Call to action: Governments’ commitment vital to decarbonize shipping by 2050

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The phrases “global level playing field” and “commercially viable” were mentioned several times during a launch event Wednesday that called for governments around the world to act on climate change and commit to decarbonizing the shipping sector by 2050.

Steps Government Can Take To Bring Resiliency to Their Supply Chain


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Why are supply chains so messed up?

The Supply Chain Journal

Anyone that has been around supply chains knows that there have always been issues and challenges. The global supply chain infrastructure that exists simply can’t handle the volume of products flowing through the economy. Will the supply chain issues end soon?

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Supply Chain Recognition in Times of Disruption

DELMIA Quintiq

Supply Chains and Integrated Logistics. The crisis generated by Covid-19 brought as one of its aspects, the notion of the extension of supply chains and integrated logistics, its impacts on the businesses of the companies, and the lives of people.

Conquering COVID-19: An Assault Plan for COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain Distribution

Distributing COVID-19 vaccines will require the involvement of governments, NGO's logistics companies and other stakeholders. Written by the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society in collaboration with IDC, with input from other organisations, this blueprint looks at the factors and issues that will need to be addressed from a supply chain perspective and the Vaccine Distribution Ecosystem (VDE) required to do so.

Pandemic Lessons For Supply Chain Leaders

Supply Chain Shaman

The Covid-19 pandemic tested the global supply chain. Like riding a bumpy road, the supply chain leader is riding the ups and downs of changing market conditions facing greater variability day-to-day. The Importance of Governance and Planning Clarity.

The Governance of Global Value Chains

SCM Research

It can be very insightful to see how supply chains are viewed in other research fields. Gereffi, Humphrey and Sturgeon (2005) take a transaction-based political economy perspective to explain The Governance of Global Value Chains. The Governance of Global Value Chains. Explaining Governance in Global Value Chains: A Modular Theory-building Effort. Theory Article Governance Supply Chain Management

Using Technology to build Sustainable Supply Chains

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Until recently, most businesses saw commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, as a charitable move that lowers returns on investment. For reasons of climate change and profitability rewards, maintaining a more sustainable approach to the supply chain is obvious.

The Hill Supply Chain Leaders Climb

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Word Misappropriation In Supply Chain. I struggle day-to-day with the misappropriation of words in the building of an effective supply chain. The goal was a supply chain that was efficient, agile, and responsive. Organizations do not have one supply chain.

Federal government inks contracts for $1.8B in rapid tests

The Supply Chain Journal

This is an excerpt from Medically Necessary, a health care supply chain newsletter. OraSure and Quidel will supply the bulk of the tests, contributing more than 20 million units each. . Celltrion will supply 19 million to 232 million tests, according to the Bloomberg report.

Sustainability Trends That Will Make the Biggest Impact on Your Organization

Speaker: Jit Hinchman, Founder & President at Supply Chain Adviser™ and Sustainable Supply Chain Global Ambassador

Many companies are still reluctant to take on sustainability initiatives in their organizations. But in 2021 and on, making the switch to more sustainable decision-making can have some big business impacts. Join this incredible webinar with Jit Hinchman, Founder & President at Supply Chain Adviser™ and Sustainable Supply Chain Global Ambassador, to explore some trends in supply chain sustainability that may make your company rethink its current stance on technology, transparency, and overall operations.

Supply Chain Performance Declined In the Last Decade. The Question is Why?

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We stubbed our toe in supply chain management at the beginning of the decade. Facing The Issues of Supply Chain Performance. As I work through this year’s Supply Chains to Admire , I cannot help but shake my head. appeared first on Supply Chain Shaman.

Steps Governments Can Take to Bring Resiliency to Their Supply Chain


The post Steps Governments Can Take to Bring Resiliency to Their Supply Chain appeared first on Ivalua

Unhappy Customers? It May be a Data Governance Issue


It May be a Data Governance Issue appeared first on Chainalytics. Blog Feature Supply Chain Consulting Supply Chain Operations data governance data governance process E-Commerce Logistics Operations master data master data management new product introduction online fulfillmentMy wife and I recently visited a local store to buy some end-of-season patio furniture. This particular retailer scoops up end-of-season items from home improvement stores.

CSR Initiatives in the Global Supply Chain

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

From just being environmentally friendly, it has become a holistic framework that encompasses the environment, social and corporate governance. The responsibility of sustainability is no longer limited to the individual, but it extends to corporations, industries and even governments.

Getting Real About Supply Chain Transparency

Enterra Insights

Unfortunately, when it comes to slavery in the supply chain, some companies don’t care, some companies are willfully ignorant, and some companies are truly unaware of on-going abuses. ” Finding Supply Chain Violations.

Lessons Learned for Supply Chain Pandemic Planning Part 1: Governance and Risk Assessment


This report established number of lessons learned need to be considered and implemented into the fabric of federal, state, and local governments. Here we cover the first two categories: Governance and Risk Planning. Supply Chain Pandemic Governance.

Government’s Big Move to Electronic Marketplaces


I was recently involved in a research discussion with Chris Yukins of George WAshington University’s Law School’s Government Procurement Program, and Thomas Kull from Arizona State University, exploring the impact of the rise of electronic marketplaces in government procurement. In the Thomson Reuters publication “ The Government Contractor “, we review some key changes coming to government acquisition.

How To Overcome Supply Chain Disruption


Supply chain disruption is a fact of life for every company that moves any type of product. There won’t be a new normal, just new sources of disruption, from weather to government policies to industry conditions. Overcoming Supply Chain Disruption.

Supply Chains Continue to Be Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

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A refrain from a Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart song from the Broadway musical “Pal Joey,” could be a tune sung nightly by today’s supply chain managers. ” Causes of Supply Chain Disruption.

Outdated TLS certificates are leaving government bodies insecure

IT Supply Chain

The post Outdated TLS certificates are leaving government bodies insecure appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Tim Callan (pictured). Chief Compliance Officer at Sectigo. Industry Talk

Five Things I Have Learned About Global Supply Chain Planning

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Regional supply chain companies are attempting to define global requirements. They are well versed in requirements for regional supply chain planning, but they are attempting to redefine their processes and be more global. Success in Supply Chain Planning Is a Flip of a Coin. Supply chain planning success is difficult to achieve. The second issue is treating supply chain planning as a technology project implementation.

Needed: A National Governance Framework for Healthcare Supply Chains


We have been tossing around ideas… all of us have been on the front lines dealing with the COVID crisis in healthcare supply chains: PPE, masks, testing kits, disinfectants, testing kits, and of course, healthcare providers who are burning out quickly.

White House Unveils Supply Chain Report

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Faced with computer chip shortages and other supply chain issues, on 24 February, President Biden signed E.O. 14017, directing a whole-of-government review to assess vulnerabilities in, and strengthening the resilience of, critical supply chains. supply chains.

From Hurricanes to Overthrown Governments to Potholes: Transportation and Supply Chain Resilience

Talking Logistics

When referring to supply chain resilience, the causes of disruption vary widely in scale and emphasize the unpredictability and severity of the events. We know transportation plays an important role in the supply chain – it’s the line in a flow diagram between the little buildings and smoke stacks – and transportation disruptions happen on a daily basis. Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - LeanLogistics Supply Chain Risk Management LeanLogistics resilienc

It’s refreshing to see government agencies recognising the dangers VPNs bring to a company

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The post It’s refreshing to see government agencies recognising the dangers VPNs bring to a company appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Jason Garbis (pictured). Chief Product Officer at Appgate.

Reconsidering Global Supply Chains

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Rising nationalism, the protectionism it spawned, and the coronavirus pandemic forced many companies to reexamine their global supply chains. My reasoning is simple, regionalized supply chains place manufacturers closer to consumers and reduce transportation costs. With growing public concern over supply chain carbon footprints, reducing transportation requirements makes corporate sense. ’ Recent analysis indicates that Supply Chain 4.0

Government says you must continue to supply insolvent customers

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The post Government says you must continue to supply insolvent customers appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Lindsay Ellis (pictured). Partner & Commercial Law Team Head at Wright Hassall.

Supply chain woes drag down Nike sales

The Supply Chain Journal

Snarled supply chains and lost production from factory closures due to COVID are dampening Nike Inc.’s In Vietnam, 80% of the company’s footwear factories and half of the apparel factories remain closed by government order. shipping delays Supply chain disruption Vietnam

UK government considers supply chain deforestation law


The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is consulting on whether or not the government should introduce a new law requiring businesses to ensure that forest-risk commodities they use have been produced legally. The UK government is also seeking public input.

Steps Governments Can Take to Bring Resiliency to Their Supply Chain


The post Steps Governments Can Take to Bring Resiliency to Their Supply Chain appeared first on Ivalua

The Supply Chain Links to Blockchain

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When it comes to paperwork in the supply chain, however, it’s no joke. Current supply chain systems are laden with paperwork and the headache of unanticipated problems that arise in daily operations.”[1] The links are subsequently the chains.

GovShop a new way to buy for government supply managers


For many years, government contract officers working at the local, state, and federal level, relied on a variety of different networks to search for qualified suppliers. But as every astute supply manager knows , supply market intelligence is the key to establishing a competitive and highly performing supply base. A new product offering by the Pubic Spend Forum provides government buyers with a new, free tool to conduct market intelligence.

A Multibillion-Dollar Supply Chain Market Growing at a Double Digit Rate that Nobody Knows About

Logistics Viewpoints

There is a multibillion-dollar supply chain software market that grew at double digit rates during the pandemic, and will continue to grow fast, that very few supply chain executives have heard of. The solution is called a supply chain collaboration network (SCCN).

Global Supply Chains — A Source of Strength

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There has been plenty of bad supply chain news over the past year. At the beginning of the pandemic, some analysts believed the global supply chain was on the verge of breaking. For years, ‘faster, cheaper and more efficient’ has been the supply chain manager’s mantra.