6 metrics tips and tools to benchmark P2P Digital Transformation


Here’s a look at some of the Procure- to-Pay metrics procurement leaders should watch in order to better understand their digital progress. Use these tips and tools to identify, capture and convert relevant measurements into digital transformation. This metric closely aligns with digital transformation progress. This metric also impacts others like speed, visibility, and cost savings. . #2 Digital sourcing tools can help make this a more manageable metric. #3

Modern Metrics


Today’s modern marketer may have a toolbox of technologies, including, a marketing automation system (MAS), content management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) system, SEO and media intelligence tools and more. Given the more customer-centric demand-driven model – coupled with greater access to information – the metrics that manufacturers monitor to make improvements in operations become more focused and actionable.

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Driving Supply Chain Analytics User Adoption with Cross-Departmental Metrics


The obvious danger of this is that business rules and data governance often don’t exist from department to department or user to user, leaving an overall picture into the health of the business that is foggy because KPIs and metrics do not correlate across the organization. A lot of IT departments traditionally charged with rolling out supply chain analytics tools run into the same challenges, such as: How do we train users on this new application? Make the tool accessible.

Inventory Metrics: From Insight to Action


This post will discuss some of the metrics and analysis tools that an inventory manager needs to identify risk and opportunities and to make intelligent decisions to optimize the performance of their inventory. When determining the metrics required for any business process, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “What are the business goals of the process?” Each metric requires context. What metrics does your organization use that aren’t mentioned here?

3 Core Metrics & 10 Soft Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance


3 Key Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance Beyond Cost Reduction. 10 Soft Metric Considerations in Measuring Supply Chain Performance. Customer Service Levels : When it comes to how a shipper defines the value of a logistics provider or 3PL to the bottom line, there are often several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Logistics Metrics taken into consideration.

Lora Cecere on Supply Chain Metrics that Matter


Interview with Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights and Author of Supply Chain Metrics that Matter ( published December 2014 ). Metrics that Matter became a three year research project. I hired a research assistant to look at balance sheets and looked at performance and really tried to figure out which metrics mattered. We interviewed supply chain leaders and in the middle of that I decided that I would write this book, Supply Chain Metrics that Matter.

How Can Supply Chain Leaders Use Big Data as a Tool to Continuously Improve?


As explained in a previous blog post, continuous improvement in an organization can be achieved through the use of performance measurement tools via big data. Ultimately, performance measurement is a metaphor for tracking any metric in the course of the supply chain , but it's key to being effective is found in transferring the insights gleaned from big data into actionable results.

6 Benefits of Effective a Reverse Logistics System & The 9 Core RevLog Metrics to Track


With the purpose of optimizing supply chain efficiency and asset recovery rates, applying a reverse logistics system has increasingly become a tool that positively impacts profitability as well as assisting an organization in meeting sustainability goals. Importance of Metrics in Reverse Logistics Management. Measures such as amount of product to be reclaimed and resold as is, or percentage of material recycled, are examples of such metrics.

Metrics that Matter: Customer Service


Inventory accuracy and minimizing stockouts are very important to customer satisfaction, but a few other metrics also impact the ability to meet customer expectations. Companies can use these metrics to help ensure they are doing everything possible to satisfy their customers at a manageable and sustainable cost. Consider using a planning and optimizing tool such as QAD DynaSys to help measure forecast accuracy. Choosing Metrics.

Overcoming Complacency: How to Drive Even More Supply Chain Metric Success

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As a leader, you need many tools to eliminate this mindset. The four key methods here will help you drive more success as you bring the metrics to life on your warehouse floor: 1. Show the “story” of your metrics with quarterly and yearly growth charts; show how far you’ve come as a team over time. While most metrics stop at the output level, multiple layers of metrics in a Hoshin Plan actually determine if you’re even focusing on the right targets.

Supplier Quality Management: What it is, 5 Key Metrics to Know & a 4 Step Supplier Evaluation Process


The next posts in the series will break down metrics and issues to consider in SQM by industry and conclude with a case study on the application of SQM. 5 Key Metrics to Use for Scoring Supplier Quality Management (From LNS Research ). The definition of this metric is similar to the way it sounds. Quality affects many different parts of the business, so it is critical to establish a comprehensive metric that provides visibility into the most important areas of operations.

Tools for Master Scheduling: Hug Your Master Scheduler Part Two


Effective management of the master schedule requires a tool that has several key characteristics; Scenarios – This simply refers to the ability to create a copy of your data in-memory in less time than it takes to click a mouse. Imagine if you had a supply chain planning problem you wanted to solve and were given a tool that allowed you to try three different approaches – each in their own copy of the entire supply chain database. This tool must take that long too, right?

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5 key metrics for last-mile logistics


It is not an easy task, but thanks to the 5 key metrics below, we can better manage the performance of this last mile supply chain. Cost per Km The Cost per Km metric is an easy way to determine the cost it takes to drive a vehicle one kilometer. A metric is needed to monitor how much capacity has been used up, hence the Fleet Capacity Utilization metric. Keeping track of fleet efficiency is important.

Transportation Network Modeling: A Powerful Tool in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Strategy

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In 2010, Walmart announced its goal to eliminate 20 million metric tons of GHG emissions from its global supply chain by the end of 2015. million metric tons to date, saying that some measures had led to a doubling of fleet efficiency. Companies need to be fully aware of global climate change conversations and how they will impact their supply chain in the near future.

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Manufacturing Throughput – A Comprehensive Guide on Key Manufacturing Metrics


In many cases, simply having the right tool for the job can have a massive impact on productivity. The post Manufacturing Throughput – A Comprehensive Guide on Key Manufacturing Metrics appeared first on ThroughPut. What is Manufacturing Throughput? Manufacturing throughput in a production set up helps track how long it takes for each of your productions to be completed to help enhance operational efficiency and order fulfillment cycle time.

Manufacturing Throughput – A Comprehensive Guide on Key Manufacturing Metrics


In many cases, simply having the right tool for the job can have a massive impact on productivity. The post Manufacturing Throughput – A Comprehensive Guide on Key Manufacturing Metrics appeared first on ThroughPut. What is Manufacturing Throughput? Manufacturing throughput in a production set up helps track how long it takes for each of your productions to be completed to help enhance operational efficiency and order fulfillment cycle time.

Manufacturing Throughput – A Comprehensive Guide on Key Manufacturing Metrics


In many cases, simply having the right tool for the job can have a massive impact on productivity. The post Manufacturing Throughput – A Comprehensive Guide on Key Manufacturing Metrics appeared first on ThroughPut. What is Manufacturing Throughput? Manufacturing throughput in a production set up helps track how long it takes for each of your productions to be completed to help enhance operational efficiency and order fulfillment cycle time.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chains Need Supply Chain Visibility Tools


Avoiding disruption and reducing costs are two very compelling business reasons for pharmaceutical companies to invest in tools to improve their supply chain visibility. Savi’s live streaming data collection provides your organization with valuable, relevant metrics, such as preferred shipping routes and carriers by lane. To ensure goods arrive on time and in full, you need the best tools and guidance available.

Logistics Metrics You Didn’t Know You Should Be Watching

Supply Chain Collaborator

What if I told you were unwittingly undermining all the time, cost and effort your organization has invested in logistics IT solutions like TMS and optimization tools? The critical metrics managed with YMS for improved resource planning include: Inbound and outbound dock door scheduling. Modern YMS tools are available that can not only capture this information for analysis, but convey it in real time to transportation planners via TMS integration.

The Right Data and Metrics are Vital for FMCG Route to Market Success

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

20 Steps to RtM Excellence RtM Strategy Ross Marie RTM Retail ERP Promotions Information RTM Assessment Tool Distribution Sales Traditional Trade FMCG Route to Market ERP/SAP SKU

Guest Post: Ignoring this Performance Metric is Risky


Most alert software tools offer customization, allowing companies to specify alert thresholds for each type of facility based on event severity and distance from the facility. The post Guest Post: Ignoring this Performance Metric is Risky appeared first on Connect Blog by TMC, a division of C.H. There are many ways to measure supply chain performance in terms of resilience, but there is one that’s easily overlooked even though it is gaining in importance: Detection time.

New Data Insight and Analysis Tool, BluIQ by BluJay, Provides Real-time, Actionable Data Views into Supply Chain Applications

BluJay Solutions

May 14, 2020 – BluJay Solutions , a leading provider of global supply chain software and services, announces the launch of BluIQ by BluJay, a data and insight analysis tool that offers real-time, actionable supply chain data in a configurable visual dashboard. BluIQ by BluJay is designed to be a decision-support tool that sits across BluJay’s applications, extracting data from each application via APIs.

The Impact of Innovative Supply Chain Management Tools on Working Capital


The insights and conclusions speak to the impact of using traditional tools to manage working capital. Traditional metrics for managing working capital such as Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), Days Inventory On-hand (DIO) and Days Payables Outstanding (DPO) all provide insight but are backward-looking. Traditional methods and tools are not enough to achieve substantial improvements in today’s complex, global supply chains.

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Lessons from Leaders: Tools and Tactics that Drive Sustainable Procurement ROI


Sustainable procurement leaders – companies that met a range of criteria signifying maturity of their sustainable procurement programs — realized markedly more business benefits than non-leaders, specifically in risk mitigation (88 vs. 55 percent), cost savings (35 vs. 30 percent), improved procurement metrics (53 vs. 22 percent) and innovation (29 vs. 25 percent). Use of tools & Incentives: Methods used to drive engagement .

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New report reveals gaps in data and tools for digital transformation


Recent findings from North Carolina State University indicate that in most companies, Excel is still the go-to analytics tool and each employee spends 2.5 Takeaway #3: Access to better analytics tools, please! What’s more, Excel is still the most dominant analytics tool for 50% of companies. Often, these are purpose-built tools for specific applications, like sales and supply chain analytics, rather than a tool like Excel that’s not set up for any particular use case.

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Business Intelligence tools for Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors


The roll-out of Unleashed’s BI Vision business intelligence tool-set has seen strong uptake by UK companies. Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors using Unleashed as their inventory management SaaS solution have been exploring the powerful insights provided by the new BI Vision module.

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Provoking the Industry to Move Past Incrementalism

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In today’s supply chain, these traditional assumptions are usually false; yet, we try to use old-fashioned tools to drive better decisions without testing the output of the systems. An orbit chart is a plotting of data at the intersection of two metrics. In this case, the metrics are operating margin and inventory turns. Our decision support tools today are not able to help drive better decisions for the complex, non-linear system that we call supply chain.

A New Way of Looking at Manufacturing Metrics


The metrics you use to manage your manufacturing operations need to matter, and they need to be actionable. For a detailed review of the operational metrics we recommend in a demand-driven manufacturing environment, refer to our Metrics for Action Guide. Conventional wisdom also says to keep the number of metrics you measure to a minimum. Measuring more than a select handful of metrics may not be realistic. We’re not suggesting you go wild with managing metrics.

Don’t Perpetuate the Hoax of the Gartner Top 25

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It is now owned by Gartner Group and used as a commercial tool to drive client engagements. Supply chain leaders manage a complex system of non-linear, but very inter-connected metrics. Leaders need to balance a portfolio of metrics. Year-over-year Improvement at the Intersections of the Metrics. It is for this reason, that we are hard at work on the analysis of the Supply Chain Metrics That Matter series of reports.

The Most Important Metric for Increasing Revenue


Average Order Value (AOV) is one of the few important metrics for businesses to analyse and track to gain an understanding of their current revenue and how they may increase it. 5 powerful tools to increase AOV. Tying conversion rate and Average Order Value together is the revenue per visit (RPV) metric which aims to quantify how much each visit to your website earns the company.

Public Markets Reward Supply Chain Alignment

Supply Chain Shaman

The relationship between corporate financial performance and supply chain metrics was complex; and in my first attempts, I was unable to derive a correlation. As I wrote about this concept, and worked with Abby Mayer ( @indexgirl ) to write the Supply Chain Metrics that Matter series of reports, I discovered more on the depth of the complexity. I wanted to build a useful tool that could help companies irrespective of size or geographic location.

Wanted: Supply Chain Architects!

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For the purposes of this article, I define the processes of network design as the use of analytic tools to model and optimize the supply chain. I then pack my bags and scoot out the door to sign books and discuss the research completed for the S upply Chain Metrics That Matter book at the ISM event on Thursday, May 14th in Atlanta. Lora has written the books Supply Chain Metrics That Matter and Bricks Matter , and is currently working on her third book, Leadership Matters.

5 Easy-to-Use Ways to Monitor Supply Chain Health

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Do you have the right metrics? Metrics show how your supply chain is performing – providing they are the right ones to do the job. Inappropriate metrics can give a false or incomplete picture of supply chain performance. Second, what metrics are the best indicators of performance in terms of these goals? These are examples of metrics that may or may not support your goals. Benchmark your operation using the selected metrics.

Writing: Working on My Book

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Interview for Metrics That Matter. My kitchen table is piled high with interviews for the upcoming book, Metrics That Matter. I recently interviewed him for my upcoming book, Metrics that Matter, that publishes in August 2014. Which metrics do you think matter to supply chain excellence? In my experience this has been a powerful metric to generate profound change. I have come across customer service metrics and fulfillment metrics that overstate performance.

Optimise Business Decision-making With Business Intelligence Tools


Technology has created a range of new business intelligence tools that provide SMEs and large enterprises with the same opportunity to utilise the power of big data for business growth. Business Intelligence (BI) is a combination of tools, technologies and applications that help organisations to collect, integrate, analyse and present raw business data into easy to understand, insightful and actionable business information. Choosing the right BI tools.

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