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Supply Chain Redesign: A Conversation with Lennox International’s Keith Nash

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With a complex mix of inbound and outbound transportation modes, we’ve had to tailor our fulfillment from full truckload shipments outbound to more small-pack and courier shipments. Some of the key benefits we’ve realized are lower transportation costs, record service levels and shorter cycle times, and better inventory accuracy. Keith : We’re starting to develop detailed logistics cost-to-serve information to the customer level.

Nearshoring & Reshoring Will Continue to Increase Thanks to these Main Benefits


It was cheaper than producing products in the US, manufacturers could produce large inventories with little capital up front, and consumers did not really have a public voice. Take a moment to think about offshoring.

What’s Your Plan if There’s a West Coast Port Strike?

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Or, will we see a repeat of 2002, when a 10-day lockout left dozens of ships lined up outside the West Coast docks, unable to unload? Communicate with the destination distribution centers and warehouses to ensure they have the ability to plan and receive the additional inventory.

Seasoned Leadership in Action™! An Interview with Michael Massetti, VP at Gartner!

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The biggest career transformation for me was after leaving Dell when I joined Lucent in 2002 and entered supply chain in technology sourcing. We restructured all of the documents and created one of the first service-oriented websites so all of the information was available on line.

Insights from Kenco Customer Summit 2015

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From 2002 through today, the Consumer Price Index has increased 35.5

How to Improve Manufacturing Floor Data Collection


Although it was published in 2002, the case study highlighted the data collection struggles of a particular manufacturing company that probably rings true for many SMEs and large corporations alike. To log, track and trace everything’, your vision of a better manufacturing floor.

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Getting Ready for 2017: Reflections on Telling Lies

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In a nutshell, the research states there is a correlation between cost, inventory, and forecast performance. This was the lie spun by Gartner in 2002. This is especially true in an Information Technology department. The streets below me today are icy and wet.