Logistics Execs Split on Outcome of NAFTA Talks

Material Handling & Logistics

3 UAE in the Index, a broad gauge of emerging markets’ competitiveness. UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain outpaced all other countries. India and China are the logistics industry’s favorite investment destinations, but Vietnam leads a second group that includes UAE, Brazil and Indonesia.

UAE 72

7 Guidelines to Achieving Growth Through Globalization

The Network Effect

Key e-commerce emerging markets include: Malaysia, UAE, Thailand, Chile, Peru, Columbia, and South Africa. Nicolas A. Tonelli/Flickr. Global headlines anticipating growth through globalization are plentiful.

Index Suggests Growth, But Volatility


In the overall index rankings - which are based on economic and social data - India climbed two spots to third place, behind only China and the UAE. . The UAE, India and Malaysia (nos.

UAE 57

Global Logistics—October 2015

Inbound Logistics

Lawrence shipping; China looks to build modern logistics cities; UAE manufacturing potential exposes labor market flaws; Nicaraguan Canal financing faces fresh skepticism in light of stock market crash Slovenian Post acquires logistics network to diversify business; Ontario cap-and-trade threatens Great Lakes-St.

UAE 39

The End of Retail


Among the nations that are also showing prominent growth in the retail industry are Malaysia, Turkey, Viet Nam, and the UAE. The growing crisis in physical retail has been alarming companies and analysts.

UAE 52