Meeting the Outsourcing Challenge

Take Supply Chain

The post Meeting the Outsourcing Challenge appeared first on TAKE Supply Chain. A survey of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, and outsourced manufacturing and logistics services providers.

Meeting the meat demand


But this begs the question: How do supermarkets and meat processors manage their supply, meet the demands put upon them and balance their inventories? Meat consumption is growing globally, and producers are working hard to meet increased consumer demand while maintaining sustainable and responsible practices in both livestock management and supply chain optimisation. or lamb chops (Australia Day!) – and have a sales forecast that meets SLAs and stock targets?

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Move over old man. It’s time to meet supply chain planning 4.0

The 21st Century Supply Chain

It’s time to meet supply chain planning 4.0 by Trevor Miles What I took away from the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference …. Supply Chain Management is a relatively young practice, though many of the core principles go back many decades and are based on Operations Research concepts.

Where Bricks-and-Mortar Meets Omni-Channel

Supply Chain @ MIT

Switching to an omni-channel business model requires retailers to drive change in many parts of the supply chain, including the bricks-and-mortar stores that still provide a vital interface with customers.

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Three New Challenges All Organizations Need to Meet

The Network Effect

Designing ones’ supply chain to meet all four of these topics is required to truly be omnichannel. You are encouraged to not only view the video, but respond to the video by upgrading your supply chain to meet the requirements of Crossborder Commerce, Customer Centricity, and Omnichannel.

Why OmniChannel Solutions are Needed in Shipping & Logistics to Meet Consumer Demand


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Transitioning Your Logistics Operations to Meet the Needs of Millennials

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

Millennials are a dynamic rapidly growing segment of the workforce. Blog Consumer Products Retail Supply Chain Planning

Apparel and Footwear Supply Chain Meets Industry 4.0 Adoption

Supply Chain Matters

The apparel and footwear industry, one of the earliest adopters of global based, low-cost manufacturing outsourcing is now on the verge of adopting Industry 4.0 supply chain practices. Apparel and Footwear Supply Chain Internet of Things Manufacturing Strategies Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Supply Chain Strategy Addidas Futurecraft MFG supply chain Addidas supply chain supply chain advancements in footwear manufacturing Supply chain Matters blog

What Happens when Technology Meets Transparency?


The post What Happens when Technology Meets Transparency? One of the not-so-simple problems that plague global supply chains is transparency.

Meeting and Exceeding Supply Chain Expectations


Upon returning from APICS 2015 in Las Vegas, I have time to reflect on the excellent speakers I heard (and interviewed), motivated people I met, and invigorating conversations I had. APICS was proud to welcome Jack Welch, legendary management expert and best-selling author, to the stage for the conference’s opening general session

Labeling that can Meet Just-in-Time Deadlines in Auto Manufacturing


Just-in-time supply chains are demanding and have little room for error. They have become prominent in the auto industry, raising new demands. Automotive Supply Chain Manufacturing

3PL Logistics Companies Up Services to Continue to Meet the Needs of Shippers


Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post 3PL Logistics Companies Up Services to Continue to Meet the Needs of Shippers appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. When the housing market collapsed in 2008 , the US and global economies went into a tailspin.

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Chainalytics Opens Singapore Office, Continues Strategic Asia-Pacific Expansion to Meet Growing Demand


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SCRC Meeting Insights – Part I


We kicked off the 33rd SemiAnnual SCRC Partner Meeting today, with a room full of people from various segments of government, industry, and academic attending.

Making Supply Meet Demand at America’s Food Banks

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

So, how should Feeding America allocate its food supply to the food banks so that the supply can meet demand in a fair and timely manner? Ultimately, the Choice System creates mutual benefits by making supply meet demand along the supply chain!

Meeting the Need for Personalized Shopping Experiences with Category Management

Supply Chain Nation

The assortment, in today’s “me commerce” environment, has become a way to differentiate your business from the competition and better meet shopper expectations. Learn how JDA can help you meet the ever-changing needs of your consumers today and in the future , so you can make localized assortments the priority in your merchandising strategy. Be sure to stop by and meet with JDA while you are there!

High Performance Fulfillment: The Only Way to Meet Customer Demand

Value Unchained

The post High Performance Fulfillment: The Only Way to Meet Customer Demand appeared first on ModusLink Global Solutions. Fast shipping and speedy delivery have become consumer expectations for shopping online; faster shipping is no longer considered a benefit or a perk.

Meeting the Digital Enterprise Transformation Imperative

Enterra Insights

The post Meeting the Digital Enterprise Transformation Imperative appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Most analysts agree that businesses face an imperative to transform into a digital enterprise or lose ground to competitors that … Continued.

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Warehousing Made Easy: How to Meet Ever-Changing Customer Demands

Supply Chain Nation

Warehouse managers are under a lot of pressure to maximize throughput, minimize cost, optimize labor productivity and meet shipping deadlines, and do so in a way that keeps each and every customer happy, which is a tough task. With the right WMS in place, organizations can improve the ability to meet demanding customer expectations, enhance productivity and fulfill orders more profitably. JDA WMS and Warehouse Labor Management (WLM) can help you meet these demands head on.

Oracle empowers organisations to meet accelerating market changes with major innovations to Supply Chain Management Cloud

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

To help organisations meet rapidly changing business demands, Oracle has announced significant expansions to Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud

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FMCG Meets Top Gear: IKA Store to Shelf Supply Chain: Last 50 Yards

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

FMCG and Brewing producers amongst many others, carefully pack their products to meet exacting requirements for International Key Account (IKA) and Local Key Account (LKA) customers. Increasingly this includes specially collated and shrink-wrapped pallets which are cross-docked to specific stores via a retailer platform.

The Lean Supply Chain meets Dock Scheduling - Part I

C3 Solutions

After reading an interesting article about the Lean Supply Chain that encourages businesses to consider purchasing collaborative and automation software when conducting Lean techniques, I immediately thought readers might appreciate some practical examples of this.

Trade Promotion Optimization Meets Cognitive Computing

Enterra Insights

The post Trade Promotion Optimization Meets Cognitive Computing appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Analysts at L.E.K. write, “Trade promotion programs are pivotal to driving sales, building brand equity with consumers and strengthening channel … Continued.

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Reflections on the LIVING Supply Chain SCRC Meeting


The SCRC meeting was a huge success yesterday. The SCRC meeting featured a group of executives, students, and faculty participating at the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative meeting yesterday in Raleigh, held at the new Talley Student Center on the NC State campus. There were many more comments and discussions that came out of the meeting, but these are some of the highlights.

Agriculture: The Jetsons Meet the MacDonalds

Enterra Insights

The post Agriculture: The Jetsons Meet the MacDonalds appeared first on Enterra Solutions. The topic of agriculture generally brings to mind scenes of waving grain, orchards of fruit trees, and/or animals grazing peacefully … Continued.

Tesla Motors Meets 2015 Delivery Milestones But That Does Not Satisfy All Customers

Supply Chain Matters

Tesla Motors has indicted that it delivered 17,400 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2015, nearly 50 percent more than the 11,627 vehicles delivered at this same period a year ago. Yet, the bloom is somewhat off the rose when considering certain Tesla customers delivery expectations. Tesla reportedly met its internal goal to deliver […]. Automotive Supply Chain Manufacturing Strategies Procurement and Sourcing Supply Chain Strategy Supply chain Matters blog Tesla Motors supply chain

Meet Me in St. Louis

Inbound Logistics

Louis region offers an ideal transportation infrastructure to move goods, skilled labor to meet the peaks and valleys of industrial demand, and the availability of highly qualified IT personnel to manage staff and facilities The St.

Green Supply Chain News on Dell Turn to Innovation to Meet Sustainability Goals

Supply Chain Digest

You Really Can Have both Sustainability and Lower Costs, Dell Executive Says, as Company Wins CSCMP Innovation Award

High Tech CEO’s Meet with the President of China to Gain Favor

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters provides a follow-up to our prior commentary: high tech supply chains- increased risks associated with global access. In that commentary, we posed the question of balancing the need of high tech firms for increased market access to China’s market with the added risks of intellectual property protection. Leading up to the visit […].

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How Will Shippers Meet Growing Demand?

PLS Logistics

The American Trucking Association (ATA) recently released a freight transportation forecast, predicting growth through the year 2026. According to Forecast , overall freight tonnage will grow 25.5% from 2013 to 2025 and freight revenues will surge 72%. 3PL Optimization Shipping Transportation Spend

Throw Back Thursday: Remembering ‘Meeting Customer Demand in a Complex Industry’ from Kinexions

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Today I’d like to share the interview on ‘Meeting Customer Demand in a Complex Industry’ at Kinexions. Kennametal strives to meet customer demand for customized products, while also manufacturing to stock. by Melissa Clow Kinexions is in 26 days!

Positioning Skills for the Future Needs of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Matters

Meet Bob Ferrari Supply Chain Skills Supply Chain Talent Management Supply Chain Technology Independent supply chain industry analyst Bob Ferrari's Blog skills required in supply chain management supply chain management skills Supply Chain MattersAs we, via Supply Chain Matters, and many others have noted, there is no question that supply chain talent development and retention has become a top of mind multi-industry challenge.

Optimizing a Distribution Network for Today and Tomorrow

Supply Chain @ MIT

In their quest to meet a target for growth, companies often plan changes to their distribution networks to accommodate the anticipated increase in product volumes.

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Who said supply chains are boring?: McDonald's Says "Meet Our.

Supply Chains Rock

McDonalds Says "Meet Our Suppliers". Who said supply chains are boring? Whenever I tell a friend, colleague or family member about my job as soon as the words "supply chain" are muttered I immediately see glassy eyes followed by a yawn or two. Little do they realize that every time they discard or recycle a carton of milk they are completing the end of the supply chain cycle.

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Upcoming SCRC Meeting to Focus on “Transparency in the Global Supply Chain”


This meeting will explore some of these concepts, and provide a basis for getting started on this journey. The upcoming theme on “ Creating Supply Chain Transparency” is the focus for the SCRC meeting on April 21-22, 2015, and will feature presentations by a number of other senior executives will focus on the theme of creating transparency up and down the supply chain, to create an integrated format for decision-making.

Meeting Walmart’s New On Time In Full Delivery Requirements

Consumer Goods Logistics

Retail replenishment just got a little trickier with the announcement, by Walmart, that the retailer is instituting stricter supplier requirements for On Time In Full (OTIF) inbound deliveries to its distribution centers. And there will be a cost to non-compliance. Items that are late or missing during a one-month period will incur a fine of 3 percent of their value. Supply Chain Challenges Logistics KPIs

Guest Post from SCRC Research Fellow Graham Givens: Update from the National Restaurant Association Meeting


He reports on his recent visit to the National Restaurant Association Supply Chain Management Executive Study Group meeting in Chicago. “The NRA’s Supply Chain Management Executive Study Group’s main mission is to share information and skills between supply chain professionals in the restaurant industry by holding meetings like the one I attended. Today’s guest post is from Graham Givens.

The Lean Supply Chain Meets Dock Scheduling - Part II

C3 Solutions

As a second blog post in a two part series, we are providing practical examples of how dock scheduling systems can improve existingprocesses due to its collaborative and automated features. dock scheduling Dock Scheduling Software dock scheduling system

SCRC Meeting Themes Emphasize That Building a Supply Chain Risk Capability is a Multi-Dimensional Journey

Supply Chain View from the Field

The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative concluded its two-day meeting on the theme of “Building a Supply Chain Risk Capability”, which proved to be one of the most popular themes yet that resonated with our audience. We have over 175 executives, students, and faculty attending the event.

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SCRC Meeting: Mapping the Road Ahead in a Time of Daily Disconcerting Tweets


This week we announced the theme of our upcoming Supply Chain Resource Cooperative meeting. The theme of the meeting, “Mapping the Road Ahead in Uncertain Times”, brings together a number of industry experts to share insights and develop some thoughts on how organizations can plan ahead to deal with the many surprising events that pop up every week in the news. The meeting agenda will include: An SCRC Board of Advisors meeting (by invitation only).