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China is Moving to Mexico with Jorge Gonzalez Henrichsen

The Logistics of Logistics

Jorge Gonzalez Henrichsen and Joe Lynch discuss why China is moving to Mexico. Key Takeaways: China is Moving to Mexico Jorge Gonzalez Henrichsen is Co-CEO of The Nearshore Company, where he helps North American, European, and Asian manufacturing companies to successfully establish reliable manufacturing operations in Mexico.

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Geopolitical Risks to Supply Chains: China, Russia, and Beyond

Enterra Insights

China and Russia People often refer to the “elephant in the room” when discussing obvious challenges that must be faced. Business professionals, however, are more likely to worry about two other metaphorical animals in the room — China’s dragon and Russia’s bear.


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MI5 and Five Eyes warning on China

IT Supply Chain

By Tim West (pictured) Cyber Threat Intelligence, WithSecure The post MI5 and Five Eyes warning on China appeared first on IT Supply Chain.

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The China Dilemma: Stay or Leave?

MIT Supply Chain

In these unstable times, keeping most of your sourcing eggs in the China basket has become inadvisable, and companies appear to be putting a lot more energy and resources into finding alternatives to the world’s workshop. More than one-third of respondents said they have reduced or paused planned investments in China over the past year.

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Moving Container Production From China Won't Ease Supply Chain Woes, SC Execs Say

Supply Chain Brain

Nineteen percent of responders said that they believe shifting production away from China would help supply chains while another 27% said this change could maybe alleviate supply issues.

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Report Links Car Supply Chain to Forced Labor in China

Supply Chain Brain

The authors claim China's systematic repression of the Uyghurs and opaque supply chains has allowed the automotive industry to become reliant on abusive suppliers.

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Demystifying Freight Shipping From China


But how exactly does a factory in China stopping production lead to a backup of containers at U.S. Understanding the different methods of shipping freight from China. Given the size and scope of the global supply chain, and given China’s physical distance from the U.S., The future outlook of freight from China.

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