Is Logistics Outsourcing Right for Your Company?

Supply Chain Movement

From local truck transportation to global supply chain management systems, from produce sourcing to consulting based on practical experience to outsourcing, C.H. Equatorial Guinea. Guinea. Guinea-bissau. Papua New Guinea.

Mindmap High-Tech Supply Chain 4.0

Supply Chain Movement

Equatorial Guinea. Guinea. Guinea-bissau. Papua New Guinea. The sourcing department is challenged by increasing compliancy issues. A technology revolution is rapidly changing the way we work, providing threats and opportunities along the way.

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Mindmap for Supply Chain Execution 24/7

Supply Chain Movement

Equatorial Guinea. Guinea. Guinea-bissau. Papua New Guinea. Sourcing from far-flung countries such as China is leading to growing uncertainty about the actual supply of purchase orders.

Complex costs of transportation

Supply Chain Movement

By consolidating at the source, several shipments can be combined into one, thereby reducing the number of shipments even before the shipments arrive at the Logistics Service Provider (LSP). Equatorial Guinea. Guinea. Guinea-bissau. Papua New Guinea.

10 questions about the benefits of S&OP for your organisation

Supply Chain Movement

However, there must be consensus within the organisation about definitions and the right source of information for important reports. Equatorial Guinea. Guinea. Guinea-bissau. Papua New Guinea. Management at the helm.

New: Global Trade Map 2016

Supply Chain Movement

The benefits of utilising modern-day FTAs include fewer customs duties, less red tape, access to public tenders, sourcing opportunities, investment opportunities and more transparent business conditions. Equatorial Guinea. Guinea. Guinea-bissau. Papua New Guinea.

Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of 2018

Material Handling & Logistics

Equatorial Guinea. Source ID. Source : Human Rights Watch. Guinea-Bissau. Guinea-Bissau. Source ID. Source: UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office in Guinea-Bissau. Source ID. Source: Human Rights Watch. Source ID. Source ID.

In Chains: How to Approach Human Trafficking in your Supply Chain


Many OEM’s use labor organizations to source laborers because it is cheaper and more efficient; however, by doing so they run the risk of employing forced laborers in the process. Malaysia, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand were among the worst countries for human trafficking violations, with Nepal, Indonesia and Iran mentioned as frequent violators as well. Are You Linked to Forced Labor?

Global electric vehicle demand drives scramble for fresh supplies of vital metals


Asian battery producers have limited options when it comes to sourcing essential metals regionally. The mine operates in the remote highlands of the Sudirman Mountain Range in the Papua province, located on the western half of New Guinea.

Top eCommerce Influencers to Follow


It’s the best source to keep in touch with the latest e-commerce news. Interestingly, he is also a self-proclaimed human guinea pig! Why Are You Here? You’re an entrepreneur planning to open a new online business. Or you’re already running an online store.