across most industries. This is especially relevant for retailers. Redesigned, retail supply chains, enabled with analytics and augmented reality, are not only meeting, but raising consumer expectations. Zolando has been so successful in creating a rapid response supply chain that they are now providing services to other retailers.

Why a Cashmere Sweater Can Cost $2,000 — or $30

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Quality & Metrics SC Analysis & Consulting Global Supply Chain Management Apparel Retail All Technology Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider Featured ContentMade from the softest wool produced by certain breeds of goats, such as the Zalaa Ginst white goat and Tibetan Plateau goat, cashmere was once reserved for the wealthiest fashionistas. Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife helped popularize the fabric.)

Recasting the Retail Supply Chain


A question that begs to be asked is – might it then be possible and also about time, that a reinvigorated attempt is made to apply similar principles to the retail supply chain? The constituents— suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers, and retailers— generally execute their individual roles well.

3 Tips to Win the Last-Mile Delivery Planning Battle in Disruptive Times

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This spike in home deliveries disrupts supply chains and increases planning complexity for retailers and express companies. Unfortunately, while retailers have expended a lot of effort in the last-mile phase, their supply chains are hindered by multiple siloed systems that are disconnected from the external data that is critical to improve planning accuracy and support new services. Select a planning solution that can incorporate intelligent metrics and optimization technology.

Retail 20/20: A Vision for the Digital Age, Part II


The retail industry is currently undergoing a massive transformation driven by digital technology innovations that are fundamentally changing the way retailers interact with consumers. This shift is forcing retailers to rethink and transform their approach to how they do business going forward. In this part two I will discuss the three key areas where retailers must evolve their businesses as well as provide an overview of how to get started.

The Magic Bullet for Real-Time Supply Chain Collaboration? Cloud Visibility.


When it comes to ordering materials and components, managing inventory levels, or organizing the delivery of finished goods to customers, companies are forced continually to chase business partners – mostly suppliers, logistics companies, and retailers – via a messy stream of emails, phone calls, and even faxes. Jessica Twentyman reported in the Financial Times , that for many manufacturers, supply chain collaboration is stuck in the dark ages.

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Data Analytics for Your CPG Company


By merging actionable insights and identifying the best analytic solution for their CPG company, retail and CPG brands can analyze and capitalize on the data when the time is just perfect. In CPG data analytics, brands must essentially focus on three key sources of data: observational data, activity data, and sales data. This creates an image of your implementation in the retail outlet and also the potential discovered by your representatives during their visit.

Replenishment Planning

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Related solutions Retail Planning Solutions Replenishment Planning Increase revenues, improve margins, and inventory productivity with next generation cloud software. o9 Solutions April 14, 2020 Retail Planning Solutions Integrated Merchandise Planning Digital age solutions that add amazing visibility, speed and intelligence to your product innovation related decision making processes. Retail Planning Solutions

Food Trends That Could Have an Impact in 2021

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Those cutting-edge technologies are enabling companies to create personalized nutrition plans for users based on biological metrics. Increased Sourcing Transparency . Consumers have shifted purchasing trends to favor products that use more sustainably sourced food ingredients.

Getting Bangladesh’s Apparel Industry on the Map

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Several major apparel brands and retailers, including J.C. Chief executive officer Leonardo Bonanni was instrumental in designing the latest version of the Higg Index , a tool for allowing brands, retailers and manufacturers to assess their sustainability performance. Illegal subcontracting at Rana Plaza resulted in many foreign brands losing faith in the country as a legitimate source of offshore production.

What Is the True Cost of Eating Meat?

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And that does not include the people who work along the meat supply chain: the slaughterers, packagers, retailers and chefs. In 2016, the world’s meat production was estimated at 317m metric tons, and that is expected to continue to grow. the food chain now includes the agribusiness companies, the retailers, and the entertainment sector. All Technology SC Planning & Optimization Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Supply Chain VisibilityWhat are the economics of meat?

A “Swiss Army Knife” of Supply Chain Talent Requirements: Views from a Former Wolfpack Student


They have 5 MFC retail outlets, and a dealer network. Relationship management, data modeling, problem solving, sourcing analysis, negotiation, data-driven decision-making, metrics development, forecasting, process flow, BOM understanding, MRP/production schedule, Pareto analysis, and information presentations are all key skills that he applies in his CPO role. We have a secondary source but can’t turn in less than 5 days –and we will run out before then!

The Elegance of the Costco Supply Chain!

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Having worked at a Retailer myself I have first hand knowledge of the challenges there can be in running a Retail Supply Chain. As such we wrote The Hidden Complexity of the Retail Supply Chain to share some of these experiences. Many retailers easily carry tens of thousands of SKUs. This is a massive source of efficiency. Costco has given retail selling space the dual role of also serving as storage space. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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Transforming Consumer Value Chains: Navigating The Power Shift to the Shopper

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For December 2015, retail sales were the lowest since 2009. The Amazon Impact is having an impact on Wal-Mart and retail in general. I expect a somber mood at the National Retail show. As a result, both retail and consumer products processes are being redefined. Consider the recent news… Why the closure of retail stores? Retailers can no longer have their heads in the sand, but neither can consumer products manufacturers.

Get Ready for Holiday Now … Make It Boring (From A Supply Chain Perspective)!

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Having gone through the ups and downs and stresses of several Retail Holiday seasons myself, one January I gave this direction to my team. Focus on your key cost, quality and delivery metrics. At least 30% of annual demand in Retail occurs in the 4-5 week period between Black Friday and Christmas. They must understand the physical size of those skus, the promotional strategy, and the supplier sourcing, delivery and replenishment plan. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

[PODCAST] Why Shippers Looking for Capacity & High Service Levels Need the Right Carrier Mix & Logistics Fundamentals Focus


On today’s episode we welcome Andrew Lynch, Co-Founder & President of Zipline Logistics, an award-winning logistics service provider that specializes exclusively in the transportation of retail consumer goods and food and beverage products. In this “The Freight Project Podcast” episode you’ll hear : How in the retail space it is vital that marketing, sales, and the supply chain & logistics teams collaborate to achieve shared goals of consistent logistics.

How Cognitive Learning Changes the Game in Supply Chain


It helps quickly process and make sense of the vast amount of data coming from countless sources. Companies do not have a solution for analyzing the enormous data scattered across various processes, sources, and system. Cognitive learning is now widely seen as the solution to the greatest challenges facing retail businesses, not only for the supply chain sector. Sources: [1] [link].

7 Pitfalls of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)!

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Amazon FBA sometimes falls short in this crucial metric. At Red Stag, for example, we can add inserts and personalized marketing materials to your customers orders, or help you source uniquely branded boxes and even tissue paper with your company’s logo. As more business moves from brick and mortar retail to ecommerce, states have been scrambling for ways to make up for lost sales tax revenue. Amazon #AmazonFBA #Retail #ECommerce #SupplyChain. Subscribe Here!

Walmart Sales Analytics – Inside the Insights


In the world of retail, sales is king. Therefore, each retailer tends to use similar sales metrics with a few exceptions. Walmart, as the world’s largest retailer by revenue, uses some of the most well-known sales measurements. Those new to retail metrics may not know what critical sales or metrics are or why they are so critical for Walmart sales analytics. Firstly, retailers measure revenue at the point-of-sale (hereafter POS, or register).