Seeing the Future with Predictive Analytics

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Today, in addition to those activities, new analytical tools are available to help business leaders predict what could happen in the future. Looming risks like wars, environmental and labor regulations, natural disasters and transportation challenges are placing many retail supply chains and retail profit centers at the mercy of the unforeseen.”[1] Petro goes on to predict companies failing to grasp the future risk ending up in history’s dustbin.

4 Big Benefits for the Use & Implementation of Predictive Analytics In Manufacturing


The predictive analytics of the past are becoming more apt and intellectual, powering a new age in manufacturing. Additionally, major manufacturers are working to prioritize predictive analytics and use them to improve production. Supply chain models are evolving.

Final Mile Delivery: The Role of TMS and Predictive Analytics

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Even though shipments may be transported over hundreds of miles, or just a few miles, the main focus today is on the final mile — that is, making sure the delivery experience for the end-customer (which in many cases is a home delivery) is a positive one. How can technology, specifically transportation management systems and predictive analytics, help shippers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) excel in this area?

How VR, 3D Printing & Predictive Analytics in the IOT are Currently Powering the Manufacturing Industry


So, let’s take a look at how our predictions for the first four manufacturing technology trends (Predictive analytics, 3D Printing, and VR) to watch for in 2016 stacked up. Predictive Analytics Became Commonplace to Manufacturing. The use of predictive analytics has the potential to dramatically reduce expenses in the manufacturing sector, particularly with respect to proactive machine maintenance.

Mitigating the Effect of Natural Disasters on Your Supply Chain

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And when recent hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires began wreaking havoc, many shippers were left asking themselves: “How have recent natural disasters affected our transportation network?” The key to answering those to questions: actionable data and predictive analytics.

Final Mile Delivery: How Predictive Analytics Can Drive Improvement

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How are transportation management systems helping shippers and 3PLs address these final mile challenges and requirements? Can you give some examples of how predictive analytics can drive improvement in final mile delivery?

Tapping into Big Data to Enable Actionable Supply Chain Visibility and Predictive Analytics

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And while unplanned disruptions will always occur, the emergence of newer technologies provides the ability to predict potential future disruptions and act on them accordingly, moving to a more proactive view of visibility. TransVoyant is at the forefront of the predictive analytics space. Their proprietary machine learning algorithms analyze these massive big data streams in real-time to produce live and predictive insights that help companies achieve competitive advantage.

How Companies Can Leverage Big Data and Predictive Analytics to Optimize the Supply Chain

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Read the full blog post , which was originally featured in Transportation & Logistics International Magazine. 3PL Logistics Supply Chain big data predictive analytics third-party logisticsIt takes a lot of data to make a good decision. And for decision making within the supply chain, big data can provide insights for companies and enable them to make better decisions.

Visibility in Transportation Management Leads to Supply Chain Excellence

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Gaining end-to-end visibility across your transportation processes delivers: $32.00 Use predictive and prescriptive analytics to support your visibility goals.

Redefining Logistics Management in a Digital World

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In today’s global, fast-paced world it’s no longer a question of whether an organization should be using technology to manage its supply chain and transportation processes. At the core of just about every efficient transportation process is data. Blockchain in transport.

The Data Needed to Transform Supply Chains

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The Hackett Group provides a useful visual for describing the maturity stages that supply chain is moving through as the industry strives to leverage data and advanced analytics. Supply Chain Analytics Maturity Model (Source: Hackett Group). Descriptive Analytics (What happened?).

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Transportation TIP List: Week of April 21st, 2019


Transportation TIP List: Week of April 21 st , 2019. With this week’s observance of Earth Day, it’s only natural that our TIP List showcases a number of stories impacting the current transportation environment.

Real-time Capacity Matching: Making Brokers More Efficient

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Demand for these solutions, from both shippers and brokers, continues to grow because companies want to identify and implement better ways to plan and execute their transportation and logistics operations, which is what ultimately delivers value. Not only are you reducing the cost of purchasing transportation, you’re also [making fewer phone calls and using less labor] to find the truck you need.”.

The Transportation Supply Chain: Transportation’s Role in Supply Chain Management to Lower Total Costs


One of the often missing links, however, in supply chain visibility, is transportation management. We call this the transportation supply chain. What is the Transportation Supply Chain? Transportation refers to the movement of product from one location to another as it makes its way from the beginning of a supply chain to the customer’s handle. Any supply chain’s success is closely linked to the appropriate use of transportation.

The Role of Emerging Technologies in Managed Transportation Services

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When I ask shippers what they look for in a logistics or transportation management partner, technology capabilities — and the data and insights those technologies provide — is always near the top of the list. What impact are these technologies having on transportation managed services? Several years ago, I wrote about how the worlds of technology, managed services and consulting were converging , particularly in transportation management.

What Is the Impact of Big Data in the Transportation & Supply Chain Industries?


This graphic shows the true scope of impact of big data in the Transportation, SupplyChain & Logistics industries. . In other words, selecting the best way to consolidate, mix and transport products can help attain a goal of $0 shipping in the eyes of consumers. .

Defining the Future of Transportation Management Systems

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The role and capabilities of transportation management systems (TMS) must continue to evolve and improve as transportation networks and operations become more dynamic and complex. Companies that continue to manage their transportation operations with outdated systems, or worse, with Excel spreadsheets, will find it difficult or impossible to keep pace with their customer requirements, as well as their cost and strategic objectives.

Transportation Market Update: Capacity Outlook


Transportation Market Update: Capacity Outlook. 2018 was a historic year for the transportation industry. Transportation professionals should keep an eye on these regulations that could have a big impact on trucking in 2019 and beyond: Electronic on-board recording devices.

Transportation Management Systems as a Service (TMSaaS) Transform the Logistics Industry


Last year, the technology trends in logistics seemed straightforward, and many of our technology predictions came true. The use of the new technologies, ranging from robotics to value-added services within transportation management systems (TMSs) saw greater implementation across supply chains via TMSaas, and widely-held beliefs about the supply chain’s limitations were tested. We expected there to be some improvement, but across the board, our predictions did not go far enough.

Modern Transportation Management Software Demands Carrier Connectivity

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Anyone in the shipping and transportation industry recognizes the importance of carriers. With increasingly complicated logistical and resource issues arising, Transportation Management Software (TMS) must remain at the forefront of technology to stay afloat. Analytics.

Control Tower Visibility: Delivering Value in Transportation

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Companies today are facing significant transportation challenges — tight capacity, rising rates, and more demanding delivery expectations from customers. Navigating through these challenges requires timely and accurate visibility to what’s happening in their transportation operations, which is where Control Tower visibility comes in. VP Operations at Transplace , and Ken Rogers, National Transportation Director at Nestle Waters , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics.

On the Track to Profitability: The Power of Pricing Analytics in Rail Freight

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Where rail freight once was the price-competitive transport mode of choice, low fuel prices and increased availability of trucks in the spot market have resulted in low freight rates that are expected to remain low. What is pricing analytics?

The customer is king. Can you give him what he wants – before he wants it?


In retail, fully automated warehouses allow home delivery within hours of ordering – or even minutes, when predictive analytics can fill trucks with products not even ordered yet. Quintiq World Tour Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Transport & Logistics

To predict or to prescribe: Analytics in logistics & supply chain operations


To do so, I will dive into data analytics and the role it could play in making supply chain logistics more efficient. Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Essentially, our investment in this type of analytics shows us what happened in our business.

This Week in Logistics News (October 1-5, 2018)

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E2open Acquires Transportation Management Systems Provider Cloud Logistics. Like I wrote earlier this week, there is always something new to talk about in the transportation management systems (TMS) market.

Visibility: If Only I Could See

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The IT taxonomy for visibility is supply chain analytics. As you implement supply chain analytics and use control theory with well-defined reference data with clear bands for control, process improvement ensues. The team was seeking analytics to monitor process compliance.

Revenue Management for Rail Freight Profitability

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Where rail freight once was the price-competitive transport mode of choice, low fuel prices and increased availability of trucks in the spot market have resulted in low freight rates that are expected to remain low¹. The current outlook for the rail freight industry is, at best, mixed.

4 Infographics Showing How Technology Is Transforming Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain


Purchasing and supply executives predict that the global manufacturing industry will continue to expand. Predictive Data Analytics. Chinese executives see predictive analytics as the key to competing with U.S.

Why Blockchain Within The Supply Chain Makes Perfect Sense


Democratizing purchase orders or predictive analytical data such as Point of Sale information can dramatically improve demand visibility, while reducing the negative consequences of poor forecasting such as the Bullwhip Effect. Twitter LinkedIn The post Why Blockchain Within The Supply Chain Makes Perfect Sense appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Blockchain Omnichannel Supply Chain Transportation Management

Next-Generation Supply Chain Visibility

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How are emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics helping in this effort? Much of the transportation data coming from carriers is inherently flawed. So I asked Adam if newer technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics can help. That is where AI and predictive analytics can help.

It’s the season for smarter express logistics


Use predictive analytics to anticipate demand and plan your resources such as distribution centers, vehicles and workforce. Thanks to historical data, you can predict the volume of demand in an area, neighborhood or city. Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Transport & LogisticsIf you’re back from your year-end holiday, welcome back! If you couldn’t take a break, you’re probably working in express logistics.

Citations of Excellence Awards 2016

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The Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Freight Transport by Pooling Supply Chains. Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform Supply Chain Design and Management. Each year, Emerald awards certificates to highly cited papers, hereby also taking into account the content of the papers ( see my previous post ).

The Top 5 Changes That Occur With AI in Logistics


The tech is fundamentally changing the way packages move around the world, from predictive analytics to autonomous vehicles and robotics. In general, the predictive analytics solutions in logistics and supply chain are on the rise.

This Week in Logistics News (January 4-8, 2016)

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INTTRA Collaborates with JDA Software for Streamlined Transportation Management. This live and predictive analytics platform filters through news sources (including Lloyd’s Maritime, CNN, and more), blogs, social media (ex.

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Want to Improve Supply Chain Performance and Profitability?


For example, if a transportation management system (TMS) does not update an inventory management system, each purchase order (PO) placed must be tracked using manual requests. Acknowledge and Address the (Real) Root Cause of Your Supply Chain Data Silos.