The Data Behind Amazon’s Logistics and Fulfillment Play


Not even B2B is spared from these changing expectations (which is why we at Freightos launched an online freight marketplace ). There’s been less progress though with ocean freight, since Amazon registered as a freight forwarder several years ago. And As For Global Freight….

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Network Design: the 5 good questions to ask

KEPLER Consulting

In France, more than 8 million square meters of additional storage surface have been put out on the market in 2018 by 40 logistics players.

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For What It’s Worth: My Take on Last Week’s Supply Chain & Logistics News (May 30, 2018)

Talking Logistics

And just last week, the Blockchain in Supply Chain Alliance (BiSCA) was announced , with a focus on procurement, planning, warehousing, and transportation processes. Take a look at what’s happening in the ocean freight industry. However, Maersk’s leading competitors, German Hapag-Lloyd and France’s CMA CGM, aren’t jumping on the Maersk-IBM bandwagon.

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Embracing the rules: Incoterms® 2020

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Case in point: A small retailer in Seattle, Washington, wanted to purchase three pallets of product from a mid-sized manufacturer in Paris, France. retailer (buyer) took on the risk and responsibility for the freight through destination, including Customs clearance in the United States.

When It Comes to Trucking, the EU is Not the “United States of Europe”

Talking Logistics

While taking a standardized approach to transportation management and procurement would facilitate visibility and control, the fact is that the operating realities of each market are different.

InSight, InControl: Real-time position and quality monitoring for production material transports


Sea freight is one big black hole: while a container is at sea, the materials planner generally has to spend weeks trusting blindly that it will arrive at the port on schedule. The latter then types the details from the paper-based freight documents into his Transport Management System (TMS) so as to be able to submit the advance customs declaration, for example. This is even more true if the transport is intermodal, i.e. where land, air and sea freight are combined.