Supply meets demand: New sourcing automation solution targets ocean freight procurement

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Global provider of Intelligent Sourcing Automation, Keelvar, has launched its new AI-powered ocean freight sourcing automation solution

Planning to Win: Optimizing Inventory to Meet Business Objectives


It’s difficult enough to meet service levels, never mind optimize for any other business goals. Fortunately, it’s possible not only to meet or exceed service levels (product availability), but also to meet business goals at the same time.


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Augmented Reality Meets the Warehouse

Supply Chain Brain

Peter Millar, luxury apparel retailer, took a different approach to automating their omni-channel warehouse. They found a way to streamline orders, take 10% load off of their conveyor, dramatically reduce touchpoints, and adapt whenever the business calls for a change. How did they do it?

Retailers must adapt & meet consumer demand

IT Supply Chain

The post Retailers must adapt & meet consumer demand appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Ted Rogers (pictured). Chief Revenue Officer, Digital River. Industry Talk

Supply Chain Planning Maturity – How Do You Compare to Peers?

Today's supply chains are networked, global ecosystems. An event upstream in a different country or region can cause considerable disruption downstream. The COVID-19 pandemic is an extreme example of how this unfolds in practice. How prepared are supply chain teams to react and recover, from a planning maturity stance? Download this report to get exclusive insights on planning maturity!

Meet Demands For Supermarkets With AI-Driven Demand Forecasting


To integrate these with the global supply chain in order to meet customer demand, it is important to integrate demand-driven forecasting. The post Meet Demands For Supermarkets With AI-Driven Demand Forecasting appeared first on ThroughPut.

2022 Silver Lining? Inventory, Meet Demand. Demand, Meet Supply. All of You, Meet Volatility.

John Galt

Well, it’s official. It’s now crucial to the survival and success of your organization that you take that long-discussed step toward advanced supply chain planning optimization

​​Meeting the Demand in Sourcing and Procurement

EC Sourcing Group

??Meeting the Demand in Sourcing and Procurement. In recent years, considerable efforts have been made to simplify and streamline sourcing, procurement, and overall supply chains to meet demand more effectively.

Taking Advantage of Local Drivers Meets Same Day Delivery Expectations


The post Taking Advantage of Local Drivers Meets Same Day Delivery Expectations appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. The ability to offer the same delivery is rapidly becoming a differentiator among retailers and other shippers.

It takes two to tango, when business meets design

IT Supply Chain

The post It takes two to tango, when business meets design appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Simon Bonello (pictured). Managing Director, Bigger Picture Agency. Industry Talk

Supply Chain 4.0: Why You Need to Digitize to Survive

Speaker: Laura Garcia, Sr. Editor at Supply Chain Digital and Procurement Magazines

In Digitize to Survive, we’ll be showing how you can leverage today’s tech to help meet organizational objectives and not only survive but thrive in a post-pandemic world. With all the new tech available on the market, setting a digitization roadmap and knowing where to start can be difficult. We’ll help you drudge through the boundless opportunities and help clarify all the buzz. During this webinar, we’ll discuss how to take an objectives-first approach and demystify some of today’s hottest tech such as IoT, AI, and Big Data and show you how they can help build resiliency, unearth competitive advantages and optimize bottom-line results.

Meeting the meat demand

DELMIA Quintiq

But this begs the question: How do supermarkets and meat processors manage their supply, meet the demands put upon them and balance their inventories? Meat consumption is growing globally, and producers are working hard to meet increased consumer demand while maintaining sustainable and responsible practices in both livestock management and supply chain optimisation. or lamb chops (Australia Day!) – and have a sales forecast that meets SLAs and stock targets?

Supply Chain Uncertainty…Meet Supply Chain Flexibility

John Galt

It’s now clear that, of all the elements that will decide whether our supply chains thrive or struggle over the years ahead, the number one factor is uncertainty

TCA to host Refrigerated Meeting July 14-16 in Albuquerque

The Supply Chain Journal

Did you know that the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) hosts an annual Refrigerated Meeting ? I’ve been attending this event since the late ’90s and not only find the meeting very educational but we have made great friends in the industry through the event.

Investing in channel talent to meet evolving manufacturing industry needs


It requires a multi-stakeholder approach to ensure today’s ERP channel professionals – as well as future specialists – have the skills to meet the needs of manufacturing industry customers.

How to Achieve True Net-Zero Emissions: An Action Plan for Supply Chain Leaders

To achieve sustainability, many firms set lofty net-zero emissions goals. However, meeting them is easier said than done. This GEP whitepaper shows why supply shain leaders should take steps now, and offers an action plan for moving forward.

Meeting the Omnichannel Challenge

The Network Effect

The post Meeting the Omnichannel Challenge appeared first on The Network Effect. Consumers are buying products through many different channels the consumer goods supply chain has become more complex than ever before. Consumer Goods Digital Supply Chain Retail Supply Chain Control Towers Supply Chain Management consumer good control towers omnichannel retail

Top 10 Tips to Effective Meetings in S&OP

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

The Enchange Supply Chain House ; the one-stop shop for the elements you need to achieve supply chain excellence. FMCG Dave Jordan S&OP Supply Chain House supply chain excellence

S&OP 130

eCommerce packaging must change to meet COP26 objectives

IT Supply Chain

The post eCommerce packaging must change to meet COP26 objectives appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Jo Bradley (pictured). Business Development Manager, Sparck Technologies (formerly Packaging by Quadient).

Monkeypox Vaccine Maker Seeks Partners in Race to Meet Demand

Supply Chain Brain

Bavarian Nordic A/S, the only company with an approved vaccine for monkeypox, said it’s no longer certain it can meet demand and is talking to multiple production partners as cases rise across the world.

The Impact of Direct Dials on Sales Productivity

Leveraging the latest industry research, this eBook highlights the impact of direct dial phone numbers on sales productivity with the goal of empowering reps to have more conversations with prospects, and consequently, schedule more meetings, increase opportunities, and close more business - fast.

Meet Demand Profitability with SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Elizabeth McGuire and Linda Plumley

SAP Integrated Buisness Planning (IBP) is a vital option for companies considering a toolset to improve their business plans and strategies.

SAP 130

Managed Logistics Meets Five Challenges for Complex Supply Chain Operations

Supply Chain Brain

As the supply chain becomes more complex, it’s crucial to find a managed logistics provider (MLP) with complete capabilities, depth of experience, and technology.

Dropshipping Is Helping to Meet eCommerce Demands

Material Handling and Logistics

A new study from the Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh University shows that retailers are expanding their virtual inventory without incurring additional carrying and fulfillment costs by utilizing dropship programs

Optimize Existing Labor to Meet Customer Demand

Supply Chain Brain

Many organizations have begun to invest in applications to make warehouse operations more efficient and deliver better customer service. But each of these technologies entails a unique set of complexities

How Real-Time Tracking of Shipments Supports the Distribution of Pharmaceuticals

This guide explores critical concepts that supply chain professionals need to know when it comes to tracking and analyzing cold chain shipments.

inside aioneers: Meet Senior Consultant, Sebastian


With experience spanning from supply chain consultancy, to data science, product development, and more, Sebastian supports the consulting and data science team at aioneers. Read on to find out what brought him to supply chain consulting, and what makes aioneers a great environment for him.

inside aioneers: Meet Supply Chain Consultant, Sara


Sara has the most interesting background you can imagine, starting in Iran for her bachelor's in Industrial Engineering, and including society-changing projects and fascinating doctoral research into tech investment.

Iran 52

Podcast | Why Automakers Won’t Meet EV Production Targets

Supply Chain Brain

Will the Biden Administration meet its goal for electric vehicle production in the U.S.? Don’t count on it

inside aioneers: Meet Product Manager, Thomas


Thomas Fredikind is a long-time supply chain professional and, what's more, a long-time aioneer. He moved from a consultant career to the path of a product manager, and we wanted to hear about how he did that, why he did that, and what exactly is a product manager? Read on to find out.

Case Study: DSV Implements a Single-Instance Control Tower with a Global Footprint

This case study illustrates how DVS implemented a Single-Instance Control Tower with a Global Footprint to deal with the challenge of connecting people, systems, and processes.

inside aioneers: Meet Sales Expert, Marie Wendel


Sales expert and adventure sport lover, Marie, is bringing her skills to the supply chain world. Just this month she started at aioneers; a new path for her, and an exciting addition for us.

As Air Travel Roars Back–How Will Aircraft Suppliers Meet the New Demand?

DELMIA Quintiq

Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain Supply Chain Planning & Optimization A&D aerospace airlines DELMIA supply supply chain travel

Meeting the Warehouse Challenge of the New Normal

IT Supply Chain

The post Meeting the Warehouse Challenge of the New Normal appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Alex Mills (pictured). Sales & Marketing Director at ProSKU. Industry Talk

Freight-Tech Meets Fin-Tech with Victor Ofstein

The Logistics of Logistics

Freight-Tech Meets Fin-Tech with Victor Ofstein. Joe Lynch and Victor Ofstein discuss freight-tech meets fin-tech. Key Takeaways: Freight-Tech Meet Fin-Tech with Victor Ofstein. Learn More: Freight-Tech Meets Fin-Tech.

Control Tower and Visibility Solution Guide

Supply chain leaders face the daunting challenge of delivering cost-effective services against stiff industry competition. Discover why a unified and converged approach will make all the difference in running an efficient and cost-effective supply chain.

Meet FreightTech’s latest unicorn: project44 — WTT

The Supply Chain Journal

On today’s episode, Dooner and guest co-host Kaylee Nix are talking to project44’s CEO / founder Jett McCandless to talk about their latest funding round that values the company at $1.2 billion.

SOAR 2021 – Meet the Keynotes

BluJay Solutions

Captain Scott Kelly will headline the main stage on Tuesday, September 28, sharing the story of his year in space – and how personal determination made the difference when meeting challenges on space missions and in his personal life.

Four Challenges to Meeting E-commerce Demand

Supply Chain Brain

The Age of Amazon has forced e-commerce sellers of all sizes to meet increasingly stringent requirements for delivering goods to consumers. Most providers aren’t fully prepared for a world that demands next-day delivery, or even faster

Managed Logistics Meets Five Challenges for Complex Supply Chain Operations

Supply Chain Brain

Whatever the business — from fast-moving consumer goods to pharmaceuticals or automotive — the success of any enterprise is the result of its vertical market expertise

100 Pipeline Plays: The Modern Sales Playbook

For the first time, we’re sharing the winning plays that took us from scrappy startup to a publicly traded company. Use our proven data-driven plays to grow your pipeline and crush your revenue targets.