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How Effective Fixed Asset Management Contributes to Profitability


Fixed Assets and Accounting: Much More than a ‘Nice to Have’. Honestly, fixed asset management and the related accounting is a rather dry subject – unless you are a CEO, CFO, COO, VP of Finance, VP of Manufacturing or Fixed Asset Manager at a manufacturing company. Fixed Assets and the CFO.

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Asset Management Best Practices Using Low-Code: Part 1


Effective asset management is essential to any successful business operation. Streamlining these processes to align perfectly with the unique needs of each organization can help an organization to better manage and enhance decision-making processes and reduce operational costs.


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The Renewed Importance of Production Planning and Operational Excellence in the New Normal- Part Two

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters provides the second in a multi-part series addressing the renewed importance of production planning and operational excellence in this very uncertain and constantly changing business environment. Refocusing on Operational Excellence In the previous section, we identified a number of drivers for operational efficiency.

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Management of Ocean Transit Time Reliability and Visibility

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Followed by the benefits to reduce logistics cost of expedites, demurrage and detention (58%), increase cash on hand by improving inventory management (23%) and to optimize carrier performance (19%). Supply chain managers require visibility to track the necessary components from a purchase order for production or to fulfill a customer order.

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Supply Chain Management:'Asset' in Enterprise Asset Management

Infosys Supply Chain Management

« Growing interest in sustainability from asset intensive organizations - Part 2 | Main | Spicing up your supply chain recipe through robust Yard Management » Asset in Enterprise Asset Management. An Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) framework is predominantly based on the definition of Asset.

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5 Ways to Reduce Fleet Management Costs!

Supply Chain Game Changer

When repair work or fuel purchases are needed for fleet operations , some people make their decisions based on factors such as convenience or time investment. To purchase equipment at the right price is advantageous, as is finding the right equipment based on features it offers, and how long it can be expected to last.

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Freightos is going public…and how we got here


I can walk into a local shop and purchase products from all around the globe. This isn’t just about consumerism; it’s inspiring to think that in purchasing an imported product, we are, in a tiny way, helping provide employment for people across our planet, often in developing countries. I started Freightos a decade ago, in 2012.