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Energy Transition in Supply Chain

Logistics Viewpoints

Supply chain sustainability has become a very hot topic, but for a lot of people, there is uncertainty around its meaning. There are three responses in this question that address supply chain sustainability: align with our goals, mission, and values; meet consumers expectations; and increase profitability.

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Supply Chain Resilience. Really?

Supply Chain Shaman

Today, I speak at the North American Manufacturing Association, Manufacturing Leadership Conference, in Nashville on the use of data to improve supply chain resilience. Background The Council of Supply Chain Resilience met for the first time this month. What is supply chain resilience? The reason?


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Guide to FMCG Supply Chain – Sourcing Function

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

Recently, I introduced you to the Enchange Supply Chain House ; the one stop shop for all of the elements you need to allow your supply chain to operate effectively.

Sourcing 130
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The Life Science Supply Chain with John Marrow

The Logistics of Logistics

John Marrow and Joe Lynch discuss the life science supply chain. John is the President at RRD Supply Chain Solutions , a recognized provider of global life science supply chain services with decades of experience in developing and delivering value-add solutions to the life science sector.

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Rethinking Direct Materials Sourcing: The Tools You Need To Manage Costs, Risks and Sustainability

Direct materials sourcing is evolving, with procurement now tasked not only with cost efficiency but managing sustainability and risk management. The environment is marked by heightened demand and expectations, compounded by challenges such as rising input prices, supply chain disruptions and geopolitical tensions.

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Supply Chain Normalcy? Think Again.

Supply Chain Shaman

The global supply chain is built on three assumptions: rational government policy, availability of reasonably priced logistics, and low variability. In March 2023, the Global Supply Chain Pressure Index fell to the lowest level since November 2008. Over the past three years, supply chain cycles shifted.

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Build Supply Chain Resilience with a Diverse Sourcing Strategy 


If resilience is the panacea to today’s supply chain challenges, it seems that everyone has a different prescription. Every industry article, news segment, analyst research paper, and boardroom conversation offers varying perspectives on the real issues impacting supply chain performance and the best way to fix them.

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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Contract Management in Telecom & High-Tech

Continual technological changes necessitate adjustments to manufacturing and supply chain processes, leading to a heavy volume of contracts that outpaces most industries. The high-tech and telecom sectors face a contract management crisis if the process isn’t managed properly. What can CPOs do to ease the contract management burden?

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CIO: Here's Why Analytics is Eating the Supply Chain

Life science companies are adopting innovative cloud technology to provide a single source of truth for end-to-end supply chain decision-making.

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Supply Chain Network Design: The Ultimate Use Cases eBook

This eBook shares how supply chain leaders leverage their supply chain design software to tackle a variety of challenges and questions. Creating a strategic digital twin (digital representation) of your supply chain network. Optimizing your supply chain based on costs and service levels.

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End to End Supply Chain Visibility - Solving The Data Problem

People think end-to-end visibility is simply aggregating data from multiple sources, storing it in one place, and serving it up. This "Data Problem" is the biggest issue in supply chain today; it's also your biggest opportunity. But once you have that data, how do you use it?

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A Supply Chain Leader’s Guide to Managing Disruption With Modern Analytics

Managing disruption of any kind has become the #1 priority in supply chain operations. But, as leaders know, adapting to change is rarely a simple task and requires a fresh look at existing processes in planning and sourcing, inventory management, warehousing & distribution, and more. Download your copy today!

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The Digital Logistics Provider: Delivering a New Level of Service in the Age of IoT

In response to the growing complexity of the modern global supply chain, logistics service providers are embracing digital supply chain solutions powered by new IoT tracking technologies and data analytics. How are new data sources and IoT tools enabling new levels of visibility into the global supply chain?

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S&OP Reimagined: Overcoming the New Normal with a Revamped S&OP Process

Speaker: Fernando Penteado, CPSM - Supply Chain and Logistics Executive, Global Markets Expert, and International Speaker

Now, as a variety of disruptive events cause supply chain challenges, companies are contemplating bold moves to keep business moving, including moving sourcing and manufacturing closer to home markets and maintaining a larger reserve stock to help manage the fluctuations in supply and demand.

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Electrofuels Are the Future: The Driving Force to Decarbonizing Heavy Transport

Speaker: Ayesha Choudhury - Senior Vice President, Head of Capital Markets at Infinium

With the first wave of the energy transition, renewable energy sources (such as solar and wind) have begun replacing coal power generation. However, some sectors are lagging behind and struggling to decarbonize more than others, including large-scale transportation like commercial aviation, shipping, and rail transit.