Most desirable logistics location of Europe in 2018

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Bolivia. The Netherlands is the best region for a logistics base according to the ‘VerkehrsRundschau Markenstudie ImageRanking’.

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Trends 2019: Let the Prediction Season Begin

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While populism had been ascendant in numerous countries before this — from Poland and Hungary to Bolivia and the Philippines — these elections brought such political philosophies to two of the world’s largest economies.” The upside of disruption: Megatrends shaping 2018 and beyond ,” EY, June 2018. [2] 4] Cecile Alper-Leroux, “ Three Mega Trends to Watch For in 2019 ,” Ultimate Software’s Blog , 16 October 2018

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Logistics Execs Split on Outcome of NAFTA Talks

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Executives in a new survey, 2018 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index, are divided about whether a new pact would help Mexico (24.3%); hurt Mexico (21.8%); or leave trade unchanged (25.7%). 2018 Index and Survey Highlights.

Supply Chains Carry The Day at COP21


They set a goal to be carbon neutral by 2018. In a second example, in agriculture in Bolivia, they work with a local NGO to develop a system for recovering quinoa husks (otherwise discarded) for use in exfoliating products.